Nov 032012

Question by Duu: What is the branch of physics (or science in general) that deals with…….?
Light speed, black holes, worm holes, theoretical time travel, dimensions, and other kinds of those ‘unexplained’ physics phenomenon?

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Answer by Matthew
You’re looking at astronomy and quantum physics primarily.

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  3 Responses to “What is the branch of physics (or science in general) that deals with…….?”

  1. Astrophysics

  2. None of the things you mentioned are unexplained phenomenon. Black holes, worm holes, theoretical time travel, (alternate?) dimensions are assumed to be there by some people (black holes having significantly more evidence than the rest), but they’re all theories based on theories based on theories.

    The speed of light is pretty well understood, unless the current understandings are totally wrong. Welcome to Quantum Mechanics.

  3. light speed is probably covered by special and general relativity and quantum mechanics

    black holes and worm holes by astrophysics and general relativity (and some quantum mechanics)

    time travel – astrophysics and general relativity probably (and maybe a bit of quantum mechanics and special relativity)

    dimensions – general and special relativity, quantum physics, astrophysics and maybe some string theory/m-theory

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