Apr 262012

Question by : What is it with people trying to use “Physics and Science” to prove their Gods existence?
Especially the Laws of Thermodynamics… they are always so cocky about it, they think they understand them and yet they so obviously don’t.

I thought it was a central part of their beliefs that faith should be enough.

You could say it’s both.

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Answer by gutbucket
It is simply lying to those who know nothing about science.

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  8 Responses to “What is it with people trying to use “Physics and Science” to prove their Gods existence?”

  1. Because atheist demand physical evidence on here are you new?

  2. Is this a question or a criticism?

  3. Any Science CAN NOT give a opinion on spiritual matters. That is outside sciences scope. That is what Faith is for.

  4. physics and science is the only kind of proof u guys want isnt it? historical proof is no good, spiritual proof is no good, biblical proof is no good. theres no pleasing u is there. the proof is everywhere.

  5. Our universe is governed by natural laws. Some science contradicts these laws thus you are left with 2 options, breaking these laws or poor scientific research. If you have a better way of describing the laws of thermodynamics then by all means I am all ears.

  6. As Gutbucket says, the intended audience for that kind of nonsense is other Christians who know nothing of science. It shouldn’t in theory carry any weight with those who at least studied science at High School. I guess most people forget what they learned. It just makes them a laughing stock on here.

    Certainly when related to the 2nd law of thermal dynamics that at least one Christian posts a question about daily, I just can’t understand how they can be so slow-witted that they can’t work out that the sun is the primary energy source. I can only imagine there’s an answers-in-genesis tract somewhere that they love to cut’n’paste having never bothered to verify if the argument holds any weight.

  7. People on both sides use “science” to prove their point. I guess it’s all in how you “interpret” the data to “verify” your conclusions.

  8. I have no idea, ask the fundies, they are the ones that do it.

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