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Question by Maldives: What is all the fuss about the pyramids in Egypt? What is the attraction?
They seem to be something we can imagine easily and not need to see. Anyone have a first-person experience with them?

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Answer by smudgeward
Try moving one of the stones they are made of.

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  1. They are beautiflul. Theyare historical too, graves with people and their valuales with them, and mumiffied.

  2. a lot of people had a past life there

  3. No experience, but I do think it would be awesome to see even though I can imagine them. Just to see the large blocks that were manually placed and to imagine the history and what the pyramids actually hold in their core is so intriguing.

  4. the attraction is that they were build thousands of years ago – out of stone and sand – and they are still standing despite all the weather – wars & everything else

  5. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we look at them and then go, “Wuf, what a lot of work!”, and then think up imaginary stories about them rather than try to duplicate the effort. They’re just fun objects to make up fiction about.

  6. um…maybe because it takes over 30 years to build the pyramids!!!AND because they are in perfect inlinement with the sunAND they are perfectly straight!and i mean come on …the egypttions didn’t have tools to to all this stuff!one pyramid is made up of 100 2 ton blocks!how did HUMANS do that without a crane??????

  7. they’re the most magnificient creation of mankind! i mean..jus imagine..building such huge pyramids..without the help of modern day machines or tools…and by just arranging the blocks no joke! i dunt think anyone in today’s world could accomplish such a task! I think they deserve to be fussed about..and no doubt they’re one of the wonders of the world. i have recently visited Egypt and was captivated by their’s a totally different experience all together…standing in the same place as hundereds of years ago..workers were loading blocks of huge stones to help build the pyramids..! i even went inside one of was a once in a lifetime experience! no kiddin…

  8. Wow! Whats all the Fuss? What fuss are you talking about?
    I went to the pyramids in 1971 when I was 19 years old. I was quite impressed. When were they built? I don’t know, I didn’t study history, but they sure are a mind blower. Its interesting. How they were built? We don’t know. There are only theories. Was it built by man alone? Building ramps etc… Or did they levitate them? Don’t laugh to loud. Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is. Did you know there is a similarity in the pyramids in Mexico to those in Egypt? What are your thoughts on the pyramids in Peru, or in China? Do you know the biggest pyramids in the world are in China. So I have read. I believe they are off limits to tourist. Why I don’t know.
    I have a friend who slept inside of one of the great pyramids of Egypt. I was able to climb one when I was there but you can’t do that now : (
    I climbed the pyramids in the Yucatan and went inside to the tombs. As I think of it, I have visited more pyramids than I can think of, I enjoyed all of them quite abit. They are mysteries of mans past. Maybe they contain hidden answers to our future, or………or what? Hey while your thinking of all this, what do you think of the pyramids on Mars????? Who built those. Al Gore hahahaha : -)

  9. “Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids.” At least that’s a saying I learned while in Egypt.

    The pyramids are AWESOME!!! They line up perfectly with the sun and moon, they are ENORMOUS, they are ancient history standing before you. Go and see, the experience is ethereal.

  10. You have to see to believe. I have seen them and they are beyond breathtaking.
    It is not just the greatness of the pyramids, these things are beyond huge and magnificent and it is hard to imagine how the great egyptian built them 5000 years ago without any machinery.

  11. think for a while how it been built at this ancient time with no machin or anything and how long they r there. this is giving u the answer

  12. Ahhh they’re like very ancient and the fact that they’re still standing on the famous giza plateau is amazing cause they’re like 3000-4000 years old. I did see them in person twice and it’s worth it to get out and travel a little, it makes you wise and have some type of cultural experience rather than imagining, it’s never like the real thing when you imagine.

  13. Just imagine building a structure 167 meters high in 3400B.C with no tech just man power and getting the all that stones from the south to the north and in only 40 years i think
    and they r doing it for there king and god to rest in peace when he is dead

    it is the gr8est structure built

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