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Question by : What does Al Gore have to gain from promoting Global Warming Awareness?
I see many people saying that Al Gore is just promoting awareness of Global Warming simply for his own benefit. I do not agree OR disagree with these people, I’d just like to get the facts. What would he have to gain from the awareness of Global Warming?

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Answer by Reginald Oriface
Simple. Whatever he makes on speaking fees or payment he received to be on this board or that. Don’t know what those are specifically in dollars, but he is being paid. I’m aware that he does donate his time and money to many causes, bugt he is compensated.

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  1. I dont have time to find the link, but theres a few contracts floating around the internet that discuss his speaking fees. I know theres on in PDF that is an actual contract he signed. The sum is astronomical.

    Also, who wants to be wrong. If your whole life is based on one thing, do you want to be wrong? That goes for scientists too. The science of AGW cant be 100% proven or disproven… so why not argue your case until you cant argue anymore?

  2. well he wants to brain wash you and steal your money

  3. What does Al Gore have to gain from promoting Global Warming Awareness?

    a more secure future for his grand children and the ecosystem they will be part of.


  4. You mean besides that he sell carbon credits and has received millions from being the spokesperson for AGW? Look at where he invested, what his companies do and how he lives. It should be quite obvious that while he makes a ton of money trying to sell CO2 neutrality to the masses, he actually uses for more power than most. He simply does not practice what he preaches. I would not suggest that your viewpoint of AGW should be based upon Al Gore, but placing him as a role model or a person only interested in securing a future for his children is rather naive and completely without basis.

    Further realize that while he pays a firm, which he is on the board of, so in essence he pays himself to be carbon neutral, his methodology of being carbon neutral as he preaches, is entirely unattainable to most of us average joes. Truly, him calling himself carbon neutral is similar to me saying that all of my money goes to charity, the charity of feeding and providing for myself and my family. Whether or not you think AGW is true, one thing should be very clear, the more people that htink that AGW is true, the more money Al Gore makes. Now this is not terribly different then the Hair club founder being a member himself, but should be taken with a grain of salt. I have no doubt that he is doing this for his grandchildren, as his grandchildren will inherit millions if not billions.


    Perhaps you can try to tone down the scare-mongering and provide useful information. Check the wiki site provided. I particularly like “The definite disappearance of the island was reported by Indian researchers in December 2006[2], which lead to international press coverage. But interestingly, no specific study was ever done to prove that the island was permanently inundated (and not eroded away) because of sea level rise.” The fact that it was also flooding in the 1980s is probably of little concern to you, but does tend to show how you are willing to play fast and loose with the truth. The fact the funafuti, your second link, has had the problem of flooding many times in the past, also certainly escapes the notice of those who you reference. Could it be because the truth gets in the way of their scare-mongering?

  5. Maybe he’s hoping that Americans will smarten up a bit and start trying to conserve things a bit more? He’s already super rich so he really doesn’t have to do anything except relax. There are places in the world that are currently being devastated by the effects of global warming. The people in these areas find it hard to believe there are still people in this country that deny it’s happening, whether humans are impacting it or not (and there is a pretty good chance we are). Due to the fact that our media is controlled by right wing corporations, there are allot of people that just don’t get it. It’s not a political issue, which is something the people on the right fail to realize.

  6. Lots of money and an army of low IQ clods to follow him. He wants to be another Mussolini and wreck trains that run on time.

    Just ask any knuckle-dragging Gore supporter what the most prevalent greenhouse gas is. He/she/it won’t have a clue. They believe polar bears live in Antarctica, and penguins frolic at the North Pole.

  7. He is smart enough to understand the problem and is just trying to get the message across to the people who are too dense to see it.

  8. Glad you asked. Billions of dollars.

    The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud
    Al Gore is co-founder of an investment management firm that is now the fifth-largest shareholder in the Chicago Climate Exchange. AP


    UN Carbon Trading Scheme: $2.7 Billion Market Could Be ‘Biggest Environmental Scandal In History’ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/23/un-carbon-trading-scheme-_n_690958.html

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