Apr 112013

Question by Ginger Kid: What do you think of this poem I wrote a long time ago?
Sunset in the forest,
Streaming through the trees.
Geese flying south for a warmer breeze.
But by the Aspen pines, magic seems to shine.
Only the lonely unicorn can see that mystic line
of detail for us all, in life we can not see.
Making it harder for you, making it harder for me.

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  2 Responses to “What do you think of this poem I wrote a long time ago?”

  1. It’s cute, but i had trouble finding what the “meaning” of it was ? i’m just trying to help & be honest -___-
    Are you saying that to for people it’s hard to look beyond things && see what’s infront of us? i hope i’m right .

  2. I think you are saying its about dreams, about falling into sleep when it becomes cold as at night as when the geese fly south in the winter. The magic unicorn being our dreamer, that which can see clearly only what can be seen in dreams or when one is calm and relaxes to see the details in our lives, or not missing the forest from the trees. idk though, its your poem, and its nice. Everyone takes their own interpretations of these things, I liked it though..

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