Oct 072011

Question by chrisp2424: What do you think about the idea of there being no death, existence just continuing in a circle?
Our consciousness affects our subatomic particles and by quantum physics we know that the particles can be anywhere at any given moment or spring up in multiple places at the same time and most likely in more dimensions.

So, wouldn’t it make sense that we are existing somewhere else at this very moment and when we die we just continue life in one of the places that we are already alive? Life just continues in these circles with there being no true death other than past things falling apart.

Does anyone believe this idea? If you don’t, why? If you do, then what is the point of all this?

PS. I’m not high, just bored. Don’t bother with the predictable jokes.

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Answer by xmiyokix
I like the idea.

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  1. It would be even better if I could choose who I could be in the next…

  2. Nice idea.
    The ultimate recycling..!!

  3. I think I’d get very dizzy.
    I don’t care if that was predictable….I’m in a predictable kind of mood.

  4. You might want to seriously study Buddhism, if you haven’t already. The more contemplative teachers seem to say something similar to what you’re saying here.

    Peace to you.

  5. Humanity is indeed struglling in the eternal ocean of hellfire, fury and political spin. many great minds, thinkers, philosophers have debated discussed and dessimated, and all have agreed one reality in various ways.

    Until such a time as the human is detoxified, decorrupted, rendered a pure vessel of supllicant love, it literally revolves without ever evolving.

    To be Silent. Listen. Understand.

    Look around you, detach yourself from the I, and study yourself, why you think, act, behave in the manner in which you do. Self realisation, spiritual awakening has been relegated to the ranks of the desperate who have no other course for salvation that the house of God, be it a church, temply mosque synagogue.

    Its a beautiful simple precise and concise truth.

    Be Blessed with Love and Wisdom.

  6. That will be quantum physics versus metaphysics.

  7. “Everyone must die once, and after that comes judgement”. Heb 9:27

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