Apr 142012

Question by : What could I do with a Psychology major and Neuroscience minor?
I’ve been thinking about making those my major/minor in college. Help anyone?

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Answer by Aven100
more than you could with a BA in English… hahahaha its funny because its sad, its sad because its true…

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  1. Well, psychology and neuroscience is a broad degree because u’ve got two areas u could go into when u graduate. Its a really interesting degree because not only do u learn about the brain psychologically, u get to learn about it scientifically :)

    Neuropsychology is benefitial because it involves the effect of neurological disorders on a persons behaviour so theres an opportunity to work. There are also careers in research, forensics, professors, and medical settings.If ur interested in neuroscience more, theres an option to go onto graduate entry of medicine or other areas such as neuroimaging.

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