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Question by ringetteange: What books are good for a 12 year old?
She likes books about cliques,gossip school issues and also mystery and stuff like that!

Best answer:

Answer by Jolena_Faye
the clique series.
it talks about girls her age gossiping and school stuff.
im sure she will really like them

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  7 Responses to “What books are good for a 12 year old?”

  1. the clique series, the gossip girl series, the it girl series, anything by sarah dessen is good too. =)

  2. gossip girls is a good book to start her on…its a series

  3. Try the style girls series. I am 12 and reading one of them ( Paris Princess ) at the moment.

  4. Have you tried Jacqueline Wilson. Some of those books are a bit adult but many are just right for 12 year olds. They are also well written.

    Another great book is Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman which I taught to 12 year olds and they loved it.

  5. Gossip girl books

  6. if she like horror books i 100% recommend the cirque du freak book
    its not very scary but it has a very very very nice story line
    it’s wonderfull
    and its 12 books but it worth to read it
    the name is cirque freak
    and the author is darren shan
    if she like it she can almost try the demonata series from darren shan too
    its really nice too
    it has 10 books but there is only 4 of them out

  7. Hello,

    A friend of mine, Michelle Weston, has published the first book in a new series that I think is extremely good. It is called A PROPHECY FORGOTTEN, and although it is Young Adult in nature anyone can enjoy it. Here is my review of A PROPHECY FORGOTTEN:

    M. B. Weston’s A Prophecy Forgotten (Book One of The Elysian Chronicles) is an outstanding first novel in what is bound to be a significant book series. Though technically a Young Adult book, A Prophecy Forgotten is Young Adult the way the Harry Potter series is – people of all ages will love it. The action starts in a mystical place called Heaven’s Realm, where the Cherubians (the good guys, for the most part) are locked in a war with the Mornachts (the bad guys).

    The story stretches all the way to earth, where a novice Cherubian soldier named Gabriella watches over a troubled young boy named Tommy. Tommy is the subject of the forgotten prophecy for which the book is named. Unaware of his epic destiny, Tommy is kept plenty busy by the break-up of his parents’ marriage and problems at school. While Gabriella does her best to protect him from bullies and wandering Mornachts, a Cherubian Special Forces officer named Davian is trying to learn just what role Tommy will play in saving Heaven’s Realm. Davian leads a hand-picked team of Cherubian soldiers deep into Morvenia, the land of the Mornachts, not knowing that the real threat is back in his home country, Elysia.

    M.B. Weston has created a fantastic world filled with prescient unicorns, hyperactive sprites, supposedly neutral gnomes, wolves, Sabers (saber-toothed tigers), dragons, and a Minotaur or two. Even so, this is no fantasy realm: There are rules here. The Cherubians can fly, but they are susceptible to poisonwood arrows fired by the Mornachts. When a Mornacht is killed in battle it explodes, posing all sorts of difficulties for covert operators like Davian. A set of books called The Runes is believed by some Cherubians to hold the answer to their difficulties, but others scoff at this ancient wisdom. And on earth, Gabriella tries to steer Tommy away from making the wrong choices, choices which will make him susceptible to the Mornachts.

    M.B. Weston is an exciting new voice with a limitless imagination and a wonderful sense of humor. If the rest of this series is only half as good as A Prophecy Forgotten, it will be a major success. — Vincent H. O’Neil

    As for me, I am the author of a murder mystery series which might be just a bit ahead of your daughter’s reading age (although not by much, as there is no swearing, gory violence, or sex in my mysteries). The books are published by St. Martin’s Press, and I invite you to read a sample chapter from each of the novels at my website,

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