Question by grosobus: What are your favorites metal/hard rock albums of 1984?Choose in this list.?
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ride the lightning METALLICA
fistful of metal ANTHRAX
city’s gonna burn LAAZ ROCKIT
sentence of death DESTRUCTION
morbid tales CELTIC FROST
at war with satan VENOM
bathory BATHORY
don’t break the oath MERCYFUL FATE
powerslave IRON MAIDEN
defenders of the faith JUDAS PRIEST
the last in line DIO
wasp WASP
hail to england MANOWAR
sign of the hammer MANOWAR
crusader SAXON
gates of purgatory RUNNING WILD
the warning QUEENSRYCHE
stay hungry TWISTED SISTER
animalyse KISS
love at first sting SCORPIONS
project in the jungke PANTERA
out of the cellar RATT
tooth and nail DOKKEN
slide it in WHITESNAKE
wings of tomorrow EUROPE
rock’n’roll TRUST
metamorphose SORTILEGE
disillusion LOUDNESS
bon jovi BON JOVI

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Answer by ken
SOOOO EASY POWERslave IRONmaiden the best of all of them

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