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Question by Utrkistaa: What are the secrets of ancient civilization?
ancient rome, china…

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I don’t know, they’re secret …

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  1. that they were alot more advanced than we give em credit for.. even with our technology today we can’t build the things they did and they did have many advances in science.. though the church made sure all fo them were buried since christianty is one of the reasons why the dark ages happened.. the roman empire didnt llats mcuh longer after christianity was declared the official of the empire… ha ! and during europes dark ages the east was flourishing and makign many many advances. for info on the the anceints watch, history channels
    engineering a empire( did u know that real naval battles were fought in the colossseum? they foudn piping and drainage systems for it) and in temples to the gods they had machines to make thunder sounds? and they had moving automata( moving steam engines powered metal animals were a favorite among atristocrats ) they foudn a scientists notebooks who was engineer to a few temples who family hid the notebook for years( chrsitians burned most documents) , that they made statues cry blood and milk simply by using science( when u heat blood or milk it can travel up a tube places in statues) they really did have fire which burned with water( history channel did a special on these things and proved they can be done and have evidence the ancients used them)… very very many facts are being dug up today in ostia and pompei still( ostia was port city for rome) they did find a hidden labyrinth under crete that is still used today in challenges( i watched it and real people go in string a line to door and walk to center to overcome fears its a tourist spot for crete) no joke tis true
    and they have some evidence of bull worship and human sacrifice there( they foudn 300 skulls with marks like the marks on animals prepared to be eaten.. evidence of cannibalism…. inside it too might of been where the minotaur myth came from)

  2. We will never know how much we’ve lost through the mindless destruction of ancient writings. The knowledge in those works were their legacy to mankind.

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