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Question by aaron r: What are some of the traditions of ancient religions as greek and egypt?
give in a list please

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Answer by Shai Shammai
That is a very, very, very complex and Long answer to give. Could you focus your question on a specific religious activity?

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  1. Not really a list but ancient religious traditions are mostly pagan in nature. They believed in a multitude of gods, both merciful and mean.

    Romans and Greeks had what we call “mystery religions” or cults which were secret society thingys (people did a lot of pagan worship in em’). Not all people were into mystery religion stuff; it’s just that some people were into it. Romans also had a habit of “borrowing” gods from other pagan faiths.

    Ancient Egyptian religion was also pagan in nature, then had a brief period of monotheism (one pharoah instituted a god called Aten and insisted that his people worship this deity) and then went back to paganism.

    After the advent of Christianity, paganism died out and Rome and Greece became Christian. In Egypt, Coptic Christianity came and Islam followed suit.

  2. I’m not sure what you want. Both had a pantheon. Both had a chief god who fooled around with mortal women. Both had an afterlife. Both believed the sky was held up, the Greeks by Atlas, the Egyptians by four mountains.

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