Jan 052014

Question by ThisIs ForYou: What are some jobs in science?
I really love science (mainly the physics part of it) and would like to know what are some good jobs in that industry? Like curing diseases? If not I shall take a random degree in Japanese language and become an English teacher in Japan ouo.

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Answer by Zoey
ah, yeah actually there is.
you are looking at physics and curing a disease, so that leads you to biophysics.
usually you would get an undergrad degree in physics (or even engineering) and then a further degree (phd or masters) in a medicine related field using your knowledge of physics.
for example. i (used to) know this one guy. he did an undergrad in physics with a minor in biology and is now working with neuroscientists to map the brain so they can have a better understanding of various neural diseases.
you can also look into bioengineering, which involves quite a lot of physics too.

there are jobs out there. i strongly recommend you see a career counselor about it or talk to someone at a college you are looking at attending.

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