Understanding Religion

Understanding religion

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

We have seen that people of this world are belonging to one religion or the other and there could be very few people who do not belong to a religion. They enter into a religion when they are born because we take up the religion which is the religion of our parents or one of such parents. We are brought with those beliefs and hence these beliefs become part and parcel of our life. And we all know that very few of us change or convert to another religion. We have to live and continue in that religion and we die in that religion and ultimately our body is consigned to the end as per customs of that religion. and as per our beliefs we shall be getting Hell or Heaven as per our own deeds.

We have noted that all the religions are telling us the same principles and in spite of this fact, we could not unite in one religion. We have given names to religions and we are trying to establish that each religion is separate unit and does not match the other. We the people of this world are trying to establish that one religion is better than the other and that is the reason we had started converting people from one religion to the other only to increase the number and here we have a belief that who is converting more people to his religion is doing something in service of his own religion.

If we go deep, we shall find that all the religions on this earth are telling us the same principles and there is no difference. The names and way of living in each religion may be different and that might have been due to the reason that each religion had taken its birth at a different place and at a different time. But on the whole all are have the same beliefs.

The Hindus could be the oldest who had invented God and then they started giving powers to God and then they started praying before him. If we count and compare we shall find that God was established by Hindus, court of Dharam Raj was established by Hindus, Hindus are the first who invented institutions of Hell and Heaven, they had invented methods of devotion and worship, they started writing on the praise of God and they started the methods of prayers and worship. They are the first who started praying before God and then demanding blessing from God. The concept of charity also took its birth here in Hindustan.

And now these concepts which had been established by Hindus are available all over the world and all the people of the world are adding new concepts in their own religions only to show that they are different people and do not tally with the people of other religions and if we go deep, we shall find that there is a war going on in between the religions and if there is next world war, which has already taken its birth, shall not be between two countries, but it shall be between two religions and one religion shall try to finish the people of the other religion so that there could be peace in this world.

We shall have to accept that concepts of religions were good, but it is also on record that all the stages these people had been creating troubles for common people. Religions never allowed this man to live in peace. It is very strange that on one side we are admitting that all the religions are giving us the same guidelines, but on the other hand we all are fighting on the cause of religion and if we go deep in history, we shall find that at all the times all tyrannies had been committed in name of religion. People may be calling themselves brave, heroes of the like and on the other hand they may be counting their people as martyrs, all were not on the right path and all were based on religions. Religions never allowed one set of people to kill another set of people and if some people indulge in such killings, we should not count them as religious people and nor we should honour them as heroes because killing others is a grave sin and the man who is committing such sins shall be sent to Hell and no religion on earth shall save him from Hell. Therefore, the religions must tell their people that none should kill another though the cause may be sacred. We should honour the will of God who had sent each of us on this earth and Himself shall be calling us back and only then we should die. We are nobody to make short the period of our tenure which has been provided to us by God and if we do it we are committing crime, sin or the misconduct and we shall be punished.

If we want to be religious person, then we shall have to believe that God is one, we are His children, we all are members of one family, we are relatives of each other, we are to take care of others, we should not commit any crime, sin or misconduct against others around us, we should serve others, we should serve the child, the ill, the diseased person, the handicapped person, the old person and the man who is otherwise helpless. We should not discriminate on the basis of religions, castes, colour and creed, we should help women because they are the mothers of this mankind and we should give her a honourable place in the house. We should not indulge in scams, scandals, muddles, bribes, corruption, sale of jobs, sale of party tickets, taking in commissions and at all times we should see that we are taking our own share and we are not snatching away share of others. If we adopt these minimums only then we claim hat we are religious persons

The present look of persons is totally misleading. They are showing and presenting themselves as religious persons, though in their heart of heart they are not religious person. All who are trying to make other to understand the religious concepts, themselves are on the wrong path. they are collecting money from others and are living on those charity when they could have adopted some profession, trade, calling and employment for themselves. Preaching religion could be an additional way, but we should not earn our living from these discourses. The people who are living on charity cannot be near to God nor they shall be able to bring us near to God. They are below normal people and therefore, such people should not given respect and honour in society.

We should become a normal person who is earning his own living, earning for the administration of his family, is looking after his children, giving them proper education, is giving to his children proper training and proper adjustment in life, who is believing that God is present everywhere and is having an eye on us, we shall be punished if we are doing something wrong and we shall be awarded if we are doing something right, we should not snatch away share of others, we should not give in charity, but if need be we should help the needy and we should try to teach him how to catch a fish instead of begging a fish from others. We must try be faithful, sincere, honest towards others and we should avoid drinking, taking drugs, eating opium and we must earn through honest means. These are some minimums on the basis of which we can call ourselves as religious person. So from today, we shall try to adopt the right course in in life and people may consider us religious persons or they may not take us as religious person.


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