Tibia Goshnar Guide

What do you know about Goshnar?


1. The man Falnus

Many centuries ago in the dark and gloomy place that is known as the Plains of Havoc, a young man joined the mystic order of the Nightmare Knights. This young man, named Falnus, would prove to be a promising novice. He had a strong will, was able to handle the sword quite well, but most impressive was his natural talent for magic. Falnus eventually grew up as one of order’s most powerful knights, both with magic and the sword.

After years of slaying demonic creatures and protecting the secrets of Dreamwalking, Falnus retired and began a study about the concept of evil. He believed that by understanding the enemy, one would be able to defeat them more efficiently. He wrote many papers and books about the Ruthless Seven, and eventually turned to the necromancy field. More importantly, Falnus was fascinated about a certain essence known as the Necromancers’ Nectar. The substance was known to give access to the Pits of Inferno, but Falnus suspected it to contain some hidden power, maybe even hold the secret behind necromancy. He began to concentrate his studies on necromancy, in the meanwhile locking himself away from the rest of the world and his friends. Somewhere in the course of his studies, something broke inside him and changed him forever.

A book about the Necromancer’s Nectar

One day, he appeared in front of the Dream Master and announced his name change. From that day on, he was to be named Goshnar. Not very long after, he left the order and joined the vile Brotherhood of the Bones. Thanks to his powerful magic and unsurpassed knowledge of both good and evil, he quickly ascended in the ranks of the brotherhood. Soon, he became their leader and declared himself as the Necromant King. He took residence in the Necromant House, where he continued his studies, often locking himself away in the void room for silence.

The kitchen and library of the Necromant House

Goshnar often retreated here on his own to study.

2. Goshnar the Necromant King

When Goshnar, formerly known as the Nightmare Knight Falnus, took the robe of Necromant King, his transformation was complete. The ever so spiritual knight had become the face of evil. In secret, he began to device plans that would bring down the Order of the Nightmare Knights. For his plans to work, he allied with the Ruthless Seven, who desperately wanted to conquer the Pits of Inferno, the headquarters of the Order.

Goshnar knew the key of victory lied in the access to the Dreampath. While the army of the Brotherhood, allied with demonic creatures, launched a full-scale attack on strategic points of the Order, the demons took control of vital keypoints in the Dream Realm. The demons were successful because the Order was occupied with fending off the Brotherhood. The strategy allowed them to be able to cut off the Knights from each other and they were able to take them out one by one. Slowly but steadily, the demons were taking control of the entire realm. Once they had full control, they were able to fully break through the Order’s defenses. Then, by using the Necromancer’s Nectar Goshnar had stolen, they gained access to the Pits of Inferno, completely wiping out the Nightmare Knights.

The Plains of Havoc still bear the scars of the terrible battles.

However in the end, The Necromant King was betrayed by the Ruthless Seven. Since the demons got what they wanted, they deserted Goshnar and withdrew their demonic army from the battlefield. After a terrible and bloody battle, almost the whole army of the Brotherhood was killed, including Goshnar. He was buried under his old base, the Necromant House, and his coffin sealed, so that he could never come back. His daughter Fermuba fled to Carlin, where she’s still being hunted by agents of the Order. The remaining Nightmare knights eventually succeeded in sealing the Pits of Inferno to contain the evil within.

Goshnar’s grave

Both sides suffered terrible losses, and stood on the brink of extermination. Luckily, the Dream Master managed to flee to a secret place in the Dream Realm, while one of Goshnar’s best apprentices rebuild the Brotherhood. He now calls himself the Bone Master and is looking for new members. There are some persistant rumours that speak of plans to revive Goshnar, but the Bonemaster himself doesn’t seem to be that interested in bringing him back to the world of the living. This is good news for Tibia and hope it can give you some help to make much more  tibia money for your character!

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