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When we consider the social engineering aspect to our societies, our lives, our attitudes, then we can see the call for genetic diversity is ever-present. All that is needed is a managerial class which is prepared to ignore tradition. And we have that too.
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Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana Exposes “Chrislam” on 6/26/2011 50 Pastors will read from their Pulpits the Quran!! The UN formed in San Fransico on 6/26/1945 or 66 years to the day, the New World Order began to formed, and now 66 years later the One World Religion is forming with “Chrislam” led by Rick Warren!!
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  50 Responses to “The NWO religion is Genetic Diversity”

  1. @JustaSocialConstruct Are you just trying to bother me today? I said “tried”, “didn’t take,” I said, “failed”, I said, “instead, robed and pillaged.” What do you think, past tense, perhaps? Are you just stupid or do you just want to fight about nonsense? Either way, you’re just an insane angry fellow that feels outnumbered in his stupidity. Get up to speed and start living in the present. Stop wasting my time. You’re on ignore, asshole.

  2. @regardingme1
    Do you understand the concept of “present tense” and “past tense”?

    No one IS flooding Africa with non-Africans in an attempt to exterminate black Africans.

    It sound t me like you’re trying to justify Genocide. That must be why people say “anti-racist” is a code word for anti-White

  3. @regardingme1
    Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but egalitarianism was founded on the premise that there was no such thing as human nature. That everything was a product of nurture and environment. That was the go-to explanation whenever an inconvenient “fact” showed up.

    Maybe it’s human nature for non-whites to hate whites for historical reasons. But it’s anything BUT NATURAL for white leaders to ALLOW whites to be attacked by their racial enemies.

    “Anti-racism” is a codeword for anti-WHITE

  4. @JustaSocialConstruct I said Nature (Not Mother Nature) I said nature as in human nature. So you don’t even understand a simple statement without taking it out of context, which you do on a whim as you are not interested in anything but your own thoughts. Mother Nature and Human Nature or two different things. Did you not know? Nature inherent in people of specific types, like you, for instance. Do you see yourself yet? I don’t support killing of any kind, go preserve your bs elsewhere.

  5. @regardingme1
    The British monarchy had colonies, and THAT’S your justification for Genocide.

    At least you’re honest about it. You support white genocide.

    It just goes to show that “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-WHITE

  6. @regardingme1
    “Nature” hasn’t turned against anyone.

    Mother nature has nothing to do with the policy of open borders for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries. Mother nature has nothing to do with forced integration, or interracial propaganda on TV and in movies.

    It’s Genocide and you’re supporting it.

    “Anti-racism” is a codeword for anti-WHITE

  7. @JustaSocialConstruct Yes, Western nations are responsible for white genocide as a side effect of conquering everyone else…now nature has turned against them. It is a fact. The sad part about it all is that the caste system has always been an illusion and those going along with it can be held to contributing to their own death and all racism in the world. It has everything to do with greed and power not really color of skin, the illusion. Anti-white? Your contribution is now evident.

  8. @regardingme1
    The leaders of White nations are responsible for the ongoing program of White Genocide.

    Justifying it because those same leaders do evil to others is insane.

    Oppose the villain, not his other victims.

    “Anti-racism” is a codeword for anti-WHITE


  10. @heathey2 He has the right to say what he wants same as you or I bro,freedom of speech matters.

  11. @regardingme1
    So colonialism is your justification for genocide?

    “Anti-racism” is a codeword for anti-WHITE

  12. good video

  13. @Ellipser Take your bible prophecy bs elsewhere.

  14. @WhitePeopleChannel Black women choose to produce more babies than white European women.Yes that would increase number of black people- You can’t blame black women to give birth to kids or can you? They are family oriented they want children. Its not their problem if white European women have gone modern started to speaks for themselves and hate the idea of getting pregnant. What do you expect from black people to condition their birth rate? Produce less babies than whites or what?

  15. @JustaSocialConstruct – WW2 never ended.

  16. Diversity is competition. Competition is fine but when it is for the same limited resources in a single niche one strategy ultimately dominates and diversity decreases. The logical goal of multiculturalism is a single, as yet unknown, dominant culture and proponents who claim to celebrate diversity are liars.

  17. It doesn’t make sense to try to effect genetic diversity – but it does make sense to try and incorporate a particular type of gene into a population so that it can be targeted later with biological weapons.

  18. @WhitePeopleChannel I can certainly agree with those statistics, although I haven’t seen them. I believe the problem with the western nations, white race, if you want to call it that is it’s blood thirsty and destructive leaders wanting to conquer the whole world, the Napoleon syndrome, as it were. The whole world does not belong to them and nature has taken its course. You can call it extermination but the truth is it is genocide. Patriotism made a fool out of everyone.

  19. After Fukushima, do you really expect anybody to believe that crap anymore? They are us, and we are smarter than you think. Which is not as sophisticated as your mother tells you it is.

  20. @regardingme1 In 1900 Black Africans made up around 12 percent of the human population , In 1900 White Europeans made up around 30 percent of the human population. – In 2011 over a 100 years later Black Africans make up 30 percent of the human population , In 2011 White Europeans make up only 8 percent of the human population. Black people in a short 100 years grew from 12 – 30 percent – White people have shrunk from 30 – 8 percent. It is the White Race that has been exterminated in a 100 years.

  21. @JustaSocialConstruct The western countries have indeed tried to flood Africa with non-whites many times throughout history, many. It just never took for reasons that if you knew the history you would know why it never worked. Instead, they robbed and pillaged it, something they could accomplish, and are to this day doing it, even China. South Africa and Rwanda are just a few examples of the failure. America was intended to be a white country but it also failed miserably at that attempt.

  22. Actually, what is really the OWN; Old World Order, and is the longest running evil empire in this world.

    What it’s about is satan turning souls away from God, and enjoying their screams in hell, the lake of fire, possibly an expanding sun will be the final reward? Who knows. I do know the prophets warnings are starting to make alot of people wake up, and the demon ridden entertainers and politicians let loose.

  23. @Hageeisanass Actually, there are. And they’re growing in numbers, too.

  24. Love the way Morris advocates it has to be the biggest delusion I’ve heard. So called tolerance and love, universal brotherhood of man blah, blah… lies, Jesus says we would be hated for his names sake. Who? white anglo saxons and kin, the original christians

  25. Africa for the Africans
    Asia for the Asians
    White countries for EVERYONE

    “Anti-racism” is a codeword for anti-WHITE

  26. When last I checked, God didn’t need signs, plagues, or religion to render his judgment. If He/She/It doesn’t want someone or something here, it ceases to exist. No locust, tornadoes, or wars needed. Leave it up to man to complicate and misinterpret simplicity. If you have a problem with Chrislam (please, please let it be the catalyst for the annihilation of all religion) go to God. He allowed it.

  27. I pray “Chrislam” is the beginning of the end for both religions. This is nearly 29:00 of hate and deliberate disinformation. I’d like to be introduced to the God this man serves because He seems impotent. He has no dominion over Israel, abortion, the weather, Christianity, Islam, homosexuality, needs people like this to “interpret” a book written by someone else, thousands of years ago, and he needs a middle man. This sounds more like a man NOT a God.

  28. This man walks in the power of the spirit. Great upload.


  30. Chrislam? That’s easy! Try “Judislanity” (Ethical Judaism). It’s the idea that the message of the three main religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) is one and the same: a call to repentance, and to love God with all your heart, with all your mind & with all your soul; and to love your neighbor as yourself. Now That’s something unique!

  31. All I can say is we all better pray and prepare for the evil that is to come. there are some things that happen before Gods return! the Bible says MANY will be deceived even the most elect. So if u notice your pastors starting to speak on Chrislam as if it were a positive thing u should find a new church and pray for wisdom in these last days. I never thought I would live to see this country and this world in such turmoil. we ALL need to wake up!

  32. This is like saying the sky is blue but also green. Only FOOLS can combine God’s religion (Christianity) and Satan’s religion (Islam)

  33. How can you be serious when you read from a bible which isn’t the WORD of God ? There is ONLY 1 word of God and he lives in me. He won’t be found in a dead book filled with dead people, that is sick. Paul didn’t die to come live in me, Christ Jesus, Yeshuah the King did. Why do you people go around quoting what dead people said and keep saying the bible “says”….the bible says nothing but rather those called by his name HEAR HIS voice. YOU have made an idol out of something carved from a tree.

  34. @paulbegley34 Excuse me sir ! Aren’t u the one use to be called a “pastor” ? It definitely shows all of us ( true Christians ) that what ever u do, is just for men sake. What’s behind the scene ??? anybody ? I know the world is on the last chapter and this guy is the proof. by the way, I’m tired and sick of fake Christians like paulbegley ( RICK WARREN ) trying to always be politically correct instead of letting people know the truth they know about our Lord Jesus Christ.

  35. @paulbegley34 Look at yourself in Titus 1: 10-11

  36. I have watched Jack VanImpe all 30 of those years!! Everyone laughed at me for it, but I know he has always been a man of God and tells truth. I know he is right about everything he teaches. You can’t go wrong when you stick to good old KJV of the word of God.

  37. If you believe in talking snakes, 900 year old people, or that you have an “invisible friend”, you have mental problems.

  38. just remember that Jesus is enough – he is truth!

  39. @2lovenature That’s your prerogative i suppose, not that it’ll make a damn bit of difference!

  40. Harold Camping was RIGHT about May 21, click on my channel to see…

  41. wwwsherryshrinecorm/articles.htm Please read these articles by Sherry Shriner for clarification regarding so many Bible passages that are misinterpreted by so many preachers. Sherry is Yaweh’s mouth piece on earth.

  42. Fuck religion.

  43. Good job brother, be blessed.

  44. “My imaginary friend is real!” “no mine is!”

  45. the first time I hear the quran being read in a church is the first second I step out of the pew and walk out.

  46. Preach it!! Paul Begley!

  47. @ParasiteQueen1 I still feel the end is not near …. I feel the world needs to be on fire and the Christian freedoms are long gone . Right now the world is on fire but the blaze is weak right now . It needs to have heat beyond reasoning . I can reason with what evil is and show today but the children of this world ( Ages 1 to 4 ) as of now will come up and end God and Freedoms . That’s what I feel .

  48. @EleventhHour7 well first off paul here is saying God is making these things happen not just allowing them. and second i have no problem with fellowshipping with Paul or you or other Christians. In fact i believe all denominations of Christianity should stop bickering with echother and come together to preach the word of God. We should fight Satan not echother. I was just asking why a man who reads the bible would say the the bible says God would cause these disasters when it clearly doesn’t.

  49. @Myhopeisinhim


  50. This man is speaking lies. Please see Jeremiah 2:8, 10:21, 12:10, 22:22, 23:1, 2 regarding Pastors in our time, referred to as Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17 and 18. If you want to know the truth then I strongly suggest you visit InnerCircle.us The Abomination of Desolation is set up right now, but no one is aware of this fact. See the above video response called Abomination of Desolation Revealed…Follow it and you will know the truth. Those who lie are many, those who speak truth are few.

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