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Question by : The most complicated video game you are not playing: featuring us: Life as we know it……?
I know our lives can be rationally explained, why exactly we are here, but without purpose.
1: This is a complicated simulation created by that of higher dimensional/ higher conscious beings. There are infinite parallel universes coexisting simultaneously, and every possible combination/possibility is acting out itself infinitely within infinite parallel universes.
If one could magnify the condensed atoms that appear to form the solid material flesh that composes a human, there would be space between the subatomic parts of the atoms that a body is composed of. Everything as we know it, in our multi-dimensional plane that humans put vaguely as the universe, isn’t truly solid, just merely objects composed of particles in motion, propelled by energy, which is not visible to the naked eye. Everything eyes can see, is only limited to our multi-dimensional plane that we think we are existing in. Just like the idea of if a tree falls in a forest, and no one sees it, it doesn’t exist, as we are not able to perceive greater consciousness because our consciousness is limited within the finite physical shells governed by the laws of nature, in which every atom has energy/spirit, that is matter.
It is only common sense to know that because consciousness of the human mind is limited and usually based on subjective perceptions of what most people can only see as, what they believe to be reality, is what I call limited subjective reality, especially because it is embedded into us from a young age that we are physical which is believable because we are told that we are in a physical plane. We believe we appear as physical beings, within the properties and laws of biology, chemistry, and physics, when the truth is, an atom and matter, is only, energy.
Everything only exists as ideas that manifest themselves in infinite combinations and possibilities of an idea I call zero. Everything is infinite in zero, like the shape, it never stops, begins, starts, or ends. If you picture a graph, 0 is the center point in which all numbers branch infinitely in all directions from. Zero. All ideas originate from zero, and in their infinite manifestations, parallel universes, every possible combination is playing out itself, infinitely, simultaneously. Matter in its infinite manifestations create infinite combinations/ possibilities, and all these possibilities are subjective because nothing is perfect in our multi-dimensional plane. Everything is only a fractured representation, a mere echo of the highest dimension. All humans and everything as we know it to what we believe ‘exists’, that has ever ‘existed’, and will ‘exist’, in our universe and the ones parallel to our own, condensed, create the true idea, energy. Everyone living with us in the moment of time we are living shows us some of the different possibilities of the true idea of human, but we are all one, true idea, in its’ infinite manifestations, (energy).
Matter is just a projection of the consciousness of a higher being, because everything that is in our multi-dimensional plane is and echo of what really is. Everything as we believe to exist is nothing more than a manifestation of infinite ideas, and the nature of zero taking its course. All the true ideas and everything condensed in the dimensions, is one thing, and it is this thing that is the only thing truly existing. Everything below the highest dimension is nothing more than a mere reflection, of one thing existing.
There is something existing, beyond the scope of the human consciousness. Our purpose is nothing more than the proof of its existence.
Everything appears as if it is there, but nothing is. Everything as it appears is nothing more than an illusion, and what humans believe, is that they are conscious beings. What they fail to see is everything beyond the scope of what their small consciousness cannot perceive: the fact that they do not exist at all.
Exact reasons as to proof we are in a video game and being controlled:
1. Tree analogy as stated in first paragraph. If no one bares witness to an event, then it technically doesn’t exist, as so in video games.

2. We pixelize at the subatomic level, just as computer pixelize images projected on the screens as we see video game characters and settings.

3. There is no way we could be on the same level consciousness as the higher dimensional beings: we are trapped like the video game characters are…. within the screen.

4.We are all like sims, and what they think is reality is an example as to how we try to perceive our own.

5. The sims could never be aware of us controlling them, as we could never be aware as someone controlling us.

6. A video game character dies, as everything in the universe dies…. When you kill it, or when you turn off the game and never play it again.

If you disagree please logically explain why

Best answer:

Answer by Duncan Cintron
You’re not the first person to believe this and not the last. You are wrong though.
You mention that humans only think what we perceive is reality because it’s all we’ve ever perceived, what isn’t noticed by a consciousness doesn’t exist. Well this has been an idea for quite a while. Plato actually talked about it. It’s called the Allegory of the Cave.
But a humans perceptions can not change reality. Schizophrenia, synesthesia, dementia, etc., people with these perceive reality differently, but it does not change reality. The universe is constant, our ideas of how we see it are what change. If every human were to disapear, the earth would not cease to exist. It’s just no one would be around to wonder why it does.
The difference between reality and a game is that a game is programed, where we have free will.

I heard a story once, similar to your idea, of how the earth was the womb of a god. Every living soul on it, was one soul being reincarnated forward and bakward through time, interacting with itself. Thinking. Learning and gaining unfathomable experience. I never learned who wrote it originally, but my friend told it well.
Ultimately, humans are not yet evolved enough, and may never be, to understand the workings of the universe. But that at least let’s us know, it is far greater than anything anyone could possiblly comprehend or imagine at this point in time.
As you said yourself, the sims can’t be aware of their being under control, so if we are the equivalent of a program to something higher still, you wouldn’t have thought of it.
There’s no use speculating the unkowable, just grasp for what’s in reach and enjoy it.

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  1. 1:characters of the Sims game live in a simulated world being controled by humans (higher conscious beings) unknowing to them
    *we live in a world which seems to be simulated.
    *therefore : we are somehow controled by a higher conscious being unknowing to us

    2 we live in a complex, seemingly simulated world
    the best explination for this world is higher conscious beings
    therefore: higher conscious beings exist -not strong enough…

    3: infinite ideas create our existance
    these ideas spring from one point (zero concept) *contradiction* 0 is an idea in itself

    4 : infinite possibilities are subjective…*contradiction*

    5 matter is a projection of a higher being that exists on a different plane of existance- inconsistant with reality…ockham’s razor/not strong enough

    energy is an infinite substance
    *energy did not exist before the big bang
    therefore energy isnt infinite

    there is something existing beyond human existance
    our purpose is to simply prove this
    if this is true than we do not have any other purpose but to seek
    if this is true then we do not possess freewill
    we do have freewill
    therefore we do have other purposes

    you must not have contradictions if you want to make an argument

    read sollipsism

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