May 302014

Question by §Guru Pathik§: What year in college can I take theoretical physics, and how often will I see these words?
Einstein’s outlook on “Reality”
“The Measurement Problem”
We are all one
Life greatest illusion-separation and self
Sacred Geometry
Da Vinci
Astral Projection
“Junk DNA”
9 dimensions
11 dimensions

ODU, is where I’m going , And I’m 17, if that’s relevant.

BQ: If I take theology, ( if you can’t tell I like learning about this stuff) will it be like the Religion and Spirituality( constant calling out and arguing), more than likely a theology professor would be an atheist right? ( I’d prefer to get a professor like Alan Watts ) Would he call me out if he found out I wasn’t atheist? I’m not a fundamental theist , but would I be stuck in a room full of atheists? I have atheist friends , but I’d hate to have to be silent just to avoid arguing.

Or opposite, would I get a religious teacher who would call me out for not being a fundamental theist?

BQ 2 : Which Could I take further ?
A: Major: Engineering, Minor: Theoretical physics
B: Major: Theoretical physics Minor: Engineering

BQ 3: Based of the list of words , what classes should I take?

BQ 4: As I said I’m 17, I was very passive in primary and secondary schools ( I’m really smart when I want to be, but if its something I’m not interested in, I’m lazy , and my grades will show) Going through the motions of my high school years I have cumulative 3.4 GPA, but If I didn’t study it or were apathetic about it in high school, would I be a complete noob in theoretical physics and quatum physics?.

When I was younger I had no interest in most school subjects whatsoever , but now I do.
Ok, thanks I probably was confused by some words of Michio Kaku pertaining to theoretical physics and Spinoza.

Best answer:

Answer by Cyle Monroe
If choosing to go with either a major in Engineering or TP, I would suggest you take Engineering. The marketability and demand of just about any engineering degree is already known to be higher than average, where as TP is a bit more obscure as it is based around theory.

Once you are in college, you can no longer have the mindset of “well this is boring!” and tune out like you can in most of high school. If you are taking on a degree in any engineering, which is widely known to be very math-intense and demanding of your attention, you will need to be “interested” or you WILL fall behind. And as a previous engineering student I can assure you, you will have lecture upon lecture about subjects which will NOT peak any of your interests unless you are oddly passionate about calculus limits, derivatives, or the diameter of a sewage pipe.
I have no idea about your questions about that list of what I assume to be your interests.
Good luck in school.

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May 242014

Question by Nick: Should i take physics Hon or an Ap science class next year?
Hi everyone, thanks to my school being so organize and great at time management, i got my course selection sheet today, and they are due this following Monday ( yay). Well here’s some background- i’m going to be a senior and I go to an environmental science magnet which makes us take 6+ science credits- a the moment the science classes i’ve taken are Biology, Chemistry, Ap environmental science, and Marine science ( all hon except environmental science), and next year my magnet is forcing me to take another two science courses ( which i have no problems with, i enjoy science).

Now I’m wondering, should i take AP bio/chem, or should i take Physics Honors? Will not taking physics affect my transcript in any way? or will it be better if i take an Ap science course? I’ll aprreciate any answer

Best answer:

Answer by The Missy
Take AP bio. Ap classes are better because they look great on college apps. Its also a fun class. And taking this class shouldn’t affect your transcript because it falls under the same science category as physics, but whats best is that it’s AP. Hope this helps.

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Apr 072014

Question by Karl Riedel: Should I take physics next year?
I’m a Junior in highschool at the moment, on the last week of school this year. I took chemistry this year and I hated it. I absolutely loathed it. It has a lot to do with my awful teacher this year, and because of this I (and a lot of my other classmates) felt a bit left behind about the whole subject.

I signed up for physics, one of the two tougher science classes for Senior year. My question is this, if I had such a bad time and felt a bit left behind in chemistry, will physics be impossible to grasp or learn?

Will I need to teach myself chemistry over the summer or hire a tutor or what? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Scott
First of all chemistry is not physics so you really won’t have to know the actual science part of chemistry to grasp physics. What you will have to know for physics that you were supposed to learn from chem are things like converting different measurements and manipulating equations (basic algebra). Besides that I’d say you learn completely different stuff in physics. So I wouldn’t worry about learning the chemistry material over summer. If you have trouble dealing with moles then i would just read about more of what a mole is, but you probably wouldn’t be applying anything with moles since you are taking your first physics course. (I had to deal with converting stuff to moles when I got to my first engineering physics course in college which was a semester after taking college chemistry)
Sorry if any of this was confusing… basically don’t worry about chem for now, physics is nothing like it.

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Mar 262014

Question by ringetteange: What books are good for a 12 year old?
She likes books about cliques,gossip school issues and also mystery and stuff like that!

Best answer:

Answer by Jolena_Faye
the clique series.
it talks about girls her age gossiping and school stuff.
im sure she will really like them

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Nov 072013

Question by vemberajil: Could it Be possible to make a Bachelor science degree of physic the freschman year ?
I would like to skip all my undegraduate intermediate grade and to make a Bsc Physic at my Freschman year How could I ?
I just also need and example of someone who also already made it or how to make it
Please SOS !

Best answer:

Answer by Philip J
Doogie Howser; but that was premed. In physics, it should be a snap for someone of that caliber. If you sailed thru high school in one semester, a BS in one years shouldn’t be impossible. The key is to know it all from independent study before your enroll.

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Sep 232013

Question by angel_n1372: How Hard is the first year of University ?
I have been offered a place at the University of Manchester for Cognitive neuroscience and psychology. The problem is I have Done Access course instead of A levels because of certain circumstances. And I am terrified right now. I don’t know what is waiting for me … How should I prepare myself?

Best answer:

Answer by Orcleus
Not much you can do to prepare. Just study, stay organized and communicate with your professor if you need extra help. Also take advantage of the resources you have on campus

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Jun 142013

Question by J-MAC: Does anyone recommend any good books for a 13 year old boy?
Im looking for some mystery…or maybe some horror…..or adventrure books….thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by MeMyself&I
-Wheel of Time
-The Belgariad
-The Giver
-Fire Bringer
-The Young Merlin series
-Inkheart series
-Children of the Lamp series
-Ender’s Game
-Ender’s Shadow
-Kingdom Keepers
-Pendragon series
-and more!!!!!!!!!

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May 312013

Question by : What are good Virtual World games for a 13 year old girl?
i get very bored easily and i want something to do! Plz tell me what are good games for me to play! Thanx:)

Best answer:

Answer by Tricia
Hi Misstealpink, have you heard of The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World?

I had tried it and I think it is great!

It’s a new virtual world for kids and tweens (some even say teens!). It has already received tens of thousands of sign-ups from over 140 countries.

You can travel around the world, adopt all kinds of cool pets, build houses and islands, wear clothings from different countries, play tons of games and more. Best of all, it’s free to play and you don’t need to download anything to install.

Here’s a short description of it.

“The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks promises an experience in which players would be able to travel to factual and mysterious places around the world, travel through time and space, meet famous people from the past, play dozens of enriching and fun games, make new friends and party with them, buy exotic islands, build culture-inspired houses, wear clothes from different countries, explore secret locations, solve mysteries and puzzles and become a legendary traveler!”

Register to play here –

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Apr 262013

Question by BrokenDemonWings-_-: Can any one tell me what books are good summer books for a sixteen year old?
i’ve read ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ right before school was out but now am in a bind. i cant find a good book to read and i want to leave some good ones for the school year. I am a nineth grader going into the thenth.

Best answer:

Answer by Eric S
The Fountainhead (there’s also a movie to facilitate your reading :)

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Mar 292013

Question by : What are some good books for a 15 year old?
I’M 15 and I want to knw if u knw any good books. I already read twilight so dnt reccomend that to me lol. I like serious, emotional, and romantic books. A little bit of fantasy but not over the top. Ex: candy, go ask Alice, wak3, Ellen Hopkins, etc. Thanks mucho!

Best answer:

Answer by Pigeon
flowers in the attic

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