Jun 052014

Question by Vitaly: I am terrible at Physics, but I would love to major in Computer Science.?
I love computers and programming and all. The technology and the way things work with a computer language is just amazing. I am an incoming freshman this fall and wondering, physics…My worst subject in my whole history of schooling! I had a B allllll year during my senior year. Absolute terrible….But math is all good to me. Calculus, I can do it! But Physics…what do you all think? Any stories you have or people you know that do not like physics but still came through with computer science major?

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Answer by Matt Hintzke
Do you actually not like physics? Or are you just not good at applying the math you learn to real world physics problems? If that is the reason then I would stick to it, because physics is hard, I am a Mechanical Engineering major (and actually might switch to CS myself) and I have to take the exact same physics classes that CS majors do. My advice would be to continue trying and eventually I am sure your brain will just “click” one day and you will understand it better. Plus, a B is not bad at all. I myself hate chemistry, but had to take a year of it my freshman year which was terrible, got two C’s. Both were the worst grades I have ever gotten in school. So stick with it and you will be ok.

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Mar 302014

Question by Theodore Macmahon: What’s this kids mystery pc game from the 90′s that you would wipe a board & get the…?
…secret message clue in big mansion?
That wasn’t the only way to get clues, there were lots of little games. We played it in english class so I think it had word games mostly. I think I remember a mad scientist in a tower and a ghost maybe. Please help!

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Answer by guenndu
7th Guest
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Mar 142014

Question by I Laugh @ joo!: If you were a state alchemist [FMA] what would your specialty and your nickname be?
Like Ed’s state alchemist’s name is “FullMetal Alchemist”
and Roy’s “Flame Alchemist”
and there’s “silver alchemist”

and so on…

Specialty, like Marco is for medical stuff… and the one who turned into chimera [FMA anime] was specializing in biology or human something. T-T

There aren’t much techy stuffs in FMA since it’s in some era [I forgot]..

I would be research about technology >8D
And give them CELLPHONES! lmao

I don’t know my nickname… O.O
my brain hurts. I don’t normally think hard like this. (._.”)

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Answer by Kana
weeaboo alchemist.

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Mar 072014

Question by shadowfiend@yahoo.com: What would be a good . . . . ?
Physics class question:

What would be a good definition for “Self-Awareness”?

What are the minimum requirements for a system (or entity) to be considered self aware?
I mean like a computer for it to be self aware . . . .

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Answer by kt
it’s like, you know and understand yourself– your desires, fears, personality, talents, limits, beliefs, etc.

idk aout specific requirements tho, that probably depends on personal opinion.

but i’d guess that for an entity or system, it would have to understand its function and relationship to other systems of entities, and would have to know it’s limits and power

idk specifically what you’re thinking of tho, it depends

i think to be self-aware, it would also have to be able to consciously think or reason…?

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Mar 052014

Question by ‘little’ book,open(Rev10): What would make anyone think ‘Mystery’ Babylon is a church, or Rome, or the RCC?
Babylon of old was a very specific dominion of the ancient world, its rise and fall are covered much in both the N.T. and the O.T..

As history repeats itself[Ecc1:9 & 3:15] so also will this ‘Mystery’ Babylon of the last days.

Babylon and the Empire of Rome are juxtaposed in so many ways it is deliberate.
How could one be confused with the other?

The 7 hills on which the woman sits[Rev17:9] are the [6+1] continents of the world.
America had[at one time] a military base on each.
Jesus is the most reliable resource out there, besides the Lord God, and they speak plainly[Dt27:8, Nu12:8, Hbk2:2, Pro8:9]. They never refer to Babylon as Rome, are They not reliable?
At the no so tremendous – the bible CLEARLY says the end of the world is at the end of Revelation20:11:15 right after the 1000 year reign of Christ. Repeat someone else’s stupidity shows your lack of depth of knowledge on the subject. Have fun being oblivious!

Will you starve to death today for everlasting life?
For a morsel of bread sell your soul to the everlasting lake of fire?
Tremendoid – I’d rather you find truth in the subject

Mt24:36 But of that DAY and HOUR knoweth no man… What DAY and what HOUR? Christ is not speaking of the end of the world but of the DAY and the HOUR of His coming[v.27] to reign for 1000 years at the end of the age of sin and tribulation which lasts for 6000 years as stated in the Revelation of Jesus Christ chapter 20 and as there is no deceit from the mouth of Christ so then Christ is speaking only of the DAY and the HOUR of His return that cannot be known by anyone until it happens and this is truth. As for the other ‘times’[hrs, days, weeks, years] of the end are they not clearly explained to us by Christ Himself in The Revelation?

And there is what men think verses what God says. God calls Babylon a ‘nation’ a ‘land’, NEVER a church!
Oh! and I would recall the t’sd I gave too as the additional comments by you lead to a greater understanding on your part

this ‘supposed Christian’ – not at all uncalled for…
ESPECIALLY if you desire to show yourself a complete hypocrite

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Answer by Ray H

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Jan 262014

Question by Jessi V: What would be a good anime for my husband?
My husband just left for Iraq. I want to surprise him and get him some animes, but I don’t know what to get. Just for reference, he likes InuYasha, Evangelion, Naruto, and Full Metal Alchemist so something along those lines would be great. Thanks for your help.

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Answer by ChaosAnime
Since i see that he`s taste is more into action anime/comedy then i would recommend watching Samurai Champloo.
You can find the full episodes with english subtitles here :


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Jan 212014

Question by Aly: What area of science would my project fall into?
I am doing a science fair project on the lemon battery- so basically things covering voltage etc. What are of science (things like biology, physics etc ) would it fall into. Please be specific! thank you in advance

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Answer by jimmymae2000

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Jan 072014

Question by : Would you agree that the world has gone mad?
The world has gone mad.

The people of the world today are living their lives as if God doesn’t exist (even if they claim to believe in God). Morality has become subjective and is no longer objective. Following your conscience has become the ultimate authority. Atheism has taken over most governments due to separation of Church and State. Science has become the new god, teaching that we are nothing but animals and that life and existence happened by accident. Churchmen are making a mockery of God with the New Mass and true Catholics are persecuted. Women are given the “right” to murder their own children. Marriage is no longer considered a sacred and religious institution. Divorce and remarriage has become socially and morally acceptable, which has resulted in tearing apart families, thus breaking down the the social structure of society.

No human quality or attribute would be able to fix the mess that the world is in today. The only way to fix the immoral mess that the world is in would have to be a divine chastisement … a chastisement far more severe than the Flood, which has been prophesied by many saints and mystics throughout the past centuries.
@ Zaphod_Beeblebrox

“Morality is subjective. It never has been objective.”

Your statement here is a contradiction within itself. You actually do believe that morality is objective. You are essentially stating that the objective morality is that it is subjective.

Morality has always been objective.

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Answer by Shaddrick
I dont believe in god either ^_^

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