Jun 032013

Question by flowergirl: What indoor tanning lotion do you think works the best?
i started the tanning bed and need to get dark in less than a month. any suggestions would be great. what tanning lotion did you use and also will getting a spray on/ mystic tan help the process of me getting darker. any tips please.

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Answer by ami
i have used lotions with tanning stuff in them. dove energey glow and jergans day glow work well. i put in on everyday and i can see a difference after just two days. after two weeks its really dark and looks natural. but you have to keep applying them

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Dec 132012

Question by Jay: Can a leg that “looks not works” like automail in full metal alchemist be done?
I have a unrepairable leg due do massive bone and tissue damage. The doctors gave me and option to get a prosthetic leg. Can i get one that looks like the full metal alchemist automail or at least something that looks like a real leg not just a pole. I just want it to look like it not work the same way.

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Answer by The Ugly Truth
Yes, you can.

However it will be something that an artist /sculptor will have to make for you,
You’d be surprised what an artist can make.


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Dec 182011

Question by Shane M: What has current neuroscience research shown about how memory storage works?
feel free to be as technical and lengthy as you feel necessary.

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Answer by Mikey
There is working memory, short term memory, and long term memory. Memory storage in short is basically just your brain creating more and more proteins. Memory consolidation is when short term memory is converted into long term memory. Working memory would be like remembering phone numbers and stuff for just a short amount of time. Humans have about a 7 digit working memory limit.

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Dec 122011

Question by Kiiyoko k: How does Merlin’s portrayal in “The Crystal Cave” contrast with other accounts of him in other works?
As stated above, how does Merlin’s portrayal in “The Crystal Cave” by Mary Stewart compare with his portrayal in other well known works of the character (Eg. “Le morte d’ Arthur, The once and future king, etc)

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Answer by lockedjew
Interesting question. I think the key is that Stewart’s books are narrated from Merlin’s perspective. As such, he’s more human, in a great many ways. First off, he doesn’t come from nowhere. Rather, he has a background, and it affects the way he acts and perceives the world. Also, we see context for all of his actions and plans. He isn’t just old and venerable and near infallible, because we see him at non-essential times. There are a few examples I can think of, but I’m not sure if they’re Crystal Cave or or one of the later books in the trilogy, and I don’t want to spoil if you haven’t read the rest yet. Which you definitely should, by the way. The Hollow Hills and then The Last Enchantment.

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Dec 062011

Works of H. P. Blavasky 31 Illustrated Books w/ links


Isis Unveiled
The Kabalah and the Kabalist
The caves and Jungles of Hindustan
Kosmic Mind
The Voice of Silence Fragments I,II,III
The Tidal Wave
The Substantial Nature of Magnetism
The Esoteric Character of the Gospels Part I, II, III
Constitution of the Inner Man
Astral Bodies, or Doppelgangers
The Duel Aspect of Wisdom
Psychic and Noetic Action
The Sign of the Times
Black Magic in Science
Hypnotism, a

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Sep 302011

Question by Taleweaver: How do you keep magic mysterious while still revealing a lot about how it works to the reader?
I heard that the book Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell did this quite well, though it was ridiculously fat and boring and I gave up about 1/10 of the way into it (which was aproximately 10 million pages).

So yeah, how do you keep magic mysterious but understandable?

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Answer by -take yer own advice-
Just keep it like a 10,000 year old legend would be told. Don’t go into its sciences and weird terms to describe exactly how it works, because nobody is ‘certain’.

You could have a wise person in the book tell the story of how magic came to be, who did it first, what happened to him, how he kept it alive within other people before he died… And then kind of say that the story was told thousands of times…

And just say that “she muttered unintelligible words and cast a freeze spell, and she ran away while she had the chance”, etc.

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Sep 202011

Transmutations: Alchemy in Art: Selected Works from the Eddleman and Fisher Collections at the Chemical Heritage Foundation

Alchemy is one of the most evocative subjects in the history of science. Alchemy made important contributions to the development of modern science while firing popular imagination so strongly that portrayals of the alchemist at work pervaded the arts. The more celebrated goals of alchemy, like transmutation of base metals into gold, still tease and tantalize. Transmutations offers a thoughtful look at the role of the alchemist in the 17th and 18th centuries, as depicted in a se

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Price: $ 25.00

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Sep 122011

Question by Marion: How well does mystic tan works?
I am debating wheather I should do mystic tan or not. I used to go in taning beds but I am worried about getting wrinkles and scinn cancer. I have seen the video about mystic tan but I don’t like the white or yellow arreas that you get on the feet or hands.
Will it come off when I go swimming in the ocean or pool? Does it stain clothes?

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Answer by candi

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Aug 282011
black art
by ohad*

Question by conjunto31: Are there any paintings or works of art featuring a white man and a black woman in love?
Are there any paintings or works of art featuring a white man and a black woman? I am a white man, and my girlfriend is black. She doesn’t like flowers or jewelry very much, so I wanted to think outside the box. I wanted to get a work of art, like a painting, of a black woman and a white man that are obviously at least attracted to each other, if not in love. If anyone knows, let me know! :)

Thank you!

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Answer by ack ack
many many many very beautiful artistic paintings of mixed cultures, just surf around and I am def. you will find some beautiful ones

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