Jun 242014

Question by jkelly_21: Have any males used Mystic Tan? Does it look real? What about leg hair, does that prevent it from working?

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Answer by Dr Universe
i did but i found getting a natural tan was better

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Mar 042013

Question by HiJinx: How would I go about working in a research lab in the US?

I’m from London and have recently completed my Bsc(Hons) in Neuroscience. I really would like to work as part of a lab or team mediating a clinical trial in America for a year, minimum, as a Research Worker or Assistant. Does anyone have any information as to how i could achieve this? So far, I haven’t been able to find anything that doesn’t require a PhD – any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Answer by gopherftb64
you can google (or other search engines) things like “entry level biology job” and also check job websites such as monster.com

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Aug 122012

Question by Mother G: I’m working on a “toy” car for 8th grade science (physics) What gear ratio would be the most ideal?
I tried 5:1, 25:1, 75:1 and others. NOW I JUST WANT SOME DAMN HELP SO I CAN GET A GOOD GRADE ON THIS PROJECT lol. okay…how does she expect us to learn what ratio works when there are like 400,000,000 to try. It would be nice if someone could just tell me what’s best for a ratio and why, isnt that all that really matters. I mean gosh…

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Answer by huippi
There is no universal “best ratio”. You have to use different ratios for different projects. If your motor has high rotation speed but it doesn’t have much torque (it has more torque if it harder to stop using hands) you could use higher ratios likes 50:1 (when motor rotates 50 times wheels rotate only once), but if your motor has high torque but low speed you could use lower ratios, even 1:1 over 0.5:1.

You could also measure speed of your car and then grade few ratios or measure how fast your can climb steep hill and then rate all ratios. The last test would maybe produce more useful gear ratio for general use but it always depends how you will use your car.

I am confident that if you will make both tests, plot your measurements and then make your choice based on those measurements you will get good grade.

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Dec 122011

Question by skiingchica<3: Is the Starbucks Cup Magic promotion still working to get a giftcard?
I downloaded the cup magic app and scanned all 5 pictures of the holiday characters, but no “redeem your gift card” option pooped up. Does anyone know if this promotion still works or how long it takes before the gift card appears? I’ve already un-installed and re-installed the app. Thanks!

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Answer by justme
It seems that due to people just finding the images online and scanning them to get the giftcards, the promotion was discontinued.

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Nov 232011

Question by Rebecca C: How come my spell checker for Microsoft Word stopped working?
The language is set to English and the spell checker is on but it doesn’t detect my errors even when I type random letters in. It just stopped working 3 days ago and before that, it was perfectly fine.

Best answer:

Answer by The Phlebob
This is a checklist of things that have to be set to do spell checking in Word.

First, make sure the proofing tools for English are installed from the Office CD.

In Word versions prior to Word 2007:

1.Click the Tools->Options menu item.
2.Click the Spelling and Grammar tab.
3.Check the Check spelling as you type checkbox.
4.Uncheck the Hide spelling errors in this document checkbox.
5.Click OK.

And to make sure spell checking isn’t turned off for any section of the document:

1.Press CTRL/A to select the entire document.
2.Click the Tools->Language->Set Language menu item.
3.Uncheck Do Not Check Spelling Or Grammar.
4.Click the Default button. (To make this change permanent.)
5.Click Yes in the message box.
6.Click OK.

In Word 2007

1.Click the Office button in the upper-left corner.
2.Click the Word Options button.
3.Click the Proofing tab.
4.Check Check Spelling As You Type.
5.Uncheck the Hide Spelling Errors In This Document checkbox.
6.Click OK.

And to make sure spell checking isn’t turned off for any section of the document:

1.Press CTRL/A to select the entire document.
2.Click the Review tab on the Ribbon.
3.In the Proofing section, click Set Language.
4.Uncheck Do Not Check Spelling Or Grammar.
5.Click the Default button. (To make this change permanent.)
6.Click Yes in the message box.
7.Click OK.

Hope that helps.

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Nov 012011

www.blacktree.tv The ThirdAnnual Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon 2010 Event Paid Tribute To 40th Anniversary Of Essence Magazine This week ESSENCE magazine honored Cicely Tyson (Legend Award), Queen Latifah (Power Award), Zoe Saldana (Star to Watch Award), Mary J. Blige (Songstress of the Year) and Gabourey Sidibe (Best Breakthrough Performance) for making a significant impact in Hollywood at the star-studded ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon sponsored by Lincoln, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The intimate event also commemorated the 40th Anniversary of ESSENCE magazine as well as the ESSENCE magazine’s annual Hollywood issue. The ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon is an annual event to honor African-American women, who through their work in Hollywood-both in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes-have helped to change and inspire positive images of Black women in television and film. While celebrities such as Paula Patton, Vivica Fox, Joy Bryant, Leila Ali and Serena Williams walked the red carpet, the crowd of 300 VIP guests enjoyed a champagne reception in the plush ballroom. The event, styled with a nod to old Hollywood dŽcor, borrowed heavily upon Truman Capote’s legendary black & white ball with special ruby accents and Swarovski crystals to commemorate the 40th Anniversary. Grammy Award winning rapper Common opened the program with spoken word tribute to black women while the duo Mary Mary performed “Can’t Give Up” as a special tribute to

Sep 232011

Question by Aaron: How do I get my power windows and power locks working again?
Within a month of each other, my power locks and power windows went out. I can lock the doors by hand, but the windows are immobile and not closed all the way…which is fine until rainy season/winter snow begins. I’ve checked all the fuses (both under the dash and under the hood) and none are blown. I understand that the next course would be to check the power relays, but I am not sure where these are located, or if it is within my ability to fix. If it is something I can fix myself, I would like to try.
It is a 1996 Honda Civic LX.

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Answer by BillyTheKid
Take it to a repair shop and have them fix it.

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Aug 262011

Question by bobo: Has my hypnotherapy for negative thinking stopped working?
After my first hypnotherapy treatment 3 days ago for anxiety and negative thinking i felt great – happy, positive and relaxed.

Now on the 4th day, i feel like it has stopped somewhat, and worries and negativity are creeping back in. One worry is that the hypnotherapy has stopped working. Having these thoughts in themselves must mean that is the case…?! (see the irony?) Do the effects of hypnotherapy wear off?

Best answer:

Answer by Iria
Give it time, you’ve only had one session. After you’ve had more, you’ll probably find the effects are longer lasting and that you can use some of the techniques on yourself to deal with your negative thoughts. Patterns of negative thinking aren’t undone overnight!

I’d suggest you buy some CBT-based self-help books, for extra tips that you can use yourself when you are at home. Large bookshops should sell them or you can get them on sites like Amazon.

Good luck!

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Jun 252011

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