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Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System
The Total Wine System Is A Complete Step-by-step System With 3 Ebooks & 1 Audio Book. Everything From Grape Growing To Harvesting Grapes To Making Your Own Homemade Wine. Our Free 10 Part Mini E-course Will Show You How-to Create Your Own Homemade Wine!
Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System

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Nov 032010

Earth Day Food amp; Wine Festival Sets Dates For 2011 Celebration
Paso Robles, Calif. Earth Day has been celebrated for more than four decades, but never with as much gusto as when 1,000 eco-conscious food and wine lovers gather on Californias Central Coast each April to mark the occasion by enjoying some of the best artisan epicurean delights that Mother Earth has to offer.And this is one Festival that lives up to its heritage. Thanks to extensive recycling,…
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Washington Crosses the Ages
It’s hard to call New York’s history a circular one–we build over our past too fervently for that–but nonetheless, certain corners of the city manage to accumulate something like odd rhymes and resonance with their pasts, perhaps a barely conscious tic of repetition. At the turn of the last century, Washington Street in Lower Manhattan was a dense carnival of Lebanese and Syrian peddlers …
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Diversification to double region’s collective growth to .3tr by 2020
Dubai Conscious diversification of Gulf economies away from oil will see the region’s collective gross domestic product (GDP) doubling from the current .04 trillion (Dh3.82 trillion) to .3 trillion by 2020, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).
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Oct 222010

Question by its smee: Why do some ‘christians’ see the story of ‘jesus’ turning water into wine as a ‘miracle’ when a lot of them?
are anti-alcohol? And, if David Copperfield wanted to do that trick, he would manage it. People would see him ‘turn water into wine’. But, they would know it was legerdemain and not think of it as anything other than the trick of a very accomplished stage magician. On the other hand, a 2,000 year old story in which ‘jesus’ turned water into wine is a ‘miracle’. How is that supposed to work?

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Answer by YesWeCan!
hahaha. this website should be called “rant answers” i am lovin R!A :D

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Aug 072010

All You Need To Find Out About Old World And New World Wine

The first New World winemakers during the 18th and 19th centuries generally adopted the rules of the Wine-making techniques current in European countries at that time, with the intent of creating wines that closely resembled those available in Europe. Nonetheless, their own climates and soils were totally different; often having to contend with sweltering temperatures never experienced in the Old World homeland. For example, settlers in California found the sizzling heat was too great for the production of good Wine grapes, until finally they realized the valleys of Napa and Sonoma could take advantage of the gaps in the Coastal range of mountains which drew in cold air and fog from the sea, providing the essential cooling element so essential for top class Wine.

New World wines are defined as…

…”wines produced in regions established by colonies of European exploration, that started with some of the longer voyages within the 15th century.”

In other words, New World wines are all those produced in regions other than Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

It was during the 1960s, when traditions were being questioned, and barriers were coming down, which gave New World Wine its chance for global success. Led in the US by men like Robert Mondavi and in Australia by Max Schubert of Penfolds, there came the motivation to modify and improve on the Old order. This came in combination with an entire rethink of how to communicate and market the wines.

At first, the New World had been simply using prominent names from the Old World; “Australian Burgundy” and “Californian Chablis” became common. International legislation quickly caught up with this practice, however, ruling that Burgundy or Chablis can only be made in Burgundy or Chablis. so despite the fact that the New World producer could use identical grapes and identical methods to produce a top quality version of one of these renowned wines, he could not use any name that the consumer would recognise.

These producers quickly came to the conclusion that it was the flavour of the various grape varieties that was the single most important factor in their wines, and arrived at the solution of varietal labelling.They highlighted the grape variety on the label, their own name, and left it at that. This has changed the whole way we think about, speak about, select – and most importantly – purchase Wine. We now understand the importance of the different grapes, because it is these varieties, as opposed to the place of origin, that is stressed on the label. We’re all now accustomed to ordering a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or a Rioja. No other idea has made the pleasure of Wine so easily accessible to all.

This accessibility has resulted in a willingness to test: to buy and experience the kind of wine we like, wherever it was made, New World or Old World. Now the Old World has recognised that it must move into this contemporary World so that it can compete and survive, and the naming of grapes on labels has become virtually as popular in Europe as anywhere in the winemaking World.

The task for the newer producers is to create wines that have the quality of the originals from the Old World, which will possess the staying power to keep them being purchased and enjoyed by wine lovers all over the world. This is great news for us; it means that we have a larger choice of wines than ever before, from a wider number of places. Additionally , it means that we have the opportunity to experience what a few of the world’s greatest wines have to offer – at a fair price.

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