Apr 142014

Question by plasmafish: whats the difference between fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood?
are they the same or is brotherhood start off from the end of regular fullmetal alchemist? i watched all of regular and i also watched the movie. im mainly asking because i caught a glimpse of one of the brotherhood episodes recently on cartoon network adult swim and it looked like the brothers where in two different worlds like the end of regular but i was reading the description of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood season 1-4 and it says same thing as regular so im kinda confused.

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Answer by Don™
FMA Brotherhood and FMA 2003 are almost the same at least in first few episodes(in case of FMA ep.30 and Brotherhood ep.13)but after ep.30 FMA 2003 is nothing but an filler which has nothing to do with the original manga story(Movie is also filler) where as FMA Brotherhood follows the manga as it is and if you ask me it was way better than 2003 version.

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Mar 302014

Question by Theodore Macmahon: What’s this kids mystery pc game from the 90′s that you would wipe a board & get the…?
…secret message clue in big mansion?
That wasn’t the only way to get clues, there were lots of little games. We played it in english class so I think it had word games mostly. I think I remember a mad scientist in a tower and a ghost maybe. Please help!

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Answer by guenndu
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Mar 182014

Question by AlanaWally: What’s the difference between Fullmetal Alchemists and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?
I’m watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and it looks like some fillers but then there are some new episodes. Is it just another part of Fullmetal Alchemist or is it separate.

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Answer by Anthony Luciani
As I understand Brotherhood follows the original manga more closely. The first Fullmetal was a lot more original in the storyline.

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Jan 082014

Question by The Godfather: What’s the different between mind, consciousness, awareness, cognition?
When philosophers and scientist talk about mental stuff, what’s the difference between mind, consciousness, awareness, and cognition?

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Answer by love dolly
awareness” is also used to describe the kind of “knowing” that comes from the use of the thinking mind when trying to solve problems or figure out what’s going on…such as “I am now aware that when I say these words in this way, many people in this group may be offended by how I have expressed myself.” In that sense, “awareness” is “coming to an understanding” of something that isn’t stated outright, OR that you cannot understand because of the limits of your perceptual abilities, due to your prejudices, blind spots, lack of knowledge and information, the miscommunication of others, etc. But it’s directly related to the world of the 5 senses and is a product of our mental processes…thinking.

•Mind is the aspect of intellect and consciousness experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will, and imagination, including all unconscious cognitive processes.

Conscious: a quality of the mental life of the ego. The ego uses consciousness to manage reality, which includes allowing pleasurable id gratifications that don’t collide with everyday demands or provoke the “thou shalt not”s of the superego.
Counter-transference: the therapist’s transference projections–in other words, enactment of old conflicts from the family of origin–onto the patient. Example: when “Anna O” (Bertha Pappenheim) fell in love with Freud’s partner Josef Breuer, he fled because the situation aroused intolerable emotions in him. (For an example of Freud’s countertransference, see his Dora paper.) The meaning of countertransference has broadened since Freud’s time to include all the therapist’s reactions toward the patient.

cognitive- a term that describes the process people use for remembering, reasoning, understanding, and using judgment

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Sep 162013

Question by mike s: whats better mystic tan or tanning beds?
i am a guy and my skin is starting to get really white. would i be better off getting mystic tans or going with the beds. my main concern with the beds is burning, and there are like 10 different beds, so which one do i want to go with.

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Answer by x_binkly_x
Best thing you can do is stand-up tanning. No lines! They have one called the saturn which is so much better for you than regular ones. Also it tans more layers of skin instead of one and you are less likely to burn in it!

Hey really?! You can get cancer from tanning? No shit. I dont think he wanted a lecture. WE KNOW. It is his choice. Lots of things can give you cancer.

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Sep 022013

Question by : Whats the song thats playing on the vampire diaries when elena and damon are dancing?
on the “miss mystic falls” episode, what is the song that is playing when elena enters the room and her and damon start dancing? i love it and i love damon! but i also love stefan..but i cant find that song!

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Answer by Katarzyna ‡ Starbreeze
Within Temptation
“All I Need”
♥ Damon

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Aug 232013

Question by Amansviri: What’s the difference between a BS and a BA in Physics?
I’m interested in pursuing a Physics major in college. On the course listing that I’ve looked at, both a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Bachelor’s of Science are offered for Physics, but because Physics is a science, I had thought that you could only get a BS in it, so now I’m confused. What’s the difference between a BS and a BA if they’re for the same subject?

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Answer by Original
The BS would be more stuctured (more/most of your classes are selected by the Physics department)

The BA is more free, usually 20 credits less that are delegated and to make up for the 20 you would have to select from a pool of upper-level physics elective.

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Jul 232013

Question by Kymberli P: Whats a science fair project that involves physics and statistics?
I need a science fair project for my physics class anyway, but my stats teacher wants it to involve statistics as well so it will count for an assignment in both classes. it has to be on the high school senior level. any ideas?

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Answer by Former MN Science Teacher

These sites have lots of ideas:











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