Dec 172012

Question by DarknessLiesWithin: Are there any books or websites that tell exactly what the Wicca religion is?
I’d like an answer from a real Wiccan, or someone who doesn’t have anything against Wicca. Thank you.

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Answer by Kacy

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Nov 272012

Question by Fuzz Bucket: What are some good websites with tutorials and labs on psychology, biopsychology, and oneirology?
I would love to learn more about psychology and the science of dreaming, but they don’t offer classes for dreaming at my high school.

What are some great informative/interactive websites that can help me begin to study the science and interpretation of dreaming?
(I don’t need anything on HOW to lucid dream, I do that already.)

Or social neuroscience and psychology?

Any great books?

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Answer by Robot Model 790
Go here to Lars Lucid Dream Faq

I swear this is the best ever website. This website will teach you what kind of things you can do when you learn to lucid dream.

Also, here are some really good books to read.

1. Remote Viewing, by Tim Rifat

2. Adventures Beyond The Body, by William Buhlman

Since you’re already a lucid dreamer, then you could learn how to use your lucid dreaming ability as a kind of MENTAL LABORATORY to learn remote viewing and astral projection.

Also, PLEASE be sure to read all of the material at Lars Lucid Dream Faq……it will really blow your mind. Especially paragraph 2.21

Have fun!!

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Jan 182012

Question by jlfolger: What are some good websites to increase my all-around knowledge and awareness?
I’d like to know more about what’s going on in the world to increase my awareness and knowledge of the world and our society, everything from current events, politics, people, technology, even humorous occurences. What are some good websites that I should check out?

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Answer by appalachian_panther
We know our world from the humor and the products it produces. Try this:

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Dec 272011

Question by AJ: websites for free hypnotism to improve memory?
can anyone give me a website where I could listen to an audio in improving memory and being active by hypnotism?

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Answer by Bob R
No disrespect intended AJ, but I don’t think you understand what hypnotism or memory are. Hypnotism ‘puts’ you into a very relaxed state (ideally) – it won’t give you abilities that you didn’t have before. As for memory, you can learn ‘systems’ that need a little practice – it really depends on what you want to memorize. As for making your memory ‘better’ without any conscious work on your part, besides sleeping and eating well, being generally relaxed and happy and being interested in the subject you’re trying to remember, I don’t think there are any short cuts.

Sorry that I can’t answer your actual question.

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Oct 222011

Question by landon0179: Where can i learn meditation for free? Any websites that offer free guided meditation?
I am so depressed right now, I need something positive to cheer me up and help me remain compassionate. I want to learn to meditate, I checked with the Buddha learning center today and it cost for a session! I didn’t pay, of course, i want to see if there are any alternatives.

Anyone know of any good websites that offer free meditation?

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Answer by Veronica F is really good, I used to be depressed all the time until I learned meditation with my yoga teacher. She plays clips from as we sat still. I noticed my mind became so quiet and clear.

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Sep 152011

Question by DeeWhy: Any good websites to help research the 60′s counterculture?
I’d like to have every part of the counterculture covered

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Answer by J Andy A
Seems strange seeing this question in the gay area of Yahoo Answers. But I was just the other day looking-up the civil rights issues of the 1960′s, along with the assassination of JFK, during which time I was witness to some of that violence during my youth. Have you ever listened to the argument for civil rights given by Eldridge Cleaver before the Supreme Court? He describes the inequalities and prejudice which was rampant in the U.S. during his lifetime.

Just do a search for that name… and follow the trail back to the 60′s.

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Aug 192011

Question by Phil: Does anyone have any good websites or books for a complete beginner wanting to learn hypnotism to look at?
As I said, I’m a complete beginner to hypnotism. I’d just like to find out how to hypnotise someone… ever since watching Derren Brown!

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Answer by Dr. Bob
You might try this site, with a large bibliography on hypnosis books:

You might also try Googling “Wilshire Book Company.” They have published a number of paperbacks on hypnosis in the past, not sure about now. They also have published some of the top books in self-help and self-motivation.

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Aug 142011

Question by Drake G: What are some quality mental health websites?
I have been looking for quality mental health websites that provide good detail and explaination of mental disorders so that I can work on some research. If I had a copy of the DSMV that would be great, but unfortunately I do not. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by Alex62
National Institute of Mental Health

Research would NIMH’s site Pubmed

It’s a start…

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Oct 252010

Question by Ariel 128: What are the best websites for science and physics?
The last man that I asked said that I need to ask a person with a Ph.D. in Physics the question instead of him. So, if I knew some good websites, I could do my own research. I’ve many interest and much more knowledge than my course work would indicate. If it were all in one field, I would have a doctorate by now maybe.

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Answer by id_ego_superid

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