Jun 102013

Question by Emmi: What field of science does global warming belong to?
I’m doing science homework and I’m not sure what field of science [ ex: biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc etc ] global warming belongs to.. Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance! ^—^

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Answer by ocularnervosa

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Jan 292012

Question by : What does Al Gore have to gain from promoting Global Warming Awareness?
I see many people saying that Al Gore is just promoting awareness of Global Warming simply for his own benefit. I do not agree OR disagree with these people, I’d just like to get the facts. What would he have to gain from the awareness of Global Warming?

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Answer by Reginald Oriface
Simple. Whatever he makes on speaking fees or payment he received to be on this board or that. Don’t know what those are specifically in dollars, but he is being paid. I’m aware that he does donate his time and money to many causes, bugt he is compensated.

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Nov 252010
genetic modification

Question by Wack: Can genetic modification stop global warming?
Can genetic modification stop global warming?
I mean is it possible to stop CO2 from raising by genetically modify plants?
Can it come up with something which absorbs CO2 but doesn release?
Can GM stop global warming in some way?

please tell me some about your opinions and ideas.
and if possible websites where u can read some theories.
If you think it can make the global warming process slower, tell me how

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Answer by dj_lonewolf69
maybe slow it down but it won’t stop it since the earth cycles. ozone hole enlarges and shrinks, warming trend then cooling trend it is nature. eventually people will be freaking out thinking an ice age is comming. it’s just the cycle i’m sure our industrial based life nowadays has increased the rate. but the cycle of things would have happened no matter what.

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