Nov 182013

Question by fff: Question about the atheist version of consciousness?
OK I know atheists think that consciousness is a process but how does that work?
For example, if you were to freeze a human on absolute 0 temperature, cells, brain waves, everything so NOTHING would move/change would consciousness still exist or would it cease to exist?
Also do atheists believe all properties are processes/energy? It seems to be the case.

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Answer by Maurog IV
It would cease to exist, because it only exists in a working brain.

No chemical processes in the brain definitely means no consciousness.
Just like programs cannot run in a computer that is turned off.

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Dec 222012

Question by crystolaaa: On FullMetal Alchemist : Brotherhood , is it just going to be like the Anime version without the fillers?
I dunno, i’m just really confused because it’s just like the original anime , but i was reading comments and someone said FullMetal Alchemist was following the manga , but i didn’t read the manga. >.< Best answer:

Answer by cutetreehugger17
lol, to be honest, i didnt read the manga either!!
but supposedly at one point, the anime swerved away from the manga, and became completely different. I believe right now, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is just trying to catch up to that point were it became different, so that they can concentrate on that. I believe that is why the series is going so fast…

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Jun 302012

Question by Me, Myself, & I: Where can I watch the JAPANESE version of Full Metal Alchemist with English subtitles?
I’ve already seen the English dub, but I want to see the Japanese sub version now. I can’t find it anywhere, all I can ever find is the dub. 10 points to the first person with a direct link to the subbed version.

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Answer by Calista

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Oct 032011

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Sep 152011

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Aug 272011

Question by ѕραякℓιη’ ∂σgƒιѕн: A revised version of an old poem, care to comment?
Ode to the Raven

Bleak and dry, this mountain top,
Where only birds will come to stop,
There is a evil lurking there,
I can taste it in the air. 

Black He is, Black He was, 
and Black He’ll always be, 
A ragged, noble King of birds, 
shrouded in mystery. 

With ease and grace He soars the skies, 
Above that mountain peak, 
Where the winds blow high, nonstop,
And storms overcome the weak. 

A purple sky, raw and cold,
Hums with lightning and power, 
The dark gray clouds are closer now,
The King must take a shower. 

Dipping through the patches,
With no restraints in sight, 
A black and furious whirlwind
Is cutting through the Night. 

He leaves a trail of feathers, 
Behind Him in the sky
No use for ropes or tethers,
The Devil winging by.

He lands upon a broken branch,
This will be His throne,
And there He sits out the storm-
He may as well be stone.

When at last the storm is done, 
The King is already gone,
He’s flying to the mountain peak
To see the break of dawn. 

The storm is past, but fog remains,
Rivulets trickle down to natural drains,
The King perches on the very peak,
King of this World, so to speak.

He watches as the sun rises up,
His domain comes to life,
The songs and calls of racous birds
Some sweet, some like a knife.

A glittering, obsidian eye
Hinting at some humor [dry]
As He so casually looks around
He takes in both sky and ground.

His fighting spirit rising within
Causing him to spread his wings
He takes to the air with a wild song,
Wherever He goes, from his mountain He won’t be long. 

I wrote this…. Quite a while ago.
I just keep adding on, haha.

Criticism, advice and feedback always welcome.
Thanks for readin’ and commentin’.

Best answer:

Answer by Amber
Wow, Thats realy quite good,
I used to write quite alot of poems but i kinda gave up. i like how this one is not ‘childish’, as in, the rymes do not realy match and there is not much sentance structure but rather this is very detailed and almost always follows the right pattern.

Very good job, indeed!

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