Jul 172012

Question by : On the value of Initiation?
Within the ‘bygone era of ancient civilization’, initiation was the prerequisite to a truly philosophic life. Mere intelligence was not enough – a man had to be in possession of a sound ethical character and impeccable moral virtues in order that he may have pursued philosophy, which was not merely an academic subject upon which learned men dryly speculated to no avail beneath a cloak of learning. Instead, philosophy was a way of life by means of which the pursuit and love of wisdom would guide the destiny of the philosophic soul to its fated end.

Perhaps the concept of initiation has become somewhat anachronistic – however, and regardless of this fact, one cannot but wonder as to whether even today initiation should be employed. Having to place ones entire life beneath the authority of initiatory vows would no doubt serve to distinguish the sincere from the insincere.

Passing through the subterranean crypts beneath the temples of the ancient mystery schools, aspirant initiates were expected to face the most insurmountable and terrifying trials in order to prove themselves worthy of acceptance into the arcanum of philosophy. Surely, were modern students to be faced with the prospect of having to undergo such ordeals, many of them would feign aspire to pursue philosophy altogether.

Alas, when applying myself to comparative studies between ancient and modern philosophy, I cannot help but be awed at the shallow meekness of us moderns in comparison to our predecessors – and even more so, our self-presumptuous and condescending attitudes towards them.

Perhaps I am merely deluded, but I do think that prerequisite initiatory vows and ordeals are to be desired.

What would your opinion be on this subject?


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Answer by Risorius
If YOU had to set up a school of philosophy in the Grecian manner, what initiation rites would you consider appropriate for these times and cultural attitudes?

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Sep 292011

Question by Vicarious Thrill: What is the symbolic value to the exposed breast of Green Tara, the Buddha of enlightened activity?
What is the symbolic value to the exposed breast of Green Tara, the Buddha of enlightened activity?

Best answer:

Answer by OralBobs
Transcendental titillation

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Sep 272011

Vanderbilt professor Owen Jones, who is one of the nation’s few professors of both law and biology, is leading the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience. This team of researchers, from prominent universities around the county, is examining multiple effects of modern neuroscience on criminal law and trying to make neuroscience accessible and beneficial to America’s courtrooms. In this video Owen Jones explains the value of studying the intersection of law and neuroscience and the importance of combining these two areas of study. Learn more: law.vanderbilt.edu lawneuro.org
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

May 222011

Question by szdhshf: I was wondering what the value of a large mystic the beanie baby is going for?
I have a large Mystic the unicorn, it has two horns joined together, but the tag is creased.
I just wanted to know if it would be worth selling or giving away?

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Answer by pelican
There are quite a few of them for sale on ebay, and the price seems to range from about a dollar up to or .


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Jan 172011

Value of Sweet Tongue and Consequence of Pungent Tongue:

Value of Sweet Tongue and Consequence of Pungent Tongue:

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Home Page > Self Improvement > Value of Sweet Tongue and Consequence of Pungent Tongue:

Value of Sweet Tongue and Consequence of Pungent Tongue:

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Posted: Jan 08, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Value of Sweet Tongue and Consequence of Pungent Tongue:

  Once a monarch met with a prophet in order to know his future incident; prophet after observing his future through his prowess replied that each and every member of your family will die in your lifetime and you would be the only survivor in your family. After listening this stark and obnoxious augury about himself, monarch without losing any time convicted him death sentence. Some time later, another prophet came in his (monarch’s) court; monarch again asked to him about his future, this prophet very sententiously replied that lord, you would be most long lived person in your family. Consequently, he (prophet) got reward and a respectable position in monarch’s court.

  The motto to apprising to you people with this diminutive story is to disseminate the value of sweet tongue and consequence of pungent tongue. As we have seen here above the prophesies of both prophets were same, but presentations upside downed the situation. Therefore, it has been said that the sweet tongue is aura of a person and it burnish very prosperous future. Besides, person has also been appreciated and accoladed at every walk of life for his/her sweet tongue. And at the same time, the caustic and brusque tongue interpreted as juggernaut for concerned person (as we saw in above story).

  We can take the example of sweet tongue and pungent tongue from our territoriality itself. (Territoriality refers our home, society, office etc).

  In our society/office a new person comes and in short span of time he/she becomes so popular and known person that every one starts to talk about him/her, every one wants to share few words with him/her. And in the same society/office we people also observe that bumptious person, who has vanity of his/her post and knowledge does not recognize by we people because of his/her curt language. Hence, person’s education and post do not matter at all, if matter something i.e. his/her courteous behaviour and politic language.

  However, regarding this issue, right from the inception of our civilization ‘n’ number of aphorisms have been written by many scholars e.g.

“aisi vani boliye, man ka aapa khoye,

auran ko sheetal kare, aaphu sheetal hoye.

  It has been proven truth that the upshot of churlish and dour language is precarious for oneself. This attitude obfuscates the person’s qualifications and knowledge garnered by him/her in his/her lifetime. It also sequestrates social recognition and resultantly, person has been ostracized from his/her own society.

  Above all, all of us quite familiar with a famous proverb i.e. if a person injured by knife and anything alike….is curable and forgettable, but once a person injured by words is incorrigible. The great mathematician Pythogorus had very emphatically said that the bruise given by the tongue is much deeper than one created by the sword. Actually, first one bruises the skin and second one pierces the core of the heart, hence, not replenishable. Moreover, the belligerent language never be salubrious, it could never salve to any person in any way. Even though, if some time we people aggrieved out of someone’s language, feels like to say anything…….let simmer down; all simmering undercurrents, time will engulf all angers and we spontaneously realize it that all those words which were trying to surface out at that point of time are very much afflicting. Nevertheless, these sorts of situations only beget dissension and chasm in relationship. On this account, I would like to interpolate ‘Rahiman’s para…

“rahiman dhaga prem ka mat toro chatkai,

Tute phir na jude, jude ganth per jay.”

  However, if truth is acrimonious and curt, better not to tell; some time to keep silence is best ploy to cocoon our relationship from external threat.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/self-improvement-articles/value-of-sweet-tongue-and-consequence-of-pungent-tongue-714673.html

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Moreover, fashion is part and parcel of mundane life and we cannot ostracize it from our society. But of course, it should have some limitations and decency which will protect fashion to becoming randy and provocative. However, by looking present trends, I can say – fashion is nothing other than a masquerade which plunders the acumen of the indiscreet youngsters and engenders gaffe.

Mukesh Kumarl
Home and Familyl
Mar 18, 2009
lComments: 1

Environmental Literacy

environmental literacy and also to teach others and make understandable the environmental problems in order to analyze, synthesis, and evaluate the situation properly which will ultimately protect the environment. Environmentally literate people will have the knowledge with sensitivity to address the environmental problems comprehensibly.

Mukesh Kumarl
Feb 09, 2009
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Environmental Impact Assessment

the term EIA consists of many key elements such as comprehensive study and research, report making, analysis, screening, decision, and follow up. However, due to lack of – proper involvement of government, knowledge, technology, interests etc infers that the process reflects narrowly focused.

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is a sustainable method and planning which includes ecological, social and economic aspects of earth lives. Hence, Landscape Architecture is very effective and conducive for the environment management. It will not only protect the dying environment but also re-establish the lost ecological balance.

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Value of Sweet Tongue and Consequence of Pungent Tongue:

Since, the importance of sweet tongue is much therefore people has to has follow it literally. However, if truth is acrimonious and curt, better not to tell; some time to keep silence is best ploy to cocoon our relationship from external threat.

Mukesh Kumarl
Self Improvementl
Jan 08, 2009
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The Essence of Human Relationship

In spite of having this much of importance of human relationship, people some time due to some external pressure behaves very irrationally and ready to breaks it up. The break up of relationship is not good for any body at any cost. Moreover, it is very much important in our life because all emotions, feelings, and consciences are cocooned under the word human relationship. Therefore, in order to armored ourselves, we have to have carry on our relationship properly, because its break up is insa

Mukesh Kumarl
Dec 30, 2008
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Why Writing Skill is Important?

This is all about the writing skills and techniques, hence, there is no course, institutes, and softwares for developing the writing skill; it is already present in every person’s body and only need to expose it through ones’ own interest and techniques. Moreover, there is no binding of using only particular words and sentences. Start writing and write the thing you want and the way you want; in the course of time, you yourself would come to know, how to entice your writing skill in order to en

Mukesh Kumarl
Dec 25, 2008
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Sources of Muslim Law

Moreover, Muslim law is a religious law which deals all aspects of life i.e. from daily conduct and behaviours of one’s life to State matters such as governance, foreign relations etc.

Mukesh Kumarl
Dec 01, 2008
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