Jun 172014

Question by vanessa: do you understand that neuroscience has already proven that afterlife is impossible?
if that part of the bible is a lie than what’s the point of believing the rest?
because thought processes cannot be created without a host like the body from air alone, i’m looking forward to that day when neuroscience proves that feelings and thought processes can be created from air alone or a piece of rock or space matter or whatever **** because that day will never come and neuroscience has already proven that you need a body to create thought processes and without it you can’t.
source is every book and study related to neuroscience and the conclusion that thought processes cannot be created from air alone is mine but i’m sure there’s already been many studies that prove this to be correct that thougth processes cannot be created from air alone.
oh please J.P to have an afterlife all you need to do is prove that thought processes can be created without the body……..and they cannot be created from air alone or a piece of a plant of some space stuff, if how every these things could create thought processes than i guess i’d be wrong but i highly doubt it.
* if however these things could be created without, sorry be spelling’s crazy as usual.
‘common’ why thank you for the link, i’ll be sure to do that.

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Answer by Suze
How has neuroscience proven that? I think that’s a crock, and I don’t even know if god exists or not!!!

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May 102014

Question by Nick: I dont understand Full metal alchemist /brotherhood?
I watched all of full metal alchemist and the ending made it seem over but i went on to see Brotherhood. I was confused about Brotherhood and how it didnt take off from Full metal alchemist. When i looked it up i found that multiple people posted that Conquerer of Shambala is the real story and to understand Brotherhood you need to watch that. I just finished Shambala and now i still don’t understand because at the end of Shambala instead of just Ed being in the other world now ed in Al are in the other world. But in brotherhood al has his memory, and is in a suit of aromor… I Don’t get it..

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Answer by M.Drinkwater
its a very complicated plot you have to follow I know what you mean I’ve watched it too

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Dec 172012

Question by The Gropenator: TO ALL WICCANS: What should I understand and study to convert to Wicca?
I have found that I agree with many of the views expressed in Wicca. I also understand that it can take some time and studying before casting my first spell (which I understand isn’t turning people to frogs, it’s more like a prayer).. But are there any links I should go to and read about in depth?

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Answer by I’m Eian.
You should study the art of delusion.

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Dec 122012

Question by Dimension: Why do so many idiots on here not understand science?
Someone on here mentioned time travel and said that if you travel back in time and changes things you create a new time line. That’s SCIENCE FICTION.

Real physics does not work like that.

Oh, and don’t get me started on evolution. The earth is not 6,000 years old. Evolution is not from Satan.

People here are completely ignorant. Read a science book. It’s called reading. Look into it.

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Answer by Uzma U
not everyone is good at everything

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Aug 122012

Question by xovotejuiceyxo: I need homework help. I don’t understand at all. please help (: [science- physics]?
you are suppost to use the equations and make the appropriate subsitutions.
1. If the masses are not changed, but the distance of serperation is reducded to 1/4 the original distance, what happens to the force?
2.If both masses are doubled and the distance of separation is doubled, show what happens to the force.
3. If one of the masses is doubled , the other remains unchanged, and the distance of serperation is triples, show what happens to the force.
4. Consider a pair or binary stars that pull on each other with a certain force. Would the force be a larger or a smaller mass of each star were three times as great and if their distance apart wee three times as far? show what the new force will be compared to the first one.

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Answer by MeNeedHelp
Here are my hints for you to solve it =]

1. If the masses are not changed, but the distance of serperation is reducded to 1/4 the original distance, what happens to the force?
F = ma
mass is the same the key is “a”
acceleration can be positive or negative negative acceleration = decelerate

so therefore shorter distance to stop would mean higher deceleration =] so right off the bat you know decrease in distance increases deceleration to get something to stop which means greater force

V1 = “some value”
V2= 0
d= given
a = ?
using kinematic equations + momentum equations in your textbook you should be able to solve it with breeze rearrange and back and forth substituion =)

2.If both masses are doubled and the distance of separation is doubled, show what happens to the force.

once again same thing as before

F= ma

mass_new = 2Mass_old

however Distance doubled. so therefore deceleration decreases…

so F = (2*mass)*(calculated acceleration/decelleration)
using kinematic equations and whatevers given should get you the results

the rest of the questions is the same thing =]

4. Consider a pair or binary stars that pull on each other with a certain force. Would the force be a larger or a smaller mass of each star were three times as great and if their distance apart wee three times as far? show what the new force will be compared to the first one.

for this one.. you would have to use gravitational force in your textbook (force of gravity)

Fg = Gm1m2/r^2
r^2 is the centre to centre distance apart

punch in the values for normal distance and mass and compare it when you punch in the values for the stated in the question

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Nov 192011

Question by Sips With A Fist: Is it rational to use the words “god did it” in order to explain anything you don’t understand?
That’s how the gods were formed long, long ago: mysticism as explanation of the unknown. The ancient goat herders use to say that god moved the sun across the sky as an explanation of the earth’s rotation. We now know better and should, hopefully, employ rational thought processes in order to understand things around us.

Why are there still goat herding mystics roaming around out there?

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Answer by tylertxan
mankind has been using “the gods” to explain things since we walked off the savanahs of africa.

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Oct 192011

Question by B.: Why can’t people understand that Astronomy and astrology are two completely different things?
Astronomy is a REAL SCIENCE that studies outer space and celestial objects in outer space.

Astrology is made up trash for the sole purpose of cheating people out of their money by telling them things they wish to hear and then making them pay for the pretty words. There is no real science what so ever with astrology.

Why can’t the astrology people stay in their ENTERTAINMENT section under Horoscopes and quit giving wrong answers for the real Astronomy questions?


Best answer:

Answer by gn
Well, I agree with you that it is an annoyance. But there are lots of things going on. First off, at the level of vocabulary, there are lots of people who don’t read multi-syllabic words the way other people read them, so kind-of-right looks like “what I’m looking for.” Try typing “astro” into google and watching what comes up in your drop-down bar. In other words, much of the issue is on the order of geography/geology or etymology/entomology. There are big differences but not everyone out there has the spelling and writing skills to be sensitive to that. Such sensitivity requires a first order commitment to sensitivity about language which is often lacking.

Second, astrology isn’t 100% trash in the sense in that alchemy wasn’t 100% trash. Certain basic chemical reactions came to be understood by alchemists, and astrology at a minimum provided the world with positional information.

Third, at least one of our greatest resources has more to do with an astrological perspective on the sky than a scientific one in the modern sense. I’m thinking of the Messier catalog. Messier’s catalog of non-comets was compiled because it was his business to ferret out real comets which were thought important because of they were considered omens. Messier didn’t know squat about globular clusters, novae and supernovae, and galaxies. And in fact much of astronomy was simply cataloging positions because the underlying physics of stars didn’t begin to become unraveled till the twentieth century.

Fourth, I would remind everyone here that the real professional astronomy we love and admire depends on taxpayer dollars. When people stumble into this forum and get berated and treated with hostility it doesn’t convince them that astrology is bad. Rather, it leaves them with the impression we are hostile jerks, and that is not a good way to build a basis for enthusiastic taxpayer support of expensive ground and space-based telescopes.

So I would council people to find some inner resources to be tolerant. Try to provide links to the horoscope section and help the people who don’t belong in this forum to move on. Courteously invite them back if they have questions about astronomy.


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Aug 282011

Question by transcendself: Does anyone understand the transcendental consciousness aspect?
Here’s the way I see it, simply…. We are all already dead on the spiritual level, because to an immortal or eternal spiritual being, the loss of consciousness, is death, and we are all spiritually unconscious while physically conscious. The object of “physical” life should be to regain full spiritual consciousness, thereby overcoming “death” by regaining spiritual consciousness while physically alive. This is in actuality our “life flashing before our eyes” moment of eternity, in which we choose whether we want to live spiritually or die physically. Can you relate?

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Answer by Secret Agent of God (BWR)
I don’t believe that I am spiritually unconscious at all.

I don’t believe that I am more physical OR spiritual. I am equal parts of each. My physical body is just a vehicle to carry my spiritual self.

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Jul 202011

Question by Laleh: Can you help me understand this William Blake excerpt?
Hi everyone.

I am not asking this question for school or anything, just personal interest. What does Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence” refer to? I am sure there are many levels and layers, but what is the idea behind this long fascinating work? Most specifically, I am trying to interpret what he is saying with the first four lines:

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.


Best answer:

Answer by irise
I would have to re-read the whole poem to offer an opinion, but for the four lines you quote, this is my take.

Blake is seeing the potential of everything that is inherent in that grain of sand, as a building block and basic element. It is so simple, yet rife with so many possibilities, just as the wildflower is so perfect in its simplicity. Blake had a lot of respect for the natural side of life as opposed to so-called progress that, during his time, blackened the English skies with smoke and dirtied the countryside. The last two lines expand on that theme, as all that is immeasurable (infinity) and intangible can be metaphorically cupped in one’s hand and held. It alludes to the elusive nature of time.

Hope that sheds a bit of light. I always liked Blake’s work!

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Jun 282011

Question by : Mercury in retrograde: It makes sense if you understand physics and astrophysics do you agree?
There are many people who think its all fake but in all even if the horoscope signs were not involved in this. There is still scientific data that NASA and astrophysicists have gathered to know that the Universe effects humans and earth no matter what. So then why do so many people think its hocus pocus? All I have noticed is the problems that i had eben dealing with for the past 2 years i finally found closure but it was in a spiritual way and Ive been more aware of higher vibrations that have been happening before i found out this was going on. Lets just say a higher level of consciousness. Does anyone agree or no? Why or why not?
There are many ways to achieve believe and seeing how retrograde works there are just different paths to get there. This mercury thing doesn’t have to cause problems and if people think it will then sometimes or actually a lot though and words turn into actions. Stupidity is harsh ignorant isn’t as bad :/ sorry. I don’t think there are stupid people out there, we just have to open our minds to a higher consciousness but not everyone is ready for it. And i do believe in god and jesus and angels. I hope i get some more answers from people who don’t agree.. im curious. :)
My source: Lightworker
♥ yeah i agree with you the second guy down.. makes sense.
φ Yeah and the people who have the strong opinions and are coming from fear inside and their ego has taken over. You explained it very well
~ Thank you Cletus for your opinions, i am happy to hear from all walks and religions of life without judgment.. I don’t want this to get any funnier because im laughing right now. i think Cletus made my day. :)
` and actually i didn’t say astrology after i r -read your words Cletus. Not that was the girl and the guy below me who were believers in astrology i actually don’t know much about it lol.
`Cletus- retrograde is an optical illusion of what mercury looks like. What you said all together made no logical sense no that i read it. Good luck Clet♥
♥Definition of Idiot: A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.
~~~ Well clet it clearly states that the word idiot is considered offensive.. I think you know about the law of cause and effect if you don’t that’s okay. Overall everyone gave very enlightening information and helped me to understand the mercury in retrograde better. Thanks to the first girl and the second guy is very wise and your vibrations are high and fast which is awesome. keep up the good work. I will be picking the best answer in 30 min after i get something done. Thanks

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Answer by Been There
I have university physics. I understand astrophysics. I understand astrology.

I do not see that understanding the physical universe (empirical knowledge) particularly helps understanding (subjective understanding) the human condition. I think, rather, that we often substitute empirical knowledge FOR subjective understanding .. it’s faster and easier, and it gives us the sense of having come to understand. Cheap fix.

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