Oct 242011

This is a remix of the theme for the Umgah, who are evil blobbies from the Ur Quan Masters remake of Star Control II. This game is free and available at: sc2.sourceforge.net . Overall, an utterly absurd theme song that suits the Umgah perfectly, with them and their protoplasm and vigorous esters and what not. This remix was created by Jouni Airaksinen. All remixed music for the game can be found HERE: www.medievalfuture.com

www.greenpeace.org An important Public Service Announcement from your Government and The Biotech Industry (represented here by chemical giant Bayer) pronouncing the benefits of genetically modified rice strain – LL62. Barely tried and tested this GM Rice is coming to your dinner plate nevertheless – unless you take action now! Sign the petition: www.greenpeace.org

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