Mar 162014

Question by Eric: A Divine And Perfect True Love In The Nature Of Our Reality?
“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

“Look deep in to nature and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

This theory is completely delineated as the main concept in my book.
This theory has been written to open our minds to potential possibilities in the nature of our realities.
Quantum Physics describes that our minds have the potential to be much greater than any of us could have ever imagined. They say that at the deepest level of consciousness, consciousness can create universes. As creating universes can be universally understood as godlike.
Now if each and every one of us deep down inside contains the potential of these abilities with our mind and hearts where with a thought anything is possible, then that means we were obviously meant to live for so much more. As you grow and learn you will adapt using different levels of percentages of your brain. The higher percentage of your brain that you use the more effective results. This is achieved through opened eyes, a heightened sense of things, and of course a deeper understanding of love.
Reaching such a conscious level can literally change our physical reality. The main concept of this theory is that through a pure and natural true love which can conjure in a pure and natural environment between two people, soul mates if you may, each of you connect in an adamantly divine way creating an amaranthine bond that can evolve our very minds, bodies, and souls.
Simply put, through a pure and natural love we can use 100% of our minds. Signifying that love (an essence which ceases doesn’t exist in space and time and that is completely produced by the heart) is the path to our Nirvana, or higher level of our consciousness which in-turn can affect the physical world in which we live. 100% of our brains could not be tapped without another essence known as the “Feel Good Effect.” I hypothesize that unless this “Feel Good Effect” is present, you cannot tap into the deeper level of your consciousness. But do not worry, once in the presence of a divine and perfect true love, the “Feel Good Effect” would continually vivify in an amaranthine vitality.

It is also plausible that our beliefs will have a major affect on our subjective and objective realities. At a higher level of consciousness, we could realize that sleep is either unnatural and a misconception in the nature of our realities or simply needed. Sleep and loss of fatigue would all be linked by our beliefs. At a higher level of consciousness eating could be unneeded also. We could potentially control the little bits of matter popping in and out all over our existence and mentally combine them into certain nutrients for that specific location in the body.
At a deeper level of consciousness we may also not ever age. Aging could also be unnatural. It may also only exist because we believe it to. In the nature of reality our bodies which are going to be governed by a deeper level of consciousness may never experience the sense of aging at all. At this point, the constant fluctuation and coalescence of love may regularly change and replenish our body’s cells for an amaranthine amount of time.

Time would be another illusionary construct only placed upon our perceptions for continual and destructive means. In the nature of our realities, time wouldn’t exist. If time doesn’t exist then all that we perceive as reality may drastically change. There wouldn’t be any means of a need for survival as the entire planet may live in an immense intent of harmony that is constantly changing, learning, and adapting so life can continually replenish itself in an everlasting pure and natural energy.
If we were put on this planet for a purpose and that purpose had to do with every aspect of this theory then something had to come down to our planet a long time ago perhaps with some sort of an intelligence and ruin the absolute potential of our race. This intelligence may have once intruded, ruined, and from scratch misguidedly re-inspired our race to lies, discomfort, and an unsatisfactory misconception of our astutely abstract and ambiguously absolute aspiration of pure and natural, predetermined, contentation.

In my theory they poisoned our minds with a much more physical reality and purpose. A closed minded and strictly mechanistic machine based one. This mostly replaced our pure and natural purpose of love with lust. Lust is a vagary of our natural perception, an obscure and obsolete illusion of affectionate consideration for one another, it is a universal awry that leads to disinterest and destruction of common relationships.
You could even then go into the crystal skulls and say that their origins could originate from our ancient ancestors whom once endured a depper level of consciousness. At a higher level of consciousness why wouldn’t we produce a crystal structure like that?

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Answer by TASTY
stop acting a fool…a plum at that

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Nov 142013

Question by Lone Dissenter 4 questions 2 think about: Why did the Son of God have to give us understanding to know the true God if he was God ?
1 John 5:20 We also know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding so that we may know the true God. We are in union with the one who is true, his Son Jesus the Messiah, who is the true God and eternal life.

Who is the true God and eternal life ?

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Answer by Laura
These religion questions are seriously ridiculous… anyone with a shred of intelligence could realize and come to terms with the fact that we have advanced so far into science, that we don’t need “God” or “Jesus” anymore… and I don’t see why we have ever needed him.

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Sep 252013

Question by Soylent: Can you get a true Global Sceptic?
If they doubt it all, how can they doubt to doubt?

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Answer by epistemology
No, you cannot get somebody to doubt everything. Nobody can doubt that the universe exists, or that he is a consciousness. The very act of doubting is a manifestation of consciousness.

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Jul 102013

Question by the_ambusher: Why do religious folks believe their faith makes god’s existence absolutely true?
Faith may have nothing to do with absolute truth, It only opens the door to other beliefs. If your faith was absolute truth then you would have absolute proof, and that faith would be absolute fact not faith any longer. So what is the mystic about faith. Why is it held with such high feelings when faith does not in any way change any absolutes truths about anything. And sorry folks but this includes faith about god’s existence Just remember Beliefs are as good as it gets.

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Answer by Final Dexter
I hear the voice of a spirit that claims to be God.

There’s something to it.

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Feb 152013

Question by sweet.girl: What is true love in your opinion?
Just curious to what others believe love really is. If you wanna tell me about the first time you knew you were in love with someone. How did that make you feel different towards any other time? Or whatever you wanna tell me.

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Answer by L
As far as I know, love is merely a biochemical signal transmitted through the brain, just like hormones.

Essentially, this means that true love is merely a series of chemicals, and is in no way more meaningful than sexual urges.

Or perhaps these processes only manifest from some intangible, meaningful and spiritual concept involving quantum physics, universal consciousness, etc.

We as humans have no idea what love really is, and thus asking for someone’s small-minded opinion seems a bit foolish :3

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Nov 132012

Question by Future: What is the difference between True Belief and Knowledge?
Or are they the same thing?

If you don`t understand the question then please dont answer it! This is for people that study the Discipline of Philosophy not the masses that believe in the Mystic Guru style or philosophy.

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Answer by Isabella T
belief is a feeling based on experience and circumstance. knowledge is what is without doubt the truth based on fact.

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Oct 292012

Question by Karisma: True or false? According to Hardcastle: Just because we cannot, at present, reduce consciousness to the?
True or false? According to Hardcastle: Just because we cannot, at present, reduce consciousness to the biological and physical world is not a good reason to abandon the search for a biological and physical explanation.

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Aug 132012

Question by : THEORY OF BIOCENTRISM: If it is true, how does consciousness exist in the first place?
Biocentrism says that our consciousness makes the universe because nothing is certain until the observer looks at it. Then, how do we exist in the first place?

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Answer by Al Bart
It is not a theory as there are no data to back it up. It is an unproven hypothesis.


To Mike Norris : there are plenty of data on motion of the Earth and planets, so it is a matter of choosing the frame of reference where the answers come out in the simplest way.

There are NO data for biocentrism. It appears that you do not understand the difference between data and their interpretation.

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Aug 112012

Question by Sean: Is this song true?
I think it is, but, just read the lyrics:

The quiet war has begun with silent weapons
And the new slavery is to keep the people
Poor and stupid, “Novus Ordo Seclorus”
How can there be any logic in biological war?
We all know this is wrong, but the New World Order’s
Beating down the door, oh something needs to be done

There was a king, an evil king
Who dreamt the wickedest of dreams
An ancient mystery, no prophet could interpret
Of seven years of famine, the wolf is at the door
As predicted years ago, that that was, that is, that is no more
The word predicts the future and tells the truth about the past
Of how the world leaders will hail the new Pharoah
The eighth false king to the throne, Washington is Next!

Disengage their minds, sabotage their health
Promote sex, and war, and violence in the kindergartens
Blame the parents and teachers; it’s their fault
“Annuit Coeptis”
Attack the church dynamic, attack the family
Keep the public undisciplined till nothing left is sacred and
The “have-nots” get hooked and have to go to the “haves”
Just to cop a fix

I am the king, an evil king
Who dreams the wickedest of dreams
An ancient mystery, nobody could interpret
Of seven years of famine, the wolf is at the door
As predicted years ago, that that was, that is, that is no more
The word predicts my future and tells the truth about my past
Of how the world’s leaders are waiting to usher in
The eighth world power of modern Rome, Washington is Next!

There was a king, an evil king
Who dreamt the wickedest of dreams
An ancient mystery, no prophet could interpret
Of seven empires falling, the wolf is at the door
As predicted years ago, that that was, that is, that is no more

I am a king and I dream the wildest dreams
And nobody could interpret
Seven empires fallen, the wolf is at my door
Ohh, that that was, that is, that is no more

There’s something at my door, some ancient mystery
The future tells the truth about the past
And I’m the eighth false king to the throne
I’ve got you in my crosshairs, now, ain’t that a bitch?
Washington, you’re next!

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Answer by muffin
lol i never heard that but i suppose so

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