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Question by Kay: What is the Mortal Instruments Trilogy about?
I recently asked a question about good book series. I got a lot of the Mortal Instruments Trilogy. So what is the basic summary of it.

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Answer by silentrebellion1993
I just finished that Trilogy and looooooooooooved it.

Main character: Clary

Basic basic basic summary: Clary sees things other people can’t see. One day she meets Jace, Isabelle, and Alec who are shadowhunters, meaning they’ve been trained to fight demons. They’re currently battling an evil man named Valentine for possession of the Mortal Cup (hence the Mortal Instruments) because if and when he gets the Cup, he’ll be closer to his goal of controlling all the demons in existence.

There’s quite a bit of action, humor (Jace is hilarious in a dead-pan sarcasm kind of way – I love him), and even romance here and there.

Note: If you do decide to read it, just know that the ending of City of Cones (the first one) utterly SUCKS. It’s because the trilogy is telling one story, not three books telling three stories. So persevere and continue to City of Ashes. It gets better, I promise.

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Sep 252010

Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy

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