Nov 262011

Question by Radi: What does “transformation” mean in the cybernetic theory?
I need a short description or definition of the term “transformation” in the field of cybernetic theory. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Purple Helen
Well I have searched the whole of the Wikipedia article on cybernetics, and the word “transformation” does not appear at all.

Are you sure you have copied the terms correctly? Could it be cybernetic transposition?

There are two references below – see if they help. Do an Internet search on cybernetic transposition and you will get loads of other links.

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Nov 252011

Movie: Beauty And The Beast Song: Transformation Composer: Alan Menken
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Nov 222011

Patch 4.0 is bringing huge changes to the talent trees – so in this series of videos we’re go over the general feel and playstyle of each class, and talent tree within that class – analysing how the new abilities fit in to give a different style of rotation. Today, we discuss the new Unholy Death Knight talent tree and analyse and discuss the changes to give you an idea of what DKs look like in Cataclysm. Warning: May be boring if not relevant to your class! Also ranty!
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Nov 152011

Question by BDPizzle: What is a good metaphor for Celie’s transformation in The Color Purple?
For those of you who have read the book, I have to do a presentation for my class dealing with Celie’s character (the main character) in The Color Purple. We need to use visuals to describe her character and her character’s transformation. I would like to do a collage. What visuals do you think would be a good idea to use and why?

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Answer by charlie
you need a picture of a young coloured girl – one looking badly treated if possible

and pictures of other coloured women – fully grown but still mistreated, and a businesswomen

i would suggest you also use some trousers and an advert for a sewing business

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Nov 132011

Question by pinktink: Your personal interpretation of the transformation from human to animal and vice versa?
I would just like to know how individuals imagine the transformation from a human to an animal. What do you think the key points of the transformation are? Do the eyes roll back? Is the skin hot or cold? So they shake or are they still etc.

Your views would be much appreciated.
Before you start been abusive it is for a BOOK. I do not think that shape shifters are real!

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Answer by Googlywotsit
You need not justify yourself to others who criticise you, Pink.
Besides, your question(to me) makes it clear it wasn’t a question related to personal belief, so just laugh at their inability to read properly. (laughing feels good too!)

I’d consider such transformation to be quite painful to experience, so shaking would come as standard I reckon! The skin, I suspect, would heat up considerably too due to going through such trauma. I wouldn’t be surprised to see blood from the pores too!
As for a full description, I’m afraid I would only be plagiarising what I’ve seen in films. I think the better werewolf films out there give good visual examples of how it would happen.

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