Sep 122013

Question by Me: Why it is that awareness can transcend the relative in meditation and consciousness can’t?
I understand that awareness absorbs the qualities of the absolute field of existence and returns them to the mediator but why cannot consciousness transcend and witness the experience?
Monk, thank you. I remember you now, when I was new in the Zen Mountain Monastery you had given a talk on transcendence and the laws of Karma. Could you consider giving me some guidance when the timing is right?
Philosophyangel, is it possible you got things mixed up a bit. Awareness and consciousness are inter dependent but are entirely different entities in their own right.
Lucid dreaming is a lesser degree of the dreaming sleep state. You could study Cosmic Consciousness, the fourth state of consciousness available to all. It remains awake in all three states of wakening, dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness; all inclusive. Three higher states of consciousness are also possible.
The three guans of Nature can only give direction to consciousness not awareness. Thank you for answering.

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Answer by River Euphrates
If it could, it wouldn’t be consciousness.

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