Jan 182014

Question by aaron r: What are some of the traditions of ancient religions as greek and egypt?
give in a list please

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Answer by Shai Shammai
That is a very, very, very complex and Long answer to give. Could you focus your question on a specific religious activity?

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Sep 282013

Question by : The Hindu and Buddhist traditions had already said all about what the modern philosophers tried to say?
Philosophers like Descartes, Plato, Socrates, Kant and so on came after the Hindu and Vedic traditions and these guys just involuntarily plagiarised philosophies that are said in Hinduism about the nature of reality but these modern philosophers get all the credit for what was said in the Vedas and Upanishads. Why is that?

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Answer by Grip Tail
arent hindu and buddhist still two of the biggest religions in the world? i think they are getting their credit

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Dec 202011

Religions Of The World: The Illustrated Guide To Origins, Beliefs, Traditions & Festivals


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•0Author: Elizabeth^O’Brien Breuilly
Publisher:Checkmark Books
Published Date:09/01/2005
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Oct 272011

Question by Γνῶθι σεαυτόν zeitgeist pirate™: Which religions and traditions use the Kabbalistic Tree of Life other than Jewish Mystics?
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.. is a start.

But who else?
Thanks Squishy, yeah I was referring to everyone.. not necessarily mystics.

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Answer by Rai A
Yeah the HP who initiated me was heavily into that.

Wasn’t my scene.


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Jun 212011

The Illustrated World’s Religions: A Guide to Our Wisdom Traditions

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Retaining all the beloved qualities of Huston Smith’s classic The Religions of Man and the current fully revised and updated The World’s Religions, this stunning pictorial presentation refines the text to its wonderful essentials. In detailed, absorbing, richly illustrated, and highly readable chapters on Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity and primal religions, we find refreshing and fascinating presentations of both the differences and the similarities among

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Jan 212011

Question by Needtoknow!: What are some traditions in the united states that can be considered taboo?
its a question i was asked for homework, but i can’t neccasarily think of any taboo traditions. please help!

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Answer by Ethan
Witch burning.

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Jan 202011

Question by AS: If you placed Mystics from all the great religous traditions in the same room?
Would there be silence and there would be nothing to disagree about?
Please share your insights on Mysticism be they Christian, Jewish, Islamic or other.

“God enters into you with all that is his, as far as you have stripped yourself of yourself in all things. It is here that you should begin, whatever the cost, for it is here that you will find true peace, and nowhere else.”
Meister Eckhar -Talks of Instruction

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Answer by Zimmia
Honestly I think you’re probably on to something. As a mystic myself, I tend to have a larger view of spirituality and religion than those who are taught doctrine and don’t explore on their own.

I think there would be disagreement, but I don’t think it would be anywhere near as violent a confrontation as we can see here on these boards, for example.

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Jan 142011

Question by medzthemedik: What magical traditions are there besides occultism/hermetism?

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Answer by Tahuti Reincarnate
Occult means secret, so all magical traditions would be “occult,” as well as many nonmagical traditions. (like inner order Jesuit, Opus Dei, Mormon, or Scientology rites)
Hermeticism is very specifically the teachings and traditions that developed out of the teachings of Thrice Magical Hermes, an Egyptian-Greek mythological ‘Christ,’ whose teachings can be found in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Modern Paganism.
So, other traditions.
1. Shamanism: This is a pre-hermetic occult tradition that can be found in all tribal cultures today. Many Native Americans have continued to practice their Shamanic religions into modern society, and many African tribes keep theirs by refusing to assimilate into modern culture.
2. Witchcraft: This has always been a less than accepted magical system, usually practiced by women. Witches were held in awe, and feared by such differeing cultures as ancient Athens, Rome, medeival Paris, and London, African tribal cultures (where Shamanism is accepted religion, and Witchcraft is unaccepted) and modern America. Witchcraft very often explores feminine aspects of magic.
3. The magic found within the Tao is not Hermetic at all. So the I-Ching will be a famous example of non-hermetic occultism.

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Dec 222010

The Essential Mystics : Selections from the World’s Great Wisdom Traditions

From a highly popular and respected scholar, poet and lecturer and one of the nation’s most celebrated authorities on mysticism comes the paperback edition of a brilliant introduction to the essential texts and themes of the great mystic visionaries. Whether it’s based on the Buddhist vision of the Bodhisattva or the Christian concept of service, the mystic’s journey is one take on behalf of all humanity – and that journey is the same in all traditions. This wide range of selections bri

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Sep 252010

Conjuring Spirits: Texts and Traditions of Late Medieval Ritual Magic

Conjuring Spirits contains both general surveys and analyses of magical texts and manuscripts by distinguished scholars in a variety of disciplines. Included are chapters by Richard Kieckhefer and Robert Mathiesen on the “Sworn Book of Honorius,” Michael Camille on the Ars Notoria, John B. Friedman on the Secretum Philosophorum, Nicholas Watson on the McMaster text, and Elizabeth Wade on Lullian divination. The work also includes Juris Lidaka’s edition of the Liber de Angelis, and an overview of

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