Jan 292012

Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System
The Total Wine System Is A Complete Step-by-step System With 3 Ebooks & 1 Audio Book. Everything From Grape Growing To Harvesting Grapes To Making Your Own Homemade Wine. Our Free 10 Part Mini E-course Will Show You How-to Create Your Own Homemade Wine!
Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System

Auction Arbitrage Secret
High Sales & Low Returns Multimedia E-package Praised & Promoted By The Most Reputable Big Name eBay® Experts – Check The Sales Page! Pete Bruckshaw Introduces A Genuinely Unique eBay® Arbitrage System. Max Out Your Reputation With A Surefire Big Seller.
Auction Arbitrage Secret

Aug 242011

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set

  • 4-DVD, 6-workout fitness set designed to work your body from head to toe
  • Loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating rhythms, and easy-to-follow routines
  • Comes with maraca-like toning sticks to add muscle to your sculpting workouts
  • Includes basics workout, 20-minute express workout, and sculpt-and-tone workout
  • Also includes “cardio party” workout and flat abs workout

Shed pounds and have a blast in the process with the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD set. Loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms, and easy-to-follow routines, this invigorating dance-fitness “party” will have you movin’, groovin’, and shakin’ the weight off to the sexy, exotic rhythms of salsa, cumbia, samba, merengue, and more. Each routine features interval training sessions that combine fast and slow rhythms with resistance training, helping sculpt and ton

List Price: $ 69.95

Price: $ 54.95

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May 172011

Prodex Total Insulation – Foil, Foam, Foil (FfmF): 1/4″ thickness x 4 ft x 175 ft roll (700 sq ft), R-14.5, The #1 choice of Innovative Energy Conscious Builders!

  • Waterproof & non-absorbent. Class A/Class 1 fire rated protection. Reflects 97% Radiant Heat.
  • Provides 19 DB Soundproofing. Convenient flange tabs on sides.
  • Does not mildew or promote fungus growth. Does not provide nesting for birds, rodents or insects.
  • Is safe for workers to use as there are no fibers to breath or cause skin irritation. Easy to cut.
  • More insulation value than 6 of common mass insulation. Can be stapled, nailed, glued or sewn.

PRODEX TOTAL INSULATION Foil-Foam-Foil (FfmF) Insulation out-performs fiberglass blanket and bubble wrap insulation in most applications. Unaffected by moisture, it better holds it’s R-value vs. fiberglass in humid conditions. It’s foam interior handles punctures and temperature extremes better than bubble wraps. (Affixing insulation with staples, nails or screws is often part of the application process.)
“…Fiberglass blanket insulation can also lose more than half it’s R value in humid areas

List Price: $ 243.95


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May 012011

Total Xplosive Training
New!! Training Program. Discover how to manipulate your genetics through this little known “fast twitch” muscle fiber training system that’s earning athletes D-1 scholarships and Pro Contracts
Total Xplosive Training

Ultimate Mind Reading & Mentalism – High Quality Product!
This product is of a far superior quality to similar products in this category and the sales letter converts really well! Start promoting this product now and make money while you sleep! Full support is given to all affiliates!
Ultimate Mind Reading & Mentalism – High Quality Product!

Apr 142011

Question by Tyler Colburn: What do witches do in medieval total war 2?
So I got the game and just wonder what witches do and there role in the game.

Best answer:

Answer by auriflamme
Witches are heretics they cause religious unrest, send in a holy man to smite that unholy whores arse…they are an ‘npc’ and not a good one, i think assasins and holymen can kill them.

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Apr 082011

Total Keyboard Wizardry – A Technique and Improvisation Workbook – Bk+CD

  • Contains Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced Exercises To Improve Your Technique
  • Work At Your Own Pace To Improve Your Skills
  • Covers Physical Technique, Improvisation, Soloing And More
  • CD Includes Exercises In The Book
  • 144 Pages

Take your playing to the next level with Jordan Rudess, the Juilliard-trained, award-winning keyboardist of Dream Theater! Work at your own pace to improve your skills in physical technique, improvisation, soloing and comping with clear, easy-to-follow directions and exercises that create real results. With beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises that cover everything from classical technique to blazing prog-rock solos and beyond, this book has something for keyboardists of all styles. A C

List Price: $ 24.95

Price: $ 24.95

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Mar 292011

Total Body Relaxation: Self-Hypnosis

  • Increase focus, concentration and creativity
  • Feel centered and at peace
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Help you find emotional balance
  • 100% Money back guarantee on all our products.

Yes, you can meditate! Now the benefits of meditation are available to everyone.

The world meditation can be overwhelming, which may stand in your way of enjoying the practice. Learn how easy it is to meditate. Total Body Relaxation offers a guided, smooth and relaxing experience.

Total Body Relaxation is an easy place to embark on your journey of self-discovery. Meditation is known to be beneficial for increased concentration, imagination and creativity, as well as good health, feeling calm,

Price: $ 23.00

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