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Question by nikosmommy28: Pretend that you are in a discussion with friends and the topic is hard sciences versus soft sciences. It is?
argued that psychology is not a true science at all, as are sciences like chemistry and physics. How would you defend the proposition that psychology is a true science?

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Answer by PooPooLaTrash
Psychology is a social science. Chemisty and physics are natural sciences.

To answer you, they are all sciences, but approached and studied differently. The natural sciences are based on experimental, quantifiable data or the scientific method and focus on accuracy and objectivity, where the social sciences are rooted in methodology and theory. Just because something isn’t a natural science doesn’t mean it isn’t a science, it’s merely a different type. Apples and oranges.

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Mar 132011

Question by claire: What is an easy and interesting research topic dealing with the counterculture of the 1960′s?
This is for a college course so it can be basically anything. I am just having trouble deciding on what to do it on because I need it to have a lot of information, yet I want to be interested in what I am researching. Thanks =)

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Answer by Lynn C
Was America really trying colonize Vietnam? (I.e. the counter culture accused America of being an imperialistic power wanting to take over the government of Vietnam). Was the Vietnam War justified? Should the deserters have been brought to trial? Did the influence of the counter culture help to end the war, or prolong it? What was the difference between Nixon’s policies and LBJ’s policies. What are the effects of LBJ’s Great Society programs in today’s world? What’s the difference between the music of the counter culture and today’s music? What affect does the 60′s counter culture have on government today? Did the 60′s counter culture begin America’s downslide into communism? Are they today’s communist leaders in Obama’s government?

Some of these topics may get you in trouble with your professor so you’ll have to be politically correct or you will be considered a nut case if you tell the truth.

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Feb 032011

Question by Icebeam: Ancient History Essay Topic Idea – Help will be so greatly appreciated?
I’m doing an essay for Ancient History..it can be on any mystery of the Ancient World, from the beginning of time – the middle ages, help would be immensely appreciated.

Some ideas are:

-Easter Island
- Atlantis

But I need something that has a lot of information available, because it’s worth 10% of my final grade

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Answer by ashishavijay
Inside Ancient History


The culture of ancient Egypt spanned 5,000 years, but it remains an intriguing mystery.

British Prehistory

British Prehistory

Who were the ancient Britons and did the people known as Celts ever really exist?



Not just pirates and warriors but also traders and colonists, the Vikings left their mark on Britain.

Ancient Cultures

Ancient India

The Indus Valley nurtured the subcontinent’s enduring and sophisticated cultures.




The vibrant societies of ancient Greece have had a profound impact on the modern world.



The ingenious yet brutal Roman Empire laid the foundations for much of the Europe of today.

Anglo Saxons


They ruled England for 600 years, forming the basis of its culture, language and borders.

Ancient Cultures

Other Cultures

The ancient world played host to a rich array of fascinating cultures.


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Sep 192010

Question by Steven G: What is an interesting topic on consciousness that I can write a paper on?
I need to write a paper on something somewhat specific (not just drugs and consciousness or attention and consciousness), and I want to find something that has alot of information and studies done….any ideas?

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Answer by Mily

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Jul 112010

Mixture of something. May be this is the ideal topic – Importance of why Buddhism exist

I am Champika De Silva who is professionally Mining Engineer. I have done lot of researches on Mind. Those researches involved lot of amazing things about this world. Believe me evil which covered this world is now going to leave this world. It is my responsibility to tell you it as I understood the evil. Therefore now it is time to you to understand it. I hope you will open your eyes and watch the world very carefully and think on the things very carefully. I believe rebirth. I suppose I am a Portuguese who started my Journey to see the world where I learned lot of things. Now I know why is the Lord Buddha said there is Devil (Who supposed to be Sri Lankan people those days) who cannot defeat. Because it is the devil who does not know whether it (or they) has (or have) born or not. Then that is why devil do not like to learn thing, definitely it is the Buddhism. Believe me still Sri Lankan people don’t follow the Buddhism. That is what Lord Buddha said I defeat the devil but not the devil in the mind of others. Do not forget Lord Buddha never came to Europe (I mean nearest place to his own living place.). That is because evil was at Asia not in Europe. Anyhow Lord Buddha won the Hearts of Other Asians except the Sri Lankans. Think this still Sri Lankans do not do good things. They still are doing bribing and other bad things. They do not know Buddhism really. I guess still they do not, except few Monks and some other people.

I want to bring the peace back to the Asia as others (European, bla bla) don’t have fighting each other. You need to spend money on economy not on weapons, then the economics get boom. Otherwise it will cause slavery mind on people. Which will make trouble? Believe me, people who can think, I know everyone can do that, try to understand the truth. What is world is missing is five things. It is really in every religion (Buddhism – 5 Silpadaya, Islam – you need to worship 5 times a day, Christian – no five things but it is similar to two other religions. Why I only mentioned these three religions, that is due to their influence in the world is higher than to others. I know there are more religions and beliefs in this world.

I started this research on the mind from the date I was born. That is not the date as usual to everyone. I know I came to mother’s womb and started thinking about how I growing up inside my mother’s womb. I was started thinking inside mother’s womb. You know what when I went to some places where my mother was worked before my birth I felt that I was there and I remember what they spoke sometimes. I remember how bad during 1981 in Sri Lanka, even before those years I remember something but I can’t figure out at the early ages. So I put my belief on Lord Buddha as I felt he had the same problem when he was born. So when I learned I wanted to compare with Lord Buddha’s life. Then I understand something about him which can’t be true has been written by People even monks (forgive if broke one of Lord Buddha’s rules). Because it is something can’t happen. That is how I went on to study about everything in the world. I know how fool some people at the beginning of their life and how lazy are they at the beginning of life and how cunning are they at the beginning of life. You know what; I understand that lot of people left studying due to their backward mind of fearing to study. It is a phobia ha. You need to believe that it is not easy to study anything ha. But once you understand it you feel free.

My mother said my birth was incurred very quickly even before the doctor inject the painkiller my mother’s hand. It looks that I came to world very quickly. But at the beginning of my life I could not figure it out what is happening with me. So that is why I started to study Science even what Lord Buddha did is first learned the things from teachers and tried to figure it out what happened to his mother after his birth. Becoz there were lot of gossips going around the Castle. That is why father of Prince Siddhartha build a house with lot of floors to keep his son away from the gossips. Eventually he wanted to find it out really. That is why he stayed at near tree and tried to memorize the situation, which is what happened really at the date of his birth. Even he found the Truth he had 7 week thing. Where he sit front of the tree, watched out the tree, walked near the tree, ……… then had a great help from a Huge Cobra (Which is supposed to be liar in these days, don’t forget Cobra has a Gem which gives light out)………All these thing did  for seven days  and analyzed whether it happened near a tree. That is how he realized how funny these people in this world. They explain things even they don’t have a clue on that. Which means liars? Any how I supposed Lord Buddha finally understood that his mother died not becoz of his SIN. It is something that unavoidable.  Dont forget we all drinks mother’s breast milk which is originally blood of mother, which cause them to have low weight from blood. As their blood changes to milk resulting low weight (Fat also gives the higher weight to women, but generally I am telling this). Then after this finding of Lord Buddha people who waited him to find this came to him and ask lot of questions. Then Buddhism is the questions ask by the people and monk and answers given by Lord Buddha. That is how Buddhism started. As the time goes on people forgot that this explanation was given to this situation not as a whole. But eventually Lord Buddha did given more generalized answers as he realized that it has cause some problems. Like rise of Monk called Devdath. That is why he told Sutras. I guess people who just follow the Buddhism with blind mind Should Understand this. Then it won’t cause problems. Because you should understand which part is best fit for you? Not whole Buddhism is wanted for your life. But if you want to find the Nirvana or Peace in Mind then you have to understand all the desires people have. Then you can defeat those desires and go for your desire. I hope this might help people.   

My mother said I was vibrating after my birth did occur. Then doctors ask nurse to not to wash me. Only what they did was only rubbed with a towel with water. As I vibrate that much, I mean I was shaking. Sometimes I can see the waves. It was little harsh or hard to me to live at the beginning of my life. But my parents, two brothers and relatives gave me a great care to bring me to here where I live now. May be I might lose my education, or be a killer. Why i escaped was due to the Buddhism. I had a monk who taught me the Buddhism at the school. So I never went to Sunday school, I mean Daham Pasala. The monk who taught me Buddhism was amazing. What he taught still with me. That is how I became a good one rather being a killer.


I am Champika De Silva who is professionally Mining Engineer. I have done lot of researches on Mind. Those researches involved lot of amazing things about this world. Believe me evil which covered this world is now going to leave this world. It is my responsibility to tell you it as I understood the evil. Therefore now it is time to you to understand it. I hope you will open your eyes and watch the world very carefully and think on the things very carefully. I believe rebirth.

Jun 062010

Question by DK: What’s a good Science essay topic for science: physics of motion and … ?
I have to write 5 short essays for my end of semester culminating project for science class. The 5 essay topics have to be based on Physics of Motion, Chemistry, Weather Dynamics and Ecology.

What are some good topics for each of those categories?

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Answer by Bad Brain Punk
Um, that’s 4 topics.

My suggestions:
Physics = “How do anti-lock brakes work?” = physics and friction.
Chemistry = “Where do plastics come from?” = oil!
Weather Dynamics = “How does weather differ from climate?” = people often confuse one with the other.
Ecology = “Could America’s Great Plains be used as a big game preserve?” = scientists have proposed introducing threatened animals like giraffes and cheetahs to abandoned farmland in the US to preserve the species.

And lastly, “Why counting to 5 is an important life skill.”

You can google these things for the details.

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