May 122014

Question by m: what was the job of the alchemist in the elizabethan times?
can u also tell me what an alchemist is, im soo confused

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Answer by magika84
The word alchemy comes from the Arabic al-kimia: “the art of transformation.” So basically the profession was all about turning one unimportant or common thing into something infinitely more usuful, and also gaining an understanding about nature and the world while you’re at it.

Alchemists were kinda like scientists, but their goals were a little more far-out than the goals of most scientists. Historically, they were primarily concerned with turning base metals (iron, copper, etc) into gold, creating the elixir of life (aka a potion to make you imortal) and creating a universal solvent (aka something that would disolve anything). They also spent a lot of time looking for the philosopher’s stone which was considered to be an important component for one or more of these other goals. It was rumoured to amplify the alchemical knowledge of an alchemist so they could solve any problem.

Eventually the profession of alchemy kinda evolved into chemistry… they dropped the ‘magical’ aspect of it and stuck with the physical reaction part of it.

Hope that helps!

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Nov 032013

Question by Emperor Insania Says Bye!: How many times is appropriate to stand up and sit down during the singing of hymns?
Generally I think 3 is the average. Is that some sort of mystic connection to the trinity?

I know not all do this 3 times, some do the standup/sitdown combo more than that for extra spiritual umphf.
Born-again Catholic – You’re tough! lol

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Answer by Captain Obvious
I personally think a good loud belch will liven things up.

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Jan 202012

Question by Poohcat1: What do you think is going to happen as the 2012 end times prediction grows close?
From a society standpoint….how do you think people are going to behave as the 2012 end times prediction gets closer and closer? It seems that we are seeing more and more natural disasters, hate etc…and this is pushing even unbelievers into asking “is this it?”

Are we going to see upheavals in society…and if so…what kind?

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Answer by *Blessed*
There is no actual 2012 end times prediction. People have completely misunderstood.

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Jan 172012

Question by SwiftKill: ancient civilizations in modern times?
With some many civilizations being advanced beyond what we would have ever thought, Is it not possible that perhaps an ancient Greek civilization would have colonized the moon already?

I mean the original pyramids in Egypt are still a mystery. Even the Egyptians wonder who built these before them, Mimicking them was easy, start with a square base and build up.
I guess my point is being missed here…
the dark ages was basically a time when most of everything we had learned about math and science was lost.. this is hundreds of years of no advancing.. america became an electronic/computer superhouse in the blink of any eye,
but with the time these civilizations would have had, how could they not have advanced faster than the rest?

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Answer by bayu p
Well… That’s mysteries, maybe you should read Eirich Von Daniken’s book or googling for Ancient Astronaut Mysteries.

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Dec 282011

Question by Chris F: The Christians call this the end times, but i have a different view. What do you think?
I think this is the point where the old world of religion dies. I think that is what the end times refers to. We are at the beginning of the end…for religion anyway. This is the point where people question these fantastic beliefs and religions and begin to turn away from them. From here, we are more focused on our goals as a species, and not as servants of an invisible man that instructed man to write a book about him 2000 years ago. It may take a while, but in about 100 years i think the majority of us will be beyond religion and we will really start to unravel the mysteries of the universe/ multiverse.

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Answer by Jeanmarie
Voltaire also thought this way.
He lived in the 1700′s. He was staunch atheist. Later a publishing co. bought his house were they made bibles’.

He also was wrong.

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Dec 112011

Question by Camille: Is there divination in the world today as it was in biblical times?

divination is not of God = it is fortune telling and it is witchcraft. check your bibles you are incorrect thinking it is of God. It is of the devil Satan.

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Answer by Susanna LIVES
I believe so:-) I believe I was divinely intervened and inspired in my youth:-D

Happy Sabbath:-)

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Oct 162011

Question by : What times has astrology been wrong or shown its ignorance?
Share a story or more than one about when you used astrology to try to understand something and it turned out the insights your gathered thanks to astrology were not accurate!
This is a Question for people who actually usually believe in astrology.

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Answer by Ancient Soul, Young Spirit
The only ignorance is found in its misuse and misunderstanding.

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Sep 132011

Question by Corey: Could the myths from ancient times hold secrets to knowledge of the universe?
Are the different numbers used in different tales actually referring to celestial cycles of the heavens and with that being said, why were these concepts and knowledge disguised as myth. Were they worshipping knowledge? Just an idea, any comments, disagreements…Try to get detailed if possible, I am curious.
Look at the Dogon tribe
Calm down ernest, no one wants to hear biblical scripture in questions that don’t specifically ask for it

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Answer by Michael X
No, they are just myths and have no relevance for today.

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