May 232014

Question by Tupac: What are the specific laws of which we must move through the paths of the universe?
the law of the universe is the law of perception to consciousness in the mind as perceived of reality.
I flip a coin, there are two sides, you judge the chance of heads or tails as 50/50 because you perceive the coin to land two ways, but only at one time… else there would be more than one coin. Lets say if the law of the universe is that each time the coin must land on heads and tails but only one of these will be perceived by the observer… then how could you be cheating yourself by restricting your belief to an assumption that there is always a 50/50 chance to you? Could there be a way to choose which reality you want to observe? Of course your choice of reality would be restricted to what other observers expect to be realistic odds or 50/50… but if i kept observing 100% heads and choose that as my observation, and other observers kept track, would their record differ completely from moment to moment to my observation, yet to them always remain constant as 50/50 odds?
We observe something to either exist or not exist. We know for sure that consciousness exists because we observe ourselves to be so, but reality appears to be relative to observation, because what reality exists where there is not consciousness to observe? We assume that our thoughts manifest from consciousness, and that we progress from not knowing to knowing of things which exist that we do not know of, or unknown possibilities from there being “odds” of something happening each day we do not know of, after we know, then it is a past event which has happened.
Could we be “there” in a sense, and our perception of being separate from others could be called “it”. So when we observe others we talk about “it”, or our perceived separate ness from others. It appears to me that “it” is simply the odds of something happening. So I see the universe could be viewed as many paths of which for each “possibility” that could happen, and the universe being infinite and timeless, is perceived through a filter of being finite and progressing through the paths of the universe according to specific laws.
For each choice you had, there had to be paths for each you may have chosen, as there must be for each choice you will have.
So if we have specific laws of which we must move through the universe, then how are we any different than planets who must follow their orbits?

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Answer by John
Mine is a two cent theory as any and all has to fall heads or tails, laws will be broken in all respects and eventually changed! Life is not based on luck but the energy of love! Its your choice how you spend your time!

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Jun 152013

Question by Taylor: Does anyone know of a hiking trail through an old growth forest in England?
I am trying to find a trail in South England, near Sussex, that goes through an old growth forest. Thanks!

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Answer by LOU
the New forest in Hampshire is an ancient forest

History & Culture

There can be few other places in England where the ancient landscape has remained so unchanged. In 1079 when William The Conqueror named the area his ‘new hunting forest’, little could he imagine that nearly 1000 years later his ‘Nova Foresta’ would still retain its mystery and romance.

The ancient system established by William The Conqueror to protect and manage the woodlands and wilderness heaths is still in place today through the efforts of Verderers, Agisters and Commoners – literally the judges, stockmen and land users of the forest.

As well as the ancient systems of managing the forest, man has left his mark on The New Forest in many other ways. Learn about the forest’s history and archaeology at our many museums and Heritage Centres. From stately homes such as Beaulieu to the Roman Villa at Rockbourne, The New Forest has it all

this is a link to their website

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Jun 072013

Question by ¢σяя вℓιмєу: Could we all be just ONE Consciousness that we share through a body computer?
Please take the time to read this as I’ve tried to explain the theory in a easy to understand way. I’ve done my best to explain it for you but it’s an incredibly complex thing to put into words.

I believe that our consciousness/awareness is external to the human body and our brain is a conduit or connector to this one consciousness which is all energy. I think the brain acts as a storage device and together our body and brain translates a physical reality out of the consciousness/energy/information through our 5 senses.

The brain stores all information that effected one or more of our senses. It records these events and effectively gives us a physical memory which is interpret as emotional memory via a simple binary process of good event or bad event. This memory/recorded information results in an individual identity for the body computer making us all think that we are separate because we can experience the awareness of consciousness while accessing our body memory.

Its a simple illusion of perception where our recorded body information creates an individual with personal body data and when we activate the self-awareness of consciousness, it makes us believe we totally separate self-aware conscious entities of our own right.

However, the truth is, as far as I see it, consciousness/awareness is energy which means it’s everywhere at all times. This means, each body can activate their own self-awareness at any time but in reality it’s all the same awareness.

The only part of this theory I’ve still got to try to understand is why our awareness/consciousness appears to be limited when activated in each body. This reinforces the illusion of separation and individual identity. Maybe the self-awareness of consciousness is a focus point when activated in any one body computer.

So, to sum up. Your self-awareness/consciousness is the exact same as mine. There is only ONE consciousness and all of humanity share it. This effectively means we are all the same self-aware being, we are all GOD and we are all-knowing, eternal and we all exist as a self-aware energy source OUTSIDE of this body computer.

It make me wonder, why have we created these body computers. I think it may be to experience a physical reality. Also, what better way for an all-knowing entity to exist than to have billions of experiences at the same time inside a holographic physical reality
If this is true, it means there is only one conscious energy that every brain is picking up and recording.

I believe this one consciousness/awareness is all energy as

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Answer by Don H
So you are just now figuring this out?

I thought that everyone knew this.

To me Your brain is an amazing organ it controls our muscles, respiration, pulmonary function and a host of other lesser known functions, but it does not think.

Thought is a function of consciousness/mind that exists independent of anything physical. What appears to be the brain thinking in brain function imaging and other brain measuring attempts is only blood flow being measured to the part of the brain that acts as an interface between the mind and the body. This is the secondary function of the brain after regulating bodily functions. It acts as the interface, or the mind body connection.

Without it there would be no way for the nonphysical mind to exert any control over the physical body.
It is interesting that science has done its best to overlook this fact for so long. The silly idea that thought is some magical function of some mysterious electrochemical reaction is so vague as to be hilarious. There are several ways to disprove this theory beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Being nonphysical in source your mind/consciousness is in no way effected by the death of the body and loss of the mind body interface, or brain.

Love and blessings.

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Oct 262012

Question by Derek: How did Edward Elric make it through the other side of the gate? Fullmetal Alchemist original series?
If you offer yourself to a human transmutation, doesn’t your mind, body, and soul get trapped within the gate? So thats why im a bit confused about how ed made it through the other side.
Ive watched the entire series and the movie so dont worry.But remember in the second last episode, his replica died when the blimp crashed? So how does that work?

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Answer by ichuruki101
Are you talking about the last few episodes?
If so , I won’t tell you since you probably haven’t seen the last episode. Go to and search “fullmetal alchemist movie” by Funimation. And it’ll explain there.

If your talking about the first few episodes , when it explains the stories and how this all started , Edward never went through. He just stayed infront of it , and then went back to his world , but with missing limbs of course.


If you already saw te movie , and STILL don’t get it. Edward didn’t necessarily keep his body , he just got transported to an exact replica of his body in that dimension. You know , how when he was there , there was another version of … I forgot the name , but his younger brother… But it wasn’t really HIM , just looked like him? Well , Edward got transported to his replica in mind and soul. Who knows what happened to the person who was there first!

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Aug 192012

Question by : Brain process and consciousness continues through the birth of new born babies. So life continues without an?
end.Then what is death? what is it that coming to an end.?But the problem is whether my consciousness can continue which means whether I can continue. So the question is what am I?

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Answer by Gandalf
“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed” ~Science.

Consciousness is Energy.

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Jan 222012

Question by bhs2paint: How can I expand my web presence through sites like you tube?
I am building an online shopping mall. I have very limited knowledge of internet and web presence. I have read, as well as having been told that you tube and some of the other social sites were terrific for “spreading the word” so to speak, but I have no idea how I would even approach such an idea. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.
Maybe I should clarify my question. By expand my presence, I mean to reach more people, not to make larger. Thanks for your answer though.

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Answer by Cristian
on the right corner of the video scren thers two arrows goin the opposite ways u just click on that and it will be bigger

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Jan 212012

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Jan 142012

Question by Hanii: Could the continuity of consciousness be preserved through the transition of a biological brain to a purely?
Could the continuity of consciousness be preserved through the transition of a biological brain to a purely artificial brain through the gradual introduction of artificial components matching in operation the sections of the brain they’re replacing? What are your thoughts?

If not, in what point in the process do you think the continuity of conscious existence would be eliminated? And why?

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Answer by David
I think I see where your coming from with this, and no, I’m fairly sure you’re missing a thing or two. You need to realise that physical consciousness isnt some thing that is separate from the brain. From a completely non-biased biological standpoint, consciousness is the collective entity of brain signals from the cells of the brain responding to bodily stimulus. Without having something to send and receive those signals in the EXACT manner as the desired individual, it would be impossible by means of modern technology to create an artificial medium capable as serving effectively as a “replacement brain” I wouldn’t say it’s not possible, it’s just not possible yet.

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Dec 312011

Awareness Through Movement

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Dec 202011

Question by ken: Ifindividual sought to become enlightened through reading,but allowed only 1 book,what should she choose?
The reading of which book would make a person more enlightened than before?

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Answer by frizzly
Betty Crocker Cook Book

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