Jul 032013

Question by Whitney: What are some fun Disneyland rides or things to do at night?
So I was wondering what would be some fun rides to go on at night? Like going on the Astro Orbiters at night when Tomorrowland is all lit up, and also in California Adventure.
And what are some fun things to do at night in Disneyland or California Adventure, I love World of Color and Fantasmic, but are there any other fun things to do at night?

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Answer by Urban
California Screaming or the Giant Ferris wheel

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Mar 082013

Question by Cheer With Style: What do these things symbolize in the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?
What might each of the following represent?
Merchant’s Daughter and Santiago’s Family
Soul of the World
Language of the World

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Answer by Jo Spumoni
Santiago–the protagonist of the story; he is young and innocent, but patient, careful, and trusting in fate; he is the man on the quest for his destiny

Sheep–this is harder, but I suppose that sheep could represent common people–they follow their shepherd without any will of their own and do not seek destiny. So they are the opposite of Santiago.

I regret that I read this book a long time ago, and I don’t think I can adequately answer the next two.

Pyramids–in the text, this is sort of the promised land for Santiago. It’s where he must go to achieve his destiny. The pyramids represent something sort of mysterious and splendid–they are portrayed as isolated and sacred, a place where a man might confront his destiny.

Englishman–he’s a seeker of enlightenment, just like Santiago, but unlike Santiago, he doesn’t have an innate understanding of what this means. Kind of missing the point, he studies very carefully the language of Esperanto as well as alchemy, but neglects to truly grasp the greater purpose. He is a man who cannot take a leap of faith but who wants desperately to believe.

Fatima–she’s a love interest, of course. She represents the earthly pleasure which Santiago must leave behind in order to pursue his destiny.

Alchemist–he’s the wise teacher who understands the ways of the world and acts as a mentor to Santiago. There’s not much to say about him.

Soul of the World–the main principle of alchemy, i.e. that everything is connected by a common factor. It represents the ideal of a complete understanding the world.

Language of the World–this is much like the one above. It likewise represents one’s ability to communicate with anything and everything in the world, and by extension, to understand the connections that link it all together.

I hope that helps.

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Nov 192012

Question by purple: What kind of weird things are out there? what world mysteries?
What kind of world mysteries are out there?
early hieroglyphics…anything?

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Answer by Edo
The treasure of the Niebleungen.
What and where is the saint-graal? Did it ever existed?
J.C. reasting place?
How did the Etrusque civilization suddenly disapear?
What was the first language of humanity?

there are too much to remember them all anyway.

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Mar 032012
by inju

Question by Lisa W: What do you think are three things necessary (besides life or a brain) for human consciousness?
I’m doing a project and want to know what everyone thinks are three things necessary (besides life and a brain) for consciousness. Preferably human consciousness. If you feel as if there’s more, or actually know if there is a factual list of things that are necessary, then feel free to post more. I’d like the answers to be serious, but funny things are alright as well.

Best answer:

Answer by vande-man
Our evolution has allowed us to recognize our existence.
Our need to survive has forced our evolution.
We now ask ourselves, why?
Our brain is extremely complex.
The brain would be useless without our five senses to load in information.
Consciousness is the state of being aware of what is going on around you.
The senses allow this.
I know we all feel there is more to it than that.
A soul perhaps?
This is an extra sense.
The brain likes a complete picture.
When there is none, it will complete it.
This is where alot of interesting things happen.
It’s called imagination.

haha I like them all!!!
All living things need to survive. We all will change to do so.

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Jan 182012

Question by chowchillaisforlosers l: Atheists have you seriously ever studied the the things below?

The facts are so simple but, most people think it’s so complicated, and it has to be explained in big word with big thought. Hard science is extremely important but we shouldn’t need that. With everything from consciousness, love, perception, self initiative minds to complex thoery, planetary positioning/organization, quantum physics, dualism and time studies it seems that the answer is clear when calculating probability of a god of some sort controlling things. One main point of mine is none living matter dosen’t organize complex systems to form a human being and consciousness with randomness and no intension. My ending point is that us as living beings were formed with intension. Things in life are magical if you examine them.

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Answer by JD
Your personal belief not backed up by facts….

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Jan 112012

Question by Piya Ji (piyaji.com): Do you think Religion and Spirituality are two completely different things?
and there should be separate categories for them in Yahoo Q&A?

Because the ones who deeply understand spirituality don’t bother about the religion.

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Answer by XMS
yes and no, because some people use religion to reach spirituality.
And most religions are about spirituality.
Actually most spiritual practices had some kind of religious origin at some point.

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Dec 172011

Question by : Two things about U.S. avoiding situation like Ireland, Greece, and UK as mentioned by Rebublican Ryan?
The Republican response to the President’s address by Paul Ryan from Wisconsin mentioned that we might be going the same way as Greece, Ireland, and UK. I have seen the students’ protests in at least two of those countries mentioned and I’ve heard about tax problems in Greece and Ireland asking help from other European nations. My questions are: What really happened to these three nations? And, what exactly would happen to U.S., as presaged by Congressman Ryan?

Best answer:

Answer by Guru Hank
The UK hasn’t got the problems that countries in the Eurozone have. We were careful not to get roped in to it.

It is difficult to see how the circumstances which have caused problems for the Irish and Spanish could apply to the US. Their problems started as a result of losing control over their interest rates.

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Nov 302011

Things Hidden: Scripture As Spirituality

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Nov 262011

Question by Ella: Where can I find a mentor who can guide me in my studies of mysticism and religion and all mysterious things I?
I need guidance in the form of a wise teacher who can lead me in the right direction and supervise me as I delve into studies….
I just feel so lost.

Best answer:

Answer by powderfuzz 178
Contact me. I have a great solution for your problem.

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