Jan 132014

Question by IPU Reigns: Could the entire universe in an of itself be a living thing?
All living things within it being parasites living off the host?

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Answer by Pre-Destined
Yes. The universe is alive and dying as well. The universe is expanding and all the heat will seperate and the universe will end up dying in ice.

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Oct 162013

Question by Jason Owen: What if consciousness and energy were actually just different terms to describe the same thing?
(This was originally intended to be an answer to a question which was removed before I could post)

In that case, the religious and non-religious could both be right. It’s a theory which is growing in popularity that reality is just as beauty; in the eye of the beholder. In the case of religion, there are plenty of valid arguments for and against the possibility or likelihood of a supreme god.

Whether or not the energy (or consciousness) is infinite or not is an interesting question, but ultimately irrelevant, no?

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Answer by hindu monk
Good question,u need to a have a deeper enquiry into it

Every morning and night go into silence or deep meditation, for meditation is the only way to discriminate between truth and error.

Paramahansa Yogananda
Some like to believe that there are over hundred techniques of meditation; each lingering at a different level, each manifesting its influence on the consciousness at a different pace.

The world over, many have confused meditation with concentration and relaxation with meditation. Techniques using music, dance, other forms of creative expression, an array of therapies (both physical and mental), have all been synchronised into one basket – Meditation!

But truly speaking, many of these work more at the intellectual level while others are only channels for relaxation and prepare you for the more serious stages of true meditation. From the point of view of the advanced Yogis, meditation really is a scientific technique for communion with God, and is the seventh step (dhyanai) in Patanjali’s eightfold path. To a host of new age and other spiritualists, however, techniques that encourage you to manifest mindfulness and be aware also fall under the gamut of meditation.

Meditation when done scientifically draws back into the central part of our body the spine and the brain the life current distributed throughout the various organs of the body, thereby magnetising these two very central parts (spine and brain) which in the astral body are also home to the seven chakras…ultimately leading the distributed energy back to their original centers of distribution. This really results in one experiencing oneself as Light. It is in this state that one’s physical self, consciously manages to free itself from the chords of its bodily and mental distractions.

Amidst the varying opinions and tastes, not to forget the pressures of modern day living and the multitude of diverse inner personalities cum spiritual interests, it might only seem prudent to encourage individuals to choose that form of meditation which seems appropriate to their own nature, feelings, and the goal they really seek to attain from their spiritual practices. Apropos, there are Hindu techniques, Buddhist techniques, techniques from other religions, and even those that do not belong to any religion in particular. We thus can also seem to have one or more universal forms of meditation.

Just as one moves from kindergarten to school to college to a Bachelor’s level and then onward, perhaps, to a post-graduate platform, so too in the realm of spiritual practices each one of us is drawn to and imbues practices and techniques as may be appropriate to our inner development. This is why some persons indulge in worship of deities, some prefer to seek God through mantra practices, and many others believe in relating with the formless One.

In the initial search one may be initiated into the path through the medium of simple techniques relating to meditation on objects, images, etc., but as one genuinely progresses and ardently calls out to the Divine to reveal Itself, one is definitely guided on to the one right approach as may behove one’s current spiritual personality.

Dear one, whatever be the technique that you practice, seek to do it in wisdom and with an understanding of the science behind your physical and subtle (energy) bodies. The benefits of all activity done with the intention of freeing the soul from bondage are manifold, and anything done with awareness and attention will only nurture deeper and faster success.

In our presentation here, we attempt to give credence to the importance of scientific methods in meditation and yet present some more simple techniques for the benefit of a beginner or one not yet wholly groomed on the path. Meditation is for both the atheist and the theist. It is concerned with awakening the realisation of the Self within, and is therefore beneficial to all and sundry

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Aug 042013

Question by yo yo itz alex :) : Is there an actual name for the plastic circle thing that goes around six packs of soda ?
my little brother is using this in his story about earth day and doesnt know what to call it . if you dont what the plastic thing im talking about is … itz the thing love lace got stuck around his neck by the “mystic beings” in happy feet . please help !

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Answer by Friendly Neighborhood Atheist
The holder? I know what you’re talking about but i’ve never really thought about it.

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Feb 052013

Question by Cw: If you major one thing college for Med school can you do something completely different?
I want to major in neuroscience since it will significantly help me for the 2015 mcats. I was just wondering, if I do decide to major in neuroscience, when and if I get into medical school, can I do something different, lets say infectious diseases?

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Answer by rixparx
In the first few years of College you take mostly prerequesites so it will be easy to change majors.
You can also minor in another field using your electives. °`°º¤ø ‹(•¿•)› ø¤º°`°°

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Jan 032013

Question by MN: Is a soul the same thing as a consciousness?
People who believe in souls talk about it as if it is a thing which has sensory perception and sentience.

Can the soul be equated to the consciousness?

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Answer by Anon Eemus
No. Souls are some mystical crap, but a consciousness is part human psychology.

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Dec 112012

Question by [:: What is the most interesting thing to you about history?
to me, it is the American Revolution. We are watching a film about it right now and i love it! its called the Patriot. it has Mel Gibson in it and Heath Ledger.

what are some of your favorite things about History and what are some good movies to go with them? i loooove watching history movies.

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Answer by alanna159
I love that movie! I also like the American Revolution

But I think that my favorites are the Civil War, ancient Rome and ancient Egypt.

Doesn’t matter what about Rome and Egypt I love everything about them :)

Cant say i know any movies off the top of my head though SORRY!!!!

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Jul 062012

Question by : Do you thing the word Mystic is a good or cool nickname for a girl?
Ok so I am a girl and I have been called the word Mystic about eight times in the past to days. So i was wondering if Mystic would be a good or cool nickname.

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Answer by Glenn
Mystic can work, maybe you can add to it.

Mystic Mayhem

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Jun 012012

Question by John C: Did she do the right thing?
Lost in the Woods

A Young American Convert

By Maryam Abdullah

My name is Maryam. This is the story of my emotional, intellectual, and spiritual reversion back to submission to Allah. Back to Islam.
Many speak of conversion, but I prefer the concept of revert. I knew Allah. We all have. I believe this. But we forget, become disconnected, and confused as we become distracted by the influence of this world. There is a way back, and it is not our own. That is the miracle.

At age 8, I was able to articulate my belief in Allah. I was born and reared in the USA, so I called Him God. I felt quite inspired in those innocent years. I went to many churches on my own. My parents had become disillusioned with the Christian religion, and truly felt I was misguided.

They said that they did not believe in God. But in truth, they were rejecting a false god. Somehow, I could understand this, although I did not have a way to put it in words. Nor did I have access to the Quran. And as a typical American child, I did not know what Islam was.

From about 8 years old, until around 11, I attended whatever church my friends were going to and I learned how to pray. I was taught many versions of Christianity and wondered about each of them.

However, what I was most attracted to was that Jesus was a teacher. And I wanted to learn. I read the Bible, and I read the words that are allegedly spoken by Jesus. It wasn’t until later that I learned of the history of Christianity, and the history of the Bible.

During these young years, I was really attempting to express, and find community that has similar experience as me. That is was the outer expression of my faith.

But my inner truth, I knew that God was real, that no breath could exist except for Him. And I loved God. My parents did indeed think I was strange, because I truly wrapped my world trying to understand the mystery of God.

The Lord’s Prayer

Their line of thought was that if everything they had learned from their churches was incorrect, then there couldn’t be a God. This is a common response to an increased awareness of error in contemporary Western Christianity by many Americans, but that just didn’t make sense to me, because I knew there was. I couldn’t stop trying to explain all this to my parents. And I also had many questions that I wanted them to answer, about God.

My father was willing to listen. Finally, he had compassion for me, and he bought me this little book named “God Is Everywhere”. That’s it! I thought. That explains God! I was so thankful for that little book. My mother too, had compassion for me, and she taught me a prayer called “the Lord’s Prayer.”

I now had a way to feel like I could be connected to God, and I prayed from then on. Those two things, the knowledge that God is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, and the ability to pray, got me through some very difficult times that were yet to come.

In my youngest years, I was able to find God within the quiet place of the deepest part of my heart. Some call this one’s “center”. There was chaos all around me, family arguments and confusion, but I had this place, and it was home to me.

Yet, I did not worry about where my next meal would come from, and I had a roof over my head, and a piano where I could play songs to help me find that sacred space within my being.

That lasted until about age 12. Without warning, my parents were selling the house and contemplating divorce. I had already been a latchkey child, coming home to an empty house since the age of nine.

All By Myself

But now, no one knew where I was to live. My father bought property and did not have a home. My mother decided to do the same. She put a trailer on a small piece of land in a very rural area, an area where there are more wild animals than people. She invited me to stay in that trailer, and I accepted.

But I had lost my “center”. My connection with God. I was scared and confused. And then she left me there, alone. By age 13 I was living alone in a trailer in the “boonies” with the wolves. Often I did not have food, heat, or light. I had candles to read by.

My parents were living together in a cabin, but too far for me to get to. And they brought me food and water and heat and light when they remembered. But when they didn’t, I was alone.

Without going into detail, I can say some very scary and bad things happened to me during this time. I began to believe that God had forsaken me. I did not know of the Quran yet. But I had a Bible. I read it over and over again. I read the Book of Revelation over and over again, and I tried to make sense of it all, and make sense of my life.

This became a very long “dark night of the soul” for me. But even when I doubted God’s love for me, I knew He was there, things happened. Two times, I was nearly raped. Both times, Allah intervened and protected me.

One time I was walking down the road, and a man jumped out of the bushes and threw

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Answer by Ahmed S
Sad story but happy ending. She was lost in this wild wild world but at last found Allah who created us all and taking care of each of us.
Islam is the right way of life and this story proves that.

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Jan 132012
becoming new
by wallyg

Question by juddle: Is metal fast becoming the new nerd thing?
Not that I care, I’ve been the quintessential Magic the gathering, D&D dork nerd of the cosmos for years. But I find it strange that some ppl & even some bands are describing themselves & their music as “Nerd music.” (don’t ask me who-I usually hear it from local bands.) I kinda take pride in that if it’s true. Nerd=smart & we all know that darker, more extreme forms of music go over the top 40, ass wiggling depth-less masses of assess heads.

Just curious.

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Answer by Luke G
well there’s guitar nerds, and it’s mostly guitar so yeah, maybe.

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Oct 082011

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