Jun 232014

Question by the chameleon: Are there seasons (or “cycles”) of consciousness?
Like there are seasons and cycles of the earth, and of its creatures… what about within consciousness? And if so, what are the ramifications of this?

What season, or cycle, of consciousness are we in currently?

And as always… please elaborate!

Thank you to those who answer…

Note: Question asked in two sections, no need to answer in both! ;-)
Safri Duo – “Samb Adagio”

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Answer by dojosan
One of the more thought provoking questions I’ve seen in here lately. Ok, here goes: I would postulate that there are “seasons” or cycles of consciousness based on the fact that the same forces which act on and shape the outside world, also act upon the unseen portions of nature, inner consciousness being one of them. I have observed that at different times of the year, at least within myself. I am more productive, or more inclined to switch off the tube and grab a 10,000 word crossword puzzle and it appears to be cyclic. It is possible that my observations are tainted by the fact that I exist within my own consciousness. Again,stellar question…

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Jun 082014

Question by Chris Weathington: is there going be a fullmetal alchemist brotherhood movie?
i like fullmetal alchemist the movie but
is there going to be a brotherhood one

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Answer by fullmetalkira
Yes there is. I was on animenewsnetwork.com one day and happened to come across an article about it. I’ll give you a few sites where they talk about the movie. I hope this helps you out!





It’s supposed to com out in Japan on july 2nd or something like that.

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May 202014

Question by Artemis: How can there be any limit to consciousness? Isn’t it infinite?
We can think, dream and imagine anything. Our consciousness is infinite. There is no time or space or any physical limitation to our consciousness. This Infinite Consciousness can create billions of universes, dimensions and scenarios in order to amuse and educate itself.


“Our soul is a single unit of consciousness that stems from the Creator’s consciousness. This is known as “Infinite Consciousness.” All units of consciousness are interconnected to all other types of consciousness. Everything that exists is called the “Creator” (also known as the Source). Infinite Consciousness is the universal energy that exists everywhere or “All that is.”

Each one of us was given a divine mission – go away and explore ourselves. Learn, grow, and understand everything that has been created and eventually rejoin the Creator after having learnt everything that is infinitely possible to experience and having acquired the highest understanding of creation itself or “All that is.” Your path of evolution is unique to you, but you are not separate from other souls, rather your individuality is your unique story and journey to understand creation.

Your mission is achieved by ascending your individual consciousness through each of the dimensions within the universe. To begin your mission, you had to experience a variety of intense “third density” (i.e. the physical universe) lessons on Earth, including selfishness, pain, poverty, love, anger, etc. Earth is a planet to begin evolving your consciousness at the infant level, until you consciously realize this illusion and choose to stop experiencing these dense lessons and decide to continue your spiritual growth beyond this dimension.”

cosmicawareness org 2012 pdf

So how can there be a limit to consciousness?

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Answer by Rod
You had me until you said ‘soul’.

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Apr 162014

Question by J: is there anything historical left to discover?
artifacts, treasures, locations, etc. Or are we just left with the mysteries?

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Answer by Derek
If you can fund me to go to Egypt, I’ll let you know in 5 years!
Seriously though, the answer is yes. If you are English, watch “Time Team”. If you are not, find “Time Team” and watch it. The point is that even when you find an artifact, it is still a mystery. Why is it there, where did it originate? Having worked on digs, you never know what you may find. Two years ago, near a Medieaval Church where I volunteer, Time Team started an excavation under a playing field. Three inches below ground level they found 800 year old building remains. I’ve walked over that ground for years and never suspected anything. I hope this helps.

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Apr 152014

Question by : What jobs are there in science?
I’m 15 and do triple science (Chemistry,physics and biology) and i am interested in doing a job in science but theres so many and i dont know what they mean.

So im asking
What types are there?
What would i do?
what qualifications do i need to get in my gcses and what courses in college?

im in top sets and get As and Bs atm in year 10

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Answer by X
What country are you in? What science do you like the most?

There are thousands of jobs in science! Everything from teaching science to experimental physics to product development.

For example, I study biotechnology. Biotechnologists create drugs for medicine, and do genetic research, and use bacteria to produce drugs like insulin, and design GM foods, and do bioremediation… there are millions of different jobs in biotechnology. Biotechnology is a single subset of biology, which is a single branch of science.

At the point you are in your education, my advice would be: do whatever is the most fun. Keep your grades up and take sciences that interest you the most, and do the same in university. Having “a job in science” is like having “a job in retail” — it’s rather broad. If you do that then, wherever you end up, you’ll be doing something you like. And unless you decide to go into something like forensic science, there should be a fair amount of job openings with most major sciences.

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Apr 032014

Question by Majusce: Will there be a sequel to Full metal Alchemist?
Will there be a full metal alchemist 2 full metal brotherhood is not a continuation of the film but its something different.

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Answer by Reika Sakurazuka
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is the remake of the anime and it is more faithful to the manga so there will never be a continuation to the first version of the anime.

Trying to make it simpler, the ending and some of the ideas behind the first version of the anime where made up by the script writers and are in no way similat to the manga.

Btw, the manga is still ongoing, a chapter out every month. I suggest that you either see the new version without taking the first version into consideration or if that is too slow for you, go read the manga on http://www.onemanga.com/

Sorry if I did not make myself clear. I hope I managed to answer your question ^-^

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Feb 282014

Question by Amya: s there going to be new a full metal alchemist season, following the first one? not the brotherhood one…?
s there going to be new a full metal alchemist season, following the first one? not the brotherhood one… I’ve been hearing about one a bit, and was just wondering if they’re going to do another one, because end did’t really end it, ya know? Please tell me what you’ve heard about this ^^ thanks y’all

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Answer by Dy
No new season has been announced, only the brotherhood.

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Feb 132014

Question by ra912: Where is the best neuroscience grad school program out there? and other similar questions.?
I’ve got a couple of questions about getting my grad degree in neuroscience. So, rather than flood the boards with questions, I’ll just ask them all here and hope for your insightful answers. :)

1. Which are the really good schools and programs for graduate training in neuroscience? (I’m not at all picky about locations)

2. Is there a difference between a degree in Neuroscience and other similar ones, like Brain and Cognitive Sciences?

3. I’ve got no research experience in neuroscience (not really an option here in the Philippines). Will that be a big problem? Could research experience in cognitive psychology be a possible substitute? Also, is a GPA of 3.6 (BS Psyc) good enough?

4. What does one do with a neuroscience grad degree, apart from research and teaching?

5. How big of a problem might I have with funding? I’ve got very little money of my own.

I plan on starting 5 years from now, if it makes any difference. I’d love to hear any other tips you might have for me too. :D

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Feb 112014

Question by Ben: Were there any pirates in Mystic Seaport?
In Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, was there any pirate history to this area in the Early 1700s? Did Mystic Seaport in New England have any pirates like Captain Kidd or Blackbeard in the New World? Did any pirates plunder off the coast of Connecticut and is any Treasure believed to be sunken like Captain Kidd or any other English Buccaneers?

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Answer by free willy
not sure but were seen in cabot cove

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