Mar 222014

Question by mitya51: Does anyone know what level of faith the ancients e.g. Greeks, Romans, had in their myths?
I understand that the Polytheistic systems of the ancients have been taken as seriously as anything. I know a very little about the so-called babylonian mystery religions, temple worship, fertility rituals, and of course classical mythology. Can someone help delineate the myths/stories and the content of the ancients’ faith. In other words, assuming people believed in gods and goddesses like Zeus, Aphrodite, Prometheus, and Trojan War myths as known in Homer, did people also believe in the stories associated with these deities? Maybe my weak understanding of mythology needs to be demythologized.

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Answer by Rainne
Yes. Those stories were taken as seriously by the people who told them as the stories in the Bible are taken by someone who is Christian. That was their faith, those were their gods.

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Mar 092014

Question by d_malfoy7: How does the punishment of the alchemists fit their crime in Dante’s Inferno?
The alchemists (falsifiers of metals) are covered in scabs that itch. They tear their own skin apart by scratching it. How does this punishment fit the crime?

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Answer by r
Essentially, the traditional answer is that Alchemists corrupted God’s creations through their art. Therefore, their punishment is for their bodies to be corrupted into putrid, rotting hunks of flesh.

While this makes sense, I personally feel that the decomposition of flesh may also allude to the long term effects that Alchemists may have experienced. If one is, for example, working extensively with lead trying to turn it into gold, one may easily develop lesions that could become quite disgusting infections. An Alchemist’s experiments dealt with other caustic or carcinogenic elements (mercury, sulfur, and the like). I suspect that an alchemist would have looked like the ‘before’ pictures on a ProActive commercial. Hence Dante taking that image to the extreme. One would have seen the illness suffered by alchemists as a divine punishment in life. Why not carry over that apparent punishment to eternity.

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Mar 082014

Question by : Did extra terrestrial beings visit the earth and had their influence on our old civilizations?
Can you provide some some proof, why there is a large amount of mysteries in our history? how can you explain it?

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Answer by Liam.
No, and I think it is rather arrogant for Ancient Alien theorists to believe that ancient civilisations such as Egypt could build such wonders as the Pyramids without intervention.

People who come up with these ideas are crack pots.

Erich Von Daniken was arrested for fraud…

Zecharia Sitchin on multiple times has been criticised for mis-interpreting cuneiform tablets…

David Icke announced himself the son of God, openly promoted the antisemitic tool The Protocols of the Elders of Zion… And has dabbled with Holocaust denial.

How anybody takes people like these or their cronies seriously is a mystery…

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Mar 052014

Question by Heart’s Eye: Non muslim mystics? what is their belief?
muslim mysticism is Sufism

but what about non muslim mystics?

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Answer by Bernard
Do you mean like David Copperfield?

I like the one where he saws the woman in half. When it comes to sawing a woman in half he does a great job. It should be on his CV!

He’s like an American Paul Daniels.

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Dec 212013

Question by Devil’s Advocate: Why do we need to tell others about Jesus? Can we not let them be happy with their own beliefs & religions?

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Answer by God Will Mind-F**k-Cripple You

“Because we’re not happy until you’re not happy.”

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Oct 092013

Question by CrotchRocket: Why did ancient Chinese servants chop their balls off?
I saw on the history channel that some Chinese servants in the emperor’s palace were required to cut off their manhood to work at the palace for life.

Why did the emperor want that? Did he have a small d*ck and didn’t want his wife sleeping with servants or is there another reason?

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Answer by Wuyu Qi
yes, the emperor allow no chance for other men to have sex with the women in the palace.

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Jul 122013

Question by Mr. Nunez: Why do we reject the myths of the ancient Greeks yet accept those of their country bumpkin neighbors the Jews?
the Greeks were more learned and civilized but no one buys into ‘Zeus’ anymore

So how did the ‘Yahweh’ of the nomads manage to win out?

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Answer by Scuzzo

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Jul 102013

Question by the_ambusher: Why do religious folks believe their faith makes god’s existence absolutely true?
Faith may have nothing to do with absolute truth, It only opens the door to other beliefs. If your faith was absolute truth then you would have absolute proof, and that faith would be absolute fact not faith any longer. So what is the mystic about faith. Why is it held with such high feelings when faith does not in any way change any absolutes truths about anything. And sorry folks but this includes faith about god’s existence Just remember Beliefs are as good as it gets.

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Answer by Final Dexter
I hear the voice of a spirit that claims to be God.

There’s something to it.

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May 212013

Question by myira_shine: What non serious-injury would cause someone to slip in and out of consciousness from hitting their head?
I’m writing a story and I wanted my character to slip, fall, hit her head, and then pass out and wake up in the hospital and the doctor finds out and tells her that she’s pregnant. But I read that when you pass out, you only pass out for a few seconds up to a minute so that wouldn’t work for me because I want the doctor to have to determine whether or not my character is pregnant so that she can break the news to her.

In other words: the doctor would typically ask if the character if she is pregnant, to which she would reply ‘no’ since she has no idea that she is. But I want the doctor to be the one to have to find out that answer herself because my character would be unconscious at the time and couldn’t provide an answer on her own. And I can’t do that if she only passes out a second after she falls and then is awake once she’s casting up her wrist fracture.

So what kind of non-serious injury to the head would cause her to slip in and out of consciousness? Is it possible to just slip and hit your head hard on the floor and have that happen?

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Answer by Plogsties
It can’t be “non-serious” if it causes loss of consciousness. Unless of course it represents a hysterical conversion reaction.

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Feb 242013

Question by Insallah: Why dont pagans see their religions were started the same way Mormonism was ?
Meaning you think mormonism is crazy only becuase its new and you can actually see how it all played out. Yet you believe in religions that were started the same way!

So why can’t pagans see there is nothing different between their religion and mormonism?

So convert to peace of Islam I’d say.

Who said we all worship this same intelligent energy? I never did.

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Answer by No Chance Without Reality
happy to burst your bubble but islam was started exactly the same way as was christianity.

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