Jun 102014

Question by irishumanist: Is the search for REAL answers to life’s mysteries more gratifying than simply blindly accepting ancient dogma
Is there anybody else who feels an absolute joy and sense wonder and fulfillment when learning about the true scientific reasons for the how the universe and everything that is in it came to be ?

Do you feel an immense sense of wonder and amazement when you contemplate the sky at night and marvel at all we have learnt about our orgins and existance and all that there is still to know ?

Finally do you think that this joy and wonder is far superior to simply accepting ancient dogmatic myths as a way of explaining the world around us

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Answer by nikola333

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May 262014

Question by DL: Is AP Biology a better class to take than Honors Physics?
In my senior year I’m going to have one science class: either AP Biology or Honors Physics (my school doesn’t offer AP Physics). My question is which class looks better to a college?

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Answer by Elizabeth S
ap classes are always better for college…good luck =]

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Mar 292014

Question by Abigail: Who has taken biology? Is it easier than physics and chemistry?
Is biology courses easier than science courses aimed at physics and chemistry? Or is it easier than earth science?

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Answer by Captain
Biology sucks. Take physics.

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Jan 242014

Question by TopHat: If the bible consists of mostly metaphors, how is it different than any other book?
Also, who is to decide what is a metaphor and what is a biblical ‘fact’?

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Answer by bluelotussmellslikebananas
It is a living book. The more you read, the more you understand.

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Jan 092014

Question by sassychickensuckerboy: Are OBE’s evidence that faster than light speed travel is possible?
People report flying past stars, visiting remote galaxies, all in an out of body state. Is this information relevant scientifically, since it points to the idea that light speed is not the speed limit in nature? Also, these people are apparently carrying information along with them on their journeys, does this imply that information can exceed light speed travel as well?

According to science, we are trapped in this universe because of the light speed barrier. Yet in near death experiences, people report a tunnel opening up with a light at the end. Is this the escape hatch for our Universe, a type of Einstein Rosen bridge? Is faster than light speed possible for an astral specter? Is it possible that aliens from other dimensions come here using the same type of energy humans utilize during OBE’s?

Should this type of evidence be easily dismissed? Or is it too important to ignore? Has the mathematics of physics been deceiving us for some reason?

I know that some have stated that Science can induce these experiences in the laboratory. But simply because Science can induce something in a human, does that make it unreal? Science can stimulate areas of the brain to make a person feel euphoria, does that make it unreal? Maybe there is more to the brain and consciousness than experimenters realize. The brain may indeed help to make these experiences manifest, but the actual activity may take place in other spatial dimensions. There may be a way to access higher planes of being through certain chemicals, such as DMT.
Zardoz: People have dreamt of inventions, which later became fact. Dreaming of something does not necessarily make it untrue. Undismissed.
Larry: but really everything science has discovered is pretty base compared to human consciousness. Science exists in the provable lowlands of the Universe, and thought transcends it completely.

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Answer by Acetek
This belongs in the “Religion and Spirituality” topic

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Oct 242013

Question by Anteater: Why does an unfit person breathe faster than a fit person, even when not exercising?
I’m just analysing graphs for my biology h/wk and it’s not a question on the paper, but I’m just wondering why an unfit person breaths faster than a fit person?


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Answer by lau25
maybe because there not used to that cardiovascular workout that a fit would be. the body has to work harder the heart has to pump quicker

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May 142013

Question by Alex: Can I apply also if my toefl scores are lower than the requirements?
I have to apply for a Phd position in neuroscience in usa, I am italian. Can I apply although my scores are a little lower than the requested? my scores are: reading 21/ listening 18/ speaking 18/ writing 22/ total 79.

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Answer by Dinesh

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May 092013

Question by Rohit K: Can the consciousness be in flirting and oral sex rather than sexual intercourse?
Can the consciousness be in flirting and oral sex rather than sexual intercourse?

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Answer by theflirtingshack
Flirting is something totally different than oral sex or sexual intercourse.

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Apr 232013

Question by Fundy Patrol: Is it strange that Anglicans have been more conservative in some matters of theology than Catholics have?
Anglicans may be more socially liberal, but examples of where they’ve been more in keeping with the ancient church include- infant Eucharist, manner of administering sacraments, and real presence.

Infant Eucharist is a practice that the Roman church stopped, but the eastern church never did. England re-instituted it.

Real presence is the older view of the Eucharist, leaving it a mystery, and not transubstantiation.

Also the Bishops recently voted to remove the filioque from the creed, returning to the more ancient usage.

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Answer by Tolstoyevsky
You are in error. Or psychotic. I’m still not certain.

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