Apr 242013

Question by Lu: Good teenage books of a smilar genre to the hunger games?
I read The Hunger Games a while back and it is now my favourite book ever. I liked the mix of action with romance. Does anyone know any books of a similar genre? And I don’t want to hear about battle royale please. Thanks.

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Answer by Carl H
Nineteen Eighty-Four.

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May 212012

Question by : Book suggestion for teenage girls?
I am a 13 year old girl who loves to read. I hate mushy love stories and prefer mystery books/novels. I love Jacqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy’s work and I also loved Eve by Anne Carey and Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams.
I like some classics like Anne of green gables but I did not like Kim, Secret Garden or Little Princess much. I also HATE meg Cabot’s work!
Another genre I do not like is Sci-fi fiction/non fiction……the stuff where someone is chosen to destroy some lame demon etc etc and save the world…blah blah blah….
So anything with a cool mystery/detective plot (other than Agatha Christie & Sherlock Holmes stuff) like Down the Rabbit Hole……about a 13 year old girl who solves the murder mystery of a crazy lady in her town. Anything similar to Jacqueline Wilson/Cathy Cassidy books (about kids/teens and the common problems we face in day to day life) is also awesome!!


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Answer by Tyrone
To Kill a Mockingbird was pretty good.

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Feb 242011

The Wonderful World of Disney- The Yellowstone Cubs plus Flash, The Teen-Age Otter

From the long running legendary Sunday Night TV Show fom 1953-1983 comes 2 complete episodes from The Wonderful World of Disney. The Yellowstone Cubs and Flash, The Teen Age Otter will provide an hour and a half of enjoyment for the whole family.

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Feb 192011

Arts Roundup: Teenage Fashion Ingenues Edition
It’s warming up. No sleet, no snow, no bitter cold. The Wednesday winter weather follies might be over. We begin today on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, from where Washington Post fashion critic Sarah Kaufman sends her latest dispatch on New York Fashion Week. This morning Kaufman gives us a detailed tribute to Karlie Kloss , an 18-year-old model who is dominating the runway shows at Lincoln …
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Vintage Camera, Fresh Images
Art Seen checks out Luther Gerlach’s old-school photos at Telios Design House.
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