Mar 022014

Question by Daniel: I am 14 and I like to read fantasy books and also murder mystery. I am obviously at a teen age reading level. ?
I like to read. Any suggestions on what to read. I am currently reading a murder mystery book call stormbreaker and the author is Anthony Horowitz if that help. Any suggestions on what I might like? Thanks.

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Answer by Sterlake
I loved this series and I think you will too, called Thirst, a vampire book , with LOTS of action and blood.
3 books in the series. Author: Christopher Pike or something like that

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Jun 202013

Question by Water247: What are some really good teen book to read for the summer?
I’m 14 teen and I just finish a bunch of books I bought so I need some new books ideas. Last time you suggest were really good so any Ideas ??

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Answer by Bells
the Hunger Games by Susanne Collins
Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (it sounds stupid but it’s not like twirling in pink kind of princess)

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Sep 222012

Question by Lavender: How could a teen with little neuroscience knowledge learn more…?
How could myself and other teenagers find information on and learn about the brain and neurology in an easily accesible and preferably affordable way?

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Answer by ohsacademy
Neuroscience for kids website has a lot of information, and links to other sites for more advanced info.

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Nov 232011

Question by ♥Ryssa♥: What are some good teen books?
I’m a thirteen year old girl who loves werewolves, vampires, magic, fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, action/adventure, and romance. I have a list of what I’ve already read.

Harry Potter
Vampire Kisses
Vampire Diaries
Vampire Academy
House of Night
Night World
The Last Vampire
Nancy Drew
The Fire Within
Buffy the Vampire
Breaking Charity
Flowers for Algernon
All American Girl
Princess Diaries

Thanks so much! I would also appreciate authors too! Thank you again!

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Answer by Loveawaits
I like the books by sophie kinsella they’re really funny I hope I helped.

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Nov 082011

Question by User: What role do you think religion should play in a teen drama novel?
1) All the characters should be religious and religion should be refered to fairly often.
2) Most/some of the characters should be religious and religion should be refered to when appropriate/realistic.
3) One or two of characters should be religious and religion should rarely be refered to when appropriate to a storyline.
4) None of the characters should be religious and religion should not play a part.

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Answer by Camilla
Do you want it to be a religious novel?

Unless relevant to the storyline, there is no need for religion to be mentioned.

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May 192011

Question by loves 2 write!: new story idea for a teen drama/ mystery/ suspense. tell me if you think it is a good idea?
Okay so I posted this earlier but I just came up with a new twist tell me what you think:
Abbie(mc) is a 16 year old girl who lost both her parents in am accident when she was 2. She was taken in by her aunt Selene who then when abbie is 12 has a baby with a man who abuses her and once the baby is born he leaves and she goes into a depression by the time the baby(chloe) is a year old Selene has a drinking problem and is constantly drunk. Abbie now takes care of Chloe most of the time. Now that Abbie is 16 and chloe is 4 abbie hates her life being with selene is torture and she has no time to attempt to make friendsb/c of Chloe. she doesn’tknow what to do anymore.

switch cities and we r now listening to the story of Abbie’s parents who never really died but their deaths were faked by a criminal who now holds them captive while the rest of the world thinks them to be dead

It would switch every few chapters between Abbie and her parents. so what do you think? tell me if you think its a good idea and if you have anything to add to it tell me! thx!
srry i meant to say she was 12 when her parents died. o and it could be possible fo r her parents to be held that long have nt you been watching the news about the girl who was kidnapped 19 years ago!
o and the other ages get switched around a bit like chloe turns a year old when abbie is 14 instead of 12 srry I copy and pasted this from my earlier question and forgot to do some editing after my addition to the plot

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Answer by Steph
How have these criminals kept Abbie’s parents captive for 14 years without anyone finding out about it? What were the circumstances surrounding their alleged death? It would have to be some incredible accident for there to be no evidence whatsoever of their bodies afterwards, but to still have authorities believe that the two were actually involved.

What other adults are involved in this story? I’d have a hard time believing that Child Protective Services wouldn’t get involved if Selene is indeed an alcoholic who depends upon Abbie to care for Chloe.

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Dec 142010

Question by ema G: What is a good charity to raise awareness of teen drug use?
Me and a few friends want to get involved and help out. We lost a friend due to teen drug use. It was very tragic and he will be very missed. I’m very heartbroken, but at the same time want to do something to make sure this doesn’t have to happen to anyone else. My friends and I are offering to do jobs in our area to raise money for a charity that will raise awareness of teen drugs. The problem is, we don’t know any trustworthy charities for this cause. We live in Washington state. Any suggestions?

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Answer by CB
Check this link;_ylu=X3oDMTE0amY5dWVvBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMTAEY29sbwNzazEEdnRpZANGOTAwXzEyMA–/SIG=14ahpnqbu/EXP=1268589430/**http%3a//

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Jul 312010

Waterford teen among world’s best archers
Fifteen-year-old Hunter Jackson of Waterford wants to become a world champion in Archery and she is well on her way. She recently earned a silver medal in the Junior Womens World Championship in Hungary, placed first in the world trials and has won a spot on the USA Olympic development team. The Sophomore to be at Waterford Kettering High School is beating young women as old as twenty. However …
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Ninety-year-old man heads world championship family swimming team
Three generations of the same family – including a 90-year-old grandfather – will take part in the FINA World Masters Swimming Championships.
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12-year-old girl injured on Wis. ‘free fall’ ride
A 12-year-old girl at an amusement park plunged more than 40 feet to the ground on Friday, seriously injuring herself when a safety net under a “free fall” attraction failed to catch her.
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