Jan 122012

Question by lil sioux: where is the best place to go for interpreting symbolic dreams?
Because where I live the powwows have already come and gone and their are no true mystics or seers around here.

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Answer by pearblsm
You could look up some people online, I bet there are people who you can e-mail your dreams to and they will analyze them for you. My friend analyzes dreams and she is working on doing it for a living. I love it when she practices on me. Most of the time the dream is about something I never expected but it makes complete sense that it’s about that. She says the best way (if you want to try to analyze it yourself) is to ask yourself how you were feeling in certain parts of the dream. Then try to connect that to situations in your life where you feel the same way. Like I said, most of the time things in your dream won’t be about what you thought, you could dream about problems in your relationship with a boyfriend when you don’t have any relationship problems with them and it could actually be about your work, or a family member, those are just examples. Anyway then take aspects of your dream and explain them to yourself or a friend as if they are from another planet and don’t know what it is, for example; you could dream about winning an award, so you explain what an award is to you, achievement, glory, success, proof you accomplished something. Or you could dream you’re drowning, restriction, worry, trapped, helplessness, things like that. Once you get your feelings and what aspects of the dream mean to you, then you relate it to a situation in your life and you will find out what your subconscious was trying to tell you.

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Sep 292011

Question by Vicarious Thrill: What is the symbolic value to the exposed breast of Green Tara, the Buddha of enlightened activity?
What is the symbolic value to the exposed breast of Green Tara, the Buddha of enlightened activity?

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Answer by OralBobs
Transcendental titillation

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