Jun 232014

Question by Blissme: Where can i read interesting stuff about science and consciousness?
I would love a site(/s) where I could visit a hour a day and just feel enriched for my whole week!
Stuff about Human consciousness, science of all sorts;
Some of my favorite research was Message from Water

or narrative version

David Willcock’s research field

And I was very amazed by researches about the pineal gland
-one of my favorite topics
David Wilcock cover that area as well.

-You can also just pop in an interesting researches that you loved!
Thanks, much love and a brilliant day to you!

P.S (I was tempted to post this on philosophy because Ive seen so many intelligent posts over there, but It fits here better)
Waiting for more suggestions fellas
-Ill check out TED btw! :0

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Answer by Cynthia S
TED’s mission statement begins:
We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we’re building here a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.


If you watch some of the people who gave talks, it will give you ideas on what people think.
Then you can go on and read more.
If you want shorter articles,


has lots of articles.

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Jun 272013

Question by daspurtitan: What does Write any stream of consciousness stuff for 10 minutes, fast; do not stop for 10 minutes mean?
Im not sure what she means by any stream of consciousness stuff? any help out there..thanks!

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Answer by perseph1
It means you shouldn’t pause to consider what to say next or to overly consider how to say it. Just write write write. Write whatever’s on your mind, whatever comes to mind. It’s not easy to do! I’ve done this before – sometimes I will describe my feelings about how hard it is to write stream of conscious for 10 minutes, describe the room I’m in, what I did today, what I’m going to do later, what I hope had happened yesterday, what I had for food, maybe tell a story….anything and everything!

You can practice writing for shorter periods and work up to 10 minutes.

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Jul 212012

Question by daze: I need a song that sings about stuff like the devil/mystery books/magical/conspiracy’s. (no screamo)?
can be any band just no screamo.

A need a song that will fit into a tribute for the movie ‘ the ninth gate’ which is basically about a dude that is studying this book by the devil…through-out the movie there is like magical stuff, fire, worshiping gatherings, ancient books/drawings etc.
please help me out.
anything that might fit along those lines.

So far I was thinking silver and cold by AFI but i could probably find a song that would fit the movie better.

Best answer:

Answer by cannedguds
The Number of The Beast by Iron Maiden
Seventh son of a seventh son by Iron Maiden
Mr Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne
Movie Soundtrack of Dracula
any tracks from Theater of Tragedy
A Magician’s Birthday by Uriah Heep

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Jan 032012

Question by : Stuff about my dreams. Would like some answers. Help?
In my dreams i (almost) never relate to real events in my life and i can control parts like what happens at times (which ive heard about). I usually go through a dream and when i do something or when something happens that i don’t exactly like, then i go back and “replay” the last minute or so. I also “fast-forward” through some parts, “pause”, and can change stuff like i’m God. I even have thoughts like a third person point of view, but a first person view.
I also don’t really have much of an imagination either (in consciousness also). I don’t have dreams with strange logic or physics unless i want to change it. I don’t have very many dreams either, about 5-8 dreams this year i think. I think about my state of unconsciousness while im asleep and can wake up whenever i choose. If i think of something i’d like to see, i can change the gravity of the scenario or physics to my liking.

I’d like to know if it’s normal because i’ve heard of stuff like this before and people also wondering the same.
Also what my lack of dreams and creativity could mean. Thanks.

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Answer by sullenity
You’re a lucid dreamer. I’m not sure how that works really, because I myself am terrible at lucid dreaming. Perhaps you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and don’t have too much stressing you out, which gives you the freedom to be creative and thus have more lucid dreams. Sounds awesome either way. :)

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Jul 022011

Question by dwigt: Which manga is this? – It has some ancient society, like Mayan or Incan, deals with mind control type stuff?
I remember reading this in Korean in the 80s, but can’t for the life of me figure this out with Google. It had some mystery about an ancient society like Incan/Mayan/Egyptian, and I’m pretty sure it had some mind control/slavery type (not sexual) of stuff. I think the premise was that the society was more advanced than now, and another thing I remember is some water fountain type of thing.
I don’t think it’s “The Mysterious Cities of Gold,” it wasn’t animated and I think it was a little darker… I’ll try that forum though, thanks

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Answer by mollygrue
Maybe ‘Mysterious Cities of Gold’? Sounds kinda like that to me.


Here’s a good place to ask (I had a question like this and they knew it almost immediately):


edit- sorry, I didn’t read ‘manga’ there in your question. I don’t know… unless this show was based on a manga. Still, other people at that site might know. Woops- sorry.

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