Mar 232014

Question by JCDenton: What is a good book to start studying neuroscience?
I am looking to start studying in the neuroscience field and need help to find a good book to help with fundamentals. I am trying to eventually help with things like mapping the brain and things like dbs and many other interesting projects.

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Answer by Lainie
Brain;/Central Nervous System

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Oct 042012

Question by Jack: Did you know the the guy behind the batman shooting was studying neuroscience in university?
what on earth would cause him to do such a thing?

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Answer by Sully-Bean
Probably just snapped. Maybe he just went insane.

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May 042012

Question by : Neurosurgeons and Med-Students studying Neuroscience: Is lobotomy procedure apart of the curriculum?
The existence of psycho-medications (i.e. Thorazine etc) for the past 60 years has helped with the dramatic decline of this procedure, however I’ve wondered if they still occur, and if so is it apart of the standard curriculum for brain surgery. Do all certified Neurosurgeons/ Neuroscientists know how to perform a lobotomy?

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Answer by Scary Hedgehog
psychosurgery is a lot more advanced than the old-style lobotomies, and it does still occur. It’s really rare though – so rare, I’ve never known of one perfomed in 20 years of working in mental health. My partner is a psychiatrist, and he’s never heard of one being done in a hospital he’s worked at either.

I imagine the theory behind the procedure is still taught, but it’s certainly not something that happens regularly.

Best wishes.

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Oct 092011

Question by cchs sophomore: I want to start studying alchemy where do i start?
I want to study REAL alchemy not the stuff on FMA. i also want to know what were the goals of the freemasons?

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Answer by Martin G
Uhhh… you know alchemy is bunk right?
Why don’t you try something that actually works like Chemistry?

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Sep 272011

Vanderbilt professor Owen Jones, who is one of the nation’s few professors of both law and biology, is leading the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience. This team of researchers, from prominent universities around the county, is examining multiple effects of modern neuroscience on criminal law and trying to make neuroscience accessible and beneficial to America’s courtrooms. In this video Owen Jones explains the value of studying the intersection of law and neuroscience and the importance of combining these two areas of study. Learn more:
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Apr 232011

Question by fizzy: i am an Indian by nationality and studying bachelors in science(physics,maths,computers)how do i work for NASA
i have to work for Nasa its my dream,i hope yahoo will help me to chase it!

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Answer by Kes
The source seems to indicate that NASA employees must be US Citizens except SES (Senior Executive Service). However it is possible to become a naturalized citizen. Good luck.

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Dec 032010

Question by Mystic Disciple: A question for Christian mystics: What would be a good introductory book for studying Christian Mysticism?

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Answer by craig b
“Mere Christianity” by C.S.Lewis.
(covers it all)

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Sep 232010

Question by /: What are your top book recommendations for studying astrology?
I have only a basic knowledge of astrology and I want to learn more. . . If you could recommend any books (something in-depth and challenging) for someone who is seriously interested in studying astrology what would they be?

– thanks very much!

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Answer by Áine Clí
It sounds simple but the first book I would recommend is The Astrologer’s Handbook. This was one of my first “real” astrology books, and I still use it as a reference even after I’ve had a few years under my belt now….

There’s also Astrology Made Easy, which is a invaluable resource.

Both of those go way beyond Sun signs and can be used for reference for years….

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