Apr 092014

Question by : Super Saiyan 3 Goku Vs Mystic Gohan whos stronger?
people have been arguing about this for decades but personally i think SS3 Goku = Mystic Gohan but SS3 Goku (Full Power) > Mystic Gohan…. about the Daizenshuu books Interview. Well I have talked to the Admin on Dragon Ball Wiki and even he said that there has been no confirmation of Toriyama actually saying that Ultimate Gohan as the Strongest Unfused character on Page 114…so its not accurate and that interview was posted on a Fansite…
Darkseid…..its been stated so many times int he show kid buu was the strongest SS3 Goku was strong enough to go toe to toe with kid buu while mystic gohan got demolished by a weaker gotenks buu sorry……but kid buu was getting stornger everytime he got hit instead of weakening so kid buu>Z fighters (at the end)
Animefan i agree…Gohan Fanboys work so hard on making super buu look stronger than kid buu because they dont want to accept Mystic Gohan was weaker than super saiyan 3 Goku….pluss they make up Fake interviews from fansites and made up the rumor about the daizenshuu books when it hasnt ever been prooven

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Answer by Fabrizio Germanotta

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Feb 182014

Question by choice: Who is Stronger between Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Mystic Gohan?
I already know Super Saiyan 3 Goku is levels above Mystic Gohan no matter how much fanboyism goes around about this it has already been proven to me by plenty of smart people.I just wanna know what other people thinks

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Answer by Koschei
I’d say SSJ3 Goku. However, if we were voting on “least horrible eyebrows”…

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Aug 112010

Paranormal Activity: Why an Open Mind Can Make You Stronger

For centuries people have been fascinated yet equally terrified about the idea of paranormal activity. Of course we have all been scared out of our wits or jumped out of our seats while watching a ghost flick, but is there a reality to our fear? Are we truly terrified of the paranormal activity we see in mainstream media for a reason? Many people love the idea of a great horror movie, but would it be so entertaining if we really knew how much paranormal truth can be evident around us?

When it comes to the fear of ghosts and stories of haunting we can go back decades and even centuries to find real life examples. The truth of the matter is that in these modern times, real life ghost sightings and paranormal activity are becoming increasingly abundant. No longer are these situations being limited to old fashioned, creaky and creepy buildings, but there are reports of paranormal activity popping up all over the country. Are our fears simply starting to play tricks on us? Or have the dark and unsettled spirits really begun to interact with us more often?

The best advice you can take on this matter is to not jump to any swift conclusions or you may end up getting yourself worked up over nothing. If you feel a paranormal presence or are hearing unusual sounds, make sure you take a thorough look around your house. Try to find an easy explanation for the noises you hear. If you do not find anything legitimate to explain any changes, then you can confidently go about looking into more serious and efficient measures. Apply common sense to every situation to ensure that you are simply not overreacting to the increased paranormal activity within mass media in today’s society.

No easy explanations? Still hearing strange noises late at night or feel an unavoidable presence even after fixing the water pipes and checking for creaks in the floors? Now you can begin to take more drastic measures. First off, try and catch any patterns you can see or find in the paranormal activity. Identify at what exact time you get a feeling of a weird energy or when you hear the noises. It may coincide with certain activities that you are engaging in or certain guests that you have enter the home. If you can determine the source of the problem or the reasoning for it, you will be well on your way to finding the truth and eventually solving the issue.

As with any situation, you should enter this one with an open mind. Of course you may never find solid proof when it comes to the life of the paranormal, but nor will you find solid proof admonishing it. With an open mind you are more capable of dealing with any number of issues that you may run into. At worst, you will be more informed than you were before. You may even have some fun while researching paranormal activity.

Gen Wright is a contributor to the online community Vampire Rave, a social network for real vampires. He also contributes to Bloody Feather, a dark journal and blog community.

www.inexcess.tv 2010, Road to Recovery Event: Byron Katie brings her work to Liverpool in an exclusive presentation for Inexcess TV. With a room full of drug workers, therapists and service users Byron Katie delivers the Work and challenges some of the preconceptions of how people work and relate to each other. This first session deals with how the relationships between drug workers works (or doesnt) and how an open minded approach will uncover some surprising outcomes. With the help of Jacquie Johnston Lynch from Sharp and the four questions, Byron Katie explores the nature of those relationships and what is true about the way we relate to each other. You can see the second session, and all the parts of this session here: www.inexcess.tv Described by Time Magazine as A spiritual innovator for the new millennium, and by the Times as having laser like tough love that burns away all illusion, Byron Katies presentation is fascinating for all people who are finding the work place challenging and who are unsure about the changing landscape in the treatment/recovery world.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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