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Question by Lee: What is the neurochemical difference between stress and excitement?
Stress and excitement/thrill feel so subjectively different, yet they both appear to involve the same body systems (HPA axis, adrenaline, etc). This makes me wonder: what is the physiological difference between the two?

(I took a few neuroscience classes in college, so please feel comfortable to use scientific terminology in your reply.)

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Answer by Ahmad
Sorry, i am running out of time.

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Jan 242012

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Dec 302011

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Oct 282011

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Jun 162011

Question by Fggfghgfhg B: How can I get ride of family putting stress on me?
Is it a good ideal if your family auguries to much and have drama around ever Corner to leave.Maybe only come back at night from chilling at a friends house? Would writing poetry help reveal my stress of my family? Would reading a book help? Can someone please tell me because i just don’t know..

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Answer by Flossytops
You don’t say how old you are, which might have a bearing on my answer so I am just going to try and gauge it. You must be under 18, as you wouldn’t probably be asking this question, so I am going to advise that leaving probably wouldn’t be a good idea. However, finding activities to keep you away from home in a way that is safe is a good way of distancing yourself, and if staying at a friend’s place does that for you that’s cool as long as your parents know where you are (else when you get back you may get back to more drama from them worrying about where you’ve been! Always let them know). You’ve got to find your own outlets that work for you, being music, poetry, or even perhaps going for a run or doing other sports. Perhaps movies. Give it all a try – there’s certainly no harm in any of those. Good luck dear!

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Jun 152011

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May 222011

Study of US troops in wartime: Morale droops and ‘acute stress’ rises
Morale among American troops underwent a “significant decline” between 2005 and 2009, according to a study by the US military released Thursday.
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Gilbert Public Schools, Higley United School District graduates for 2011
Congratulations! Information, top graduates from the Gilbert and Higley school districts for 2011.
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