Jan 312012

Question by RunningFool31: How long will Hunter Parish be in Spring Awakening?
Hi! I really want to go see Spring Awakening and I know that Hunter Parish (Silas of Weeds) is in it now but does anyone know how long he’ll be staying with the show?

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Answer by Jen
I just saw him in it last weekend, and met him @ the stage door too, he is soooo nice and WORTH going to see in this, it’s a brilliant show. I think he will be in it until Feb. Good luck!

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Jan 282012

The cast of the original Broadway production of “Spring Awakening” performing “Touch Me” on ‘The View’ – February 22, 2007

web only video for ‘The Awakening’ featuring Ursula Rucker, taken from the 4hero album ‘Play With The Changes’ released 2007. video by Judd Brett. www.4hero.co.uk http www.myspace.com www.twitter.com
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Jan 272012

Question by Nikki P: What to wear to see Spring Awakening at The Kennedy Center?
In July I will be attending the theater performance Spring Awakening at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. I was wondering what exactly is appropriate attire for The Kennedy Center, I’ve been to a lot of Broadway shows in New York city, but never the Kennedy Center. Anyone have any ideas?

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Answer by broadwaylights22
spring awakening is a musical that is frequented by teens and students, so don’t wear anything too formal. jeans and a nice top and flats should do it. have fun, SA is my favorite musical! and don’t be afraid to wait at the stage door, the actors love to hear from fans!

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Jan 172012

Question by totallyteryn: What to wear to see Spring Awakening at Orange County Performing Arts Center?
I’m going to see Spring Awakening at the Orange County Performing Arts Center and unsure of what to wear. I haven’t been to OCPAC in a long time.

Would a nice shirt and dark skinny jeans tucked into black slouchy boots be too casual?

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Answer by ALISA
I just saw it tonight. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Most i saw just wore some nice jeans a nice top and some nice dress shoes (ie. flats,pumps,booties). I just wore a grey sweater dress with some tights and booties. Your outfit sounds perfect for the show!

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Dec 042011

Question by Iona: Is Spring Awakening an appropriate show for 6th year High School students to perform?
My school is a fairly liberal one in Scotland and every year the sixth years put on a play or musical. As sixth years we are given the opportunity to direct and produce the whole thing ourselves, and I was wondering what people thought of Spring Awakening as a show for 16-18 year olds to perform? I love the show so much and think it could be done beautifully on the low budget we have! :)

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Answer by mcissmiling
It’s a great musical but I don’t think it would be appropriate not to mention the fact that royalties for that show would be highly highly expensive, you need to pay the royalties to a show in order to use the script.

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